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By Dr Shahid Qureshi

"What kind of interest a small country of few million population, thousands of miles away have in India and Kashmir", I asked an Israeli attending conference on Kashmir in November 2008 and also doing PhD on Pakistan's nuclear program at Cambridge University at a RUSI conference on "˜Kashmir' on 24th November 2008. Well following historical statement of Israeli leader David Ben Gurion on Pakistan , published in the Jewish Chronicle, 1967 speaks volumes:  

"The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan , the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. "This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan . "Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan . "It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans."

On the other hand "We have no dispute with Israel if we recognise it will stop opposing ( Pakistan )", said Wajid Shamsul Hasan Pakistan High Commissioner to London and senior advisor to late Ms Benazir Bhutto according to Karachi base daily reported on 12th January 2009. When Israelis are killing innocent men, women, and children in Gaza by bombing and blockading from sea, air and land his remarks are gravely inappropriate and based on severe ignorance. At the same time what Israelis don't understand that "WAR OF WILLS" can not be won by bombs, jets and tanks?

While looking at the remarks one can imagine the love and ignorance of current Zardari lead government for Israel and penetration of the Zionists in the ranks and files in unprecedented. Zulifqar Ali Bhutto a lawyer clearly understood the stand point of father of the nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah another lawyer and said following about Palestine .

"To serve as a reminder that Pakistan 's stand (on Palestine ) was neither emotional nor ephemeral, it was based on sound principles in history, law and international legality. The stand can be betrayed. It can never be faulted" said Z A Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan in his keynote address to Second Summit Conference of the Islamic Heads of State held in Lahore, 18-22 February 1974. 

why late Benazir Bhutto and now President Asif Zardari were having an intimate dinner with the Israeli ambassador whom State of Pakistan does not recognise?

what Israelis don't understand that "WAR OF WILLS" can not be won by bombs, jets and tanks?  

In Lahore, 34 years ago, was adopted the celebrated resolution that inaugurated the glorious freedom struggle of the Muslims of the South Asian subcontinent under the leadership of Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It is a fact of no small significance that the same session of the, [All India] Muslim League which adopted the Pakistan resolution also adopted unanimously a resolution on Palestine . The resolution recorded that, "the considered opinion, in clear and unequivocal language, that no arrangements of a piecemeal character should be made in Palestine which are contrary in spirit and opposed to the pledges given to the Muslim world'. The resolution further warned against the danger of using force in the Holy Land to overawe the Arabs ... into submission".

MOHAMMAD ALI JINNAH: In October 1947, soon after emergence of Pakistan , the Quaid-E-Azam warned that the partition of Palestine would entail "the gravest danger and unprecedented conflict and that the entire Muslim world will revolt against such a decision which can not be supported historically, politically and morally". Soon afterwards, Pakistan said at the United Nations that all the Holy Land was being nailed and stretched on the cross. All these words are still timely.

LIAQUAT ALI KHAN: In 1950 (May-June) Pakistan 's first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan visited the United States and American leaders of trade and industry met him. At the meeting they promised all possible military and economic assistance in case Pakistan recognized Israel . The American industrialists also underlined the importance of such a package for the new state of Pakistan . Liaquat Ali Khan in his known gentle tone replied: "Gentlemen! Our soul is not for sale".

Zardari's democratic dictatorship is no different then Musharaf's Qadiyani lead policies about Israel . Around August/September 2005) Pakistani Foreign minister Khurshid Kasuri met with the Israeli foreign Minster in Turkey . Well Mr Kasuri has recently knotted his family by marrying his son with the daughter of Manzor Watto who comes from family of followers of Zionist/Qadiyani Sir Zafrullah Khan. The draft prepared to be read at the time of recognition of Israel might have been prepared by Zafrullah Khan? 

ZAFARULLAH KHAN: On the contrary to MA Jinnah's stand on the issue. Zafrullah Khan publicly said in Cairo ' in February 1952 that Israel must be ' regarded as `a limb in the body of the Middle East '. He further urged Egypt to seek a peaceful solution of the conflict! In other words, to give up any thought, of liberating Arab and Palestinian lands and recognize the illegitimate occupation of Palestine .

FEROZ KHAN NOON: " Israel had come to stay" declared Feroz Khan Noon. Mr. Noon was Pakistan 's then Foreign Minister. He was in London for a British-convened conference, 19-21 September 1956. Feroz Khan Noon had, however, a background, but few were aware of it. Sir Feroz, an empire loyalist with an Austrian Jewish wife Vicky Noon, who was widow of a Hindu. Feroz Khan Noon was serving as high commissioner for India in London before Partition in 1936-41, when the colonial secretary, Lord Moyne, asked him to prepare a draft scheme for creating a Jewish state in Arab Palestine, but in a way that no blame should lie on the British imperialists for being anti-Arab or pro­ Zionist. The can-do knight submitted his proposal to the secretary of state for India , Leopold Amery, who too happened to be Jewish. Noon proposed that they first create an Arabian federation, but also slip in an autonomous Jewish state within that federation. This Jewish entity should be a part of the treaty creating the federation.

The full blown Jewish state would come into existence later, Sir Feroz explained, but the federation would provide the cover that they all needed so that no Muslim ruler can blame England for having created a Jewish state in Palestine or part of Palestine'. Noon's proposals were forwarded by Amery to Churchill on 10 September 1945 (F0372-275-E6190/53/65)".

ALLAMA MOHAMMAD IQBAL: Pakistan 's support for the just causes of the Muslim world is organically related to its own national vocation. It has never suffered a severance between national impulse and the urges of the Muslim emancipation. When the partition of Palestine was decided, a demonstration was held here in Lahore at which [the great Islamic poet] Iqbal [d.1938] was present. On that occasion, he emphasized the problem of Palestine , and I quote his words, `does not concern Palestine alone but will have wide repercussions in the entire Muslim world'.

The way late Benzair Bhutto and her husband now President Asif Zardari started flirting with the Israelis is quite extraordinary. Their seemingly motto was to get into power with the help of Zionist lobby! Now AZ is returning favours to his masters like a 24/7 slave? Since the fake Bhutto's took over the power everything is going in the wrong direction and leaders are seemingly not protecting the interests of the country they are sworn to protect?

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman recalled a meeting he had with Benazir Bhutto just prior to her return to Pakistan (October 2007). "My wife and I had an intimate dinner with her and her husband (now President Zardari)," he said. "We spent over three hours with them. She was an incredibly impressive person, one of the most impressive in terms of her intellect, charm, and charisma that I've ever met." Gillerman said Bhutto was interested in normalizing relations with Israel . "She was interested in me relaying that information to Washington and the US , which I did," he said. "We were in touch since that meeting by e-mail several times and she expressed concern about her personal safety."

Gillerman said (Benazir) Bhutto had spoken about her fears of Pakistan falling into the hands of Islamic extremists. "She shared with us her plans to return Pakistan to democracy," he said. "She was very well aware of the problems facing her; she knew she was endangering her life by returning. I think she met with us to share with Israel , and through Israel , both her plans, fears and dreams."

Pakistan established diplomatic relations and recognised many countries (them - delet) apart from Israel which was illegally created on Palestinians lands by guilty conscious victors of the WWII apparently for the Jewish people. A large number of Jewish people were already living for centuries in the Middle East including Palestine , with Christians and Muslims without any problem. Pakistan did not recognise Israel on the basis of international law and as a matter of principle without any bias with the Jews.

Present and future leaders of Pakistan must understand that Pakistan 's commitment to Palestine was a principled one and it predated Pakistan itself, and 'support for the just causes of the Muslim world is organically related to its own national vocation'.

One wonders why late Benazir Bhutto and now President Asif Zardari were having an intimate dinner with the Israeli ambassador whom State of Pakistan does not recognise? It seems Zardari is a new addition to the herd of Mubarks, Saddats, Hussains, Arafats and petty kings of Middle East ?


( Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London
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