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Xerdari– UN: Bhutto & Hariri Murders

Dr Shahid Qureshi

The London Post

Sunday, 8th November 2009


At last the United Nations has asked for the interviewing of Pakistan’s Armed Forces officers in connection with the assassination of Benzair Bhutto on December 27, 2007. It must be the happiest day for President Zardari, Rehman Malik and Hussain Haqani US ambassador to Pakistan based in Washington! They got what they wanted for long time? It is reported that Hussain Haqani is the spin doctor of Zardari who has been feeding false information especially against the armed forces and intelligence agencies. Why he did not come to Pakistan while Hilary Clinton US Secretary of State was visiting Pakistan? All the other ambassadors do?

The treacherous actions are statements of fact and not criticism on Benazir Bhutto and Zardari for example: their intimate dinners with Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations. Husain Harron Pakistani ambassador to the UN, asking China to lift ‘technical hold’ and get Security Council resolution passed against Pakistan? Benzair Bhutto and Rehman Malik’s ‘Shafaf Limited’ private detective agency based in London requested MOSSAD to provide protection? Not appointing ambassador to Saudi Arabia for months? Putting Pakistan into the debt trap of IMF and World Bank when other options were available? Prime Minister Gilani ordered ISI chief to go to India and get investigated after Mumbai bombings? Not mentioning Indian role in terrorism within Pakistan when agencies provide proofs?  

A senior security official said, ‘we can stop these bombings within 24 hours only if we are allowed to retaliate on the enemies and perpetrators points of origin in the neighbourhoods’’. Why security agencies and counter terrorism agencies hands are tied behind and ordered not retaliate? Why police forces are ordered not stop, search and arrest foreign mercenaries for carrying weapons illegally? Why Rehman Malik interior ministry harassing police officers to release the culprits and Xe mercenaries?

What role Rehman Malik has in providing safe houses to rouge ‘mercenary agencies’ XE or Black Water in Pakistan. Are these mercenaries brought in by Zardari to counter military take over or force against Pakistan Armed Forces? 

General Aslam Beg claimed, “That Black Water (Xe) US mercenary force was behind the assassinations of Benazir Bhutto and Lebanese leader Rafiq Hariri”.

I kept My Word Rajiv Didn’t’, said Benazir Bhutto in an interview to Indian, ‘Outlook Magazine’, published on 31 December 2007. Benazir Bhutto refutes National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan’s comments questioning her track record as Pakistan PM. “Does India recall how I helped curb the Sikh militancy? India was in a mess and Rajiv asked for help.”

Benazir said, “I have visited India three times in the recent past and always felt I was considered a great friend of India’s. Benazir said, “If anyone kept their word, it was me. Not Rajiv”.  “Does anyone remember those times or is public memory so short that no one recalls the extremely difficult conditions India faced during the Sikh insurgency 20 years ago? India was in a complete mess”.

Does anyone remember that it was I who kept my promise to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi when we met and he appealed to me for help in tackling the Sikhs? Has India forgotten December 1988? Have they forgotten the results of that meeting and how I helped curb the Sikh militancy?”  

Benazir reportedly handed over a dossier of names containing the covert identities of Pakistan’s agents who were masterminding the insurgency, which helped Delhi track down the terrorists and completely destroy the Pakistan army sponsored militant infrastructure. Bhutto said, “Nobody else knew what Rajiv and I discussed. There was no fly on the wall. How can anyone say I have not kept my promises to him when the single biggest result of that meeting was the end of the Sikh insurgency”?

Sikh leader Dr Jagjit Singh Chauhan, Chairman Khalistan Council, told this writer in an exclusive interview at his flat near New Scotland Yard , London that, ‘Benzair Bhutto hated Sikhs more then Rajiv Ghandi and did provide a list of people who were killed with precisions, cold blood and some times Indian has the information before the arrival to the people’. Dr Chauhan was reportedly poisoned in tea by his servant who was a RAW agent in his house Chandigarh Indian Punjab few years ago. Barrister Atizaz Ahsan leader of the lawyers movement was Rehman Malik of Benzair Bhutto in those days.   

General Aslam Beg former Pakistani Army Chief claimed, “That Black Water (Xe) US mercenary force was behind the assassinations of Benazir Bhutto and Lebanese leader Rafiq Hariri”. Now if Zardari and Rehman Malik are nurturing, supporting, and protecting interests of Black Water /Xe and both are also direct beneficiaries of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto what conclusions could be drawn?  Bhuttos and Zardari have taken bloody revenge from Pakistan both in cash and kind by undermining the very foundations of the state? Only way to save Pakistan is to get rid of these so called corporate and feudal democrats including so called religious too.

They brought UN to do murder investigations which is so weak that it cannot get its membership fees arrears. United Nations is not a police station or investigating agency? It become an exclusive club where mostly US and its allies come get what they want or completely ignore its existence, wage illegal wars, displace and kill millions, steal resources of the occupied countries? It has become an instrument which serves the imperialist and aggressive agendas of rouge states? It has failed to protect the rights of millions of Kashmiris and Palestinians for more then 60 years? It desperately needs changing?   

“Is it not strange that you are blamed for the assassination of Lebanese leader Rafiq Hariri but Israelis benefited from the murder because Syria has to withdraw its more than 20000 troops from Lebanon? United Nations is not designed to do Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) of murders and assassinations. Who do you think is behind this crime? I asked a very senior Syrian Government member in his house during an informal and mostly off the record chat.

He said, “Well we reconstructed the incident by using 2000 kilograms explosives in the same kind of car. It did not make the crater which occurred in Hariri’s case. We also dropped a heavy bomb from a plane to do the experiment and then we gave chatters of Israeli jets flying in the area to the United Nations at that time.  ‘We did not do it” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Dr Abdullah Dardari invited selected British and US visiting journalists to his private residence for tea. Both British educated Dr Abdullah Dardari and President Bashar Alasad’s media advisor and Minister Dr Bouthina Shaban are media friendly and quite eloquent.

Syrian Foreign Minister made people speechless when he said, ‘We refuse to surrender’, in response to my question at Houses of Parliament that, ‘the whole of Middle East is full US friendly leaders what is it you are not doing that you are being demonised’?

Well there are Pakistanis who refused to surrender and quite honourable, a Pakistani ambassador of Baluch origin based in a Middle Eastern capital told me at his official residence recently. “I told my driver to reverse car back from the US embassy and refused meeting with the ambassador on first courtesy visit because security guard asked my driver to open the bonnet and boot of my Pakistani official flagged car”.


(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award wining journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London)


www.thelondonpost. net

  (Dr Shahid Qureshi is award wining journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London)


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