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(ISLAMABAD – 27TH AUGUST, 2006) The death of Nawab Akbar Bukti and other baluch nationalist leaders by the military forces of Musharraf last night will now ultimately break the Pakistan sooner or latter and the sacrifices of their life’s by the Baluchi Chief Bugti and other bravo national baluch leaders for not accepting the hegemony of military dictatorship of Musharraf, infact, has now laid down the first foundation stone for the independence of Baluchistan.

This has been predicted by the Chairman of Communist Party of Pakistan, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik in a policy press statement issued by the Party Secretariat here on Sunday.

The CPP leader said that it is the biggest political plunders of military regime of Musharraf and its allied political components like PML (Q), MQM and PPP led by Interior and Defence Ministers Sherpao and Rao Sikander Iqbal.

The Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) immediately demanded the lifting of curfew in Quetta and withdrawal of all military, rangers and FC forces from Sui, Dera Bugti, Quetta and other parts of the province allowing the Baloch people to decide about their resources themselves. The CPP fully support the right of self determination of all the nationalities including the Baluch one.

Communist Party strongly opposed military operation in Balochistan and demanded recognition of the basic rights of the people, including full autonomy for the province.

Engineer Jameel said that the Baluchistan province was firstly pushed to war by the alleged gang rape of a female doctor by army personnel and now the death of Bravo Baluchi National leader Akbar Bugti and others in an organized military operation using helicopters, gunship and all other sophisticated weapons on the citizens of Pakistan is not only a shameful but coward act of Musharaf military regime too.

What a coincidence; from lush Okara military farms in Punjab to coastal areas of Badin in Sindh, army is pitted against its own countrymen, trampling on them - literally. Only because of its insatiable greed, corporate interests and lust for political power, Pervaz Musharraf and his general colleagues are putting the very existence of Pakistan on stake, Engineer Jameel vehemently stressed.

He said that the state institutions had neglected and marginalized the people of the province for decades and the military operation would increase their sense of deprivation and due to Balochistan's geo-strategic location, different multinational groups were trying to capture the province's resources.

He said the oppressed nations of the country were being force-fed the army's preferred definition of the "greater national interest" and this approach had destroyed the trust of the Baloch, Pukhtun, Punjabi, Sindhi, Siraiki and other oppressed nations in the government.

CPP Chairman Engineer Jameel said the government had exploited Sui's gas for decades and was now trying to completely take over the resources of the province against the wishes of the people and the ordinary working Baloch was being denied the resources in the name of development (Gwadar port) and national security (military cantonments).

CPP concluded that the Pakistani generals have turned whole Pakistan into a state of confusion and chaos. They have corrupted judges, attorneys, politicians, journalists and middle class elite. No one can stand up and challenge their illegal and immoral control over the state of Pakistan.

They can commit any crime in any part of Pakistan and get away with it without any retribution.

They illegally take over the country, hire attorneys on government expenses to represent them in courts and get their illegal and criminal acts legitimized. They buy politicians and journalists to strengthen their strangle-hold on the country.

No one challenges them. All Pakistani media addresses them as "Sadar General…. “Hundreds of times in a day without any sense of guilt or criminality whereas politicians like Chaudhry Shujaat and others feel proud to serve them as one of their trusted servants.

In this environment only Balochis have dared to challenge the military establishment. They are openly telling general Musharraf to get off the back of Pakistan and set the country free.

Before Balochis, Bengalis challenged the military establishment. Since East Pakistan was a thousand miles away and Bengalis did not look like West Pakistanis, the military establishment preferred to let the East Pakistan go.

Can the military establishment afford to let Balochistan go too? Will Pakistanis witness another tragedy right in front of their eyes and let the khakis commit the crimes against Balochis that they committed against Bengalis?

Balochis are great people. They are proud of their golden traditions. Their conscience is alive and they have lions’ heart in their bosoms. They will continue challenging the generals until they push them back to barracks.

Balochis' efforts will definitely pay off sooner or later. They will eventually succeed in restoring the honor of Pakistan by restoring constitutionalism, democracy and rule of law.

Balochis are great Pakistanis and they are hope for a free and democratic Pakistan.

Official statements, explanations and delusions from the pathological liars of the ISPR remind me of a saying of Alexander Solzhenitsyn - "In our country the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the state." Engineer Jameel concluded his party policy statement with these remarks.
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Replied by(Noman) Replied on (6/Sep/2006)

i agree partially with u, next should be Altaf hussain.
but i dont agree the reason is right for Musharef's killing of bugti, as u cant expect anything good for Pakistan from him, but there is chance tht his personal bebefits give benefits to Paksitan, and thts why this is the only decision by him in these many years which i think is right, but why i have doubt upon his personality coz other such persons are free for doing anything because they are sitting beside him, and bugti is dead coz he didnt accept his terms and didnt accept the army man's rape incident of baluchi girl, he is dead a good thing, but why others like Altaf hussain ANP leaders and thers are still alive
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Replied by(youaskedforit) Replied on (6/Sep/2006)

There are many proofs that bugti was playing in the hands of India, USA & Afghanistan
Balochistan is rich in minerals & natural resources with Gawadar in the making this Province is like a golden bird for other countries....... & how can india see Pakistan's progress, .. India broke Pakistan & made Bangladesh , he is again trying the same thing, he saw an opportunity in the face of bugti & they began to proved him with money & arms..... a little proof is the propaganda on the indian channels on the killing of Bugti as if india's own leader has been killed & the resolution passed in the Afghanistans parliament protesting bugti's killing... WHY, its Pakistan internal matter, what the hell is their problem to interfere in Pakistan? The answer is the same as i mentioned above.
Why bugti denied his own tribe to get higher educations, & to progress, he made them slaves so that they cannot raise their heads in front of him., if he is so patriotic, why i she bombing the gas pipelines, electricity towers, disturbing the gas & electricity supply of all the country, why is he killing the army., .................... remember Musharafs government is the only government who is doing so much for the progress of Balouchistan...constructing 5 star hotels, Port, beaches residential areas, roads, tourist spots, ... what was the reason none of the earlier governments did the same... Mr Bugti himself has been the cheif minister of Balouchistan,,, why not then he did anything for the progress of Balouchistan.... what rights he has to ask royality from pakistan government for gas fields... balouchistan is part of
pakistan & government has every rights to use the natural resources
without giving any individual person any royality. Balouchistan is
not bugti's property........Do u think it would be good if MQM's
Altaaf Hussain start asking the royality for karachi port, coz their
part is in majority there ??? how will u react to this ??

 Reply:   These people are not Pakistani
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (28/Aug/2006)
I am not an admirer of Pervez Musharef, every one knows
I am not an admirer of Pervez Musharef, every one knows but i think this is the only thing he did right in so many years there are still some ther culprits of same or of more extensive nature and now we are waiting when there number will come, but unfortunatly they are allies of him, so this make his position more suspicious, as we all very well know they that Musharef is on the same policy as of USA, either you are with us or you are our enemy, but about bugti i tell you he was the biggest black mailer of Pakistan, every month he was getting the royalty in millions of ruppees and he is not the only one who was getting the royalty there were everal other Sardar's as well, and they are/were the real people behind the poverty and current state of Balochistan.
Because of Akbar Bugti Pakistan couldn't drill for oil in Balochistan from years because he is getting mney from Iran, as geographically Pakistan is below Iran and most of there oil will start getting out from Paksitan, if we drill with Iran's border, this is not the only reason, there are many other examples as well, so i think finally he did the right thing but ofcourse the way he is adopt is wrong as always
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