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Chapter 1:
10 Important Questions which Musharraf could not answer!
Before detail analysis of "In the Line of Fire" we may begin with a  list of questions which Musharraf has no answer at all. Musharraf once invited questions from public for his press conference. The questions could be sent to presidentmusharraf@ pk. I asked him the following questions¦ And of course there was no answer but only a deafening silence¦
1)    Why he has not punished the killers of advocate Mr. Iqbal Ra'd and his associate who had declared that he would prove in the court next day that the hijack of Musharraf plane was a CIA drama. Does this not prove that Musharraf himself was behind the cold blooded murder of Advocate Iqbal Ra'd and his associate?
2)    Are Sahba Musharraf, Tariq Aziz, Shaukat Aziz and numerous other people at key positions in Pakistan not Qadyanis? As we know they are Qadyanis and agents of Zionists who are the most deadly enemies to Islam and Pakistan! Did Musharraf qualify to become C&C of Pakistan army? And aren't all these people illegally and unconstitutionally appointed
3)    What should be the punishment for Musharraf for
a.    Violating Pakistan constitution
b.    Violating Military rules
c.    Illegally occupying the position of General even after retirement.
d.    Helping the greatest terrorists of the world i.e. Sharon, Bush, Blair, Puttin etc to kill thousands of Muslims
e.    Providing the air force bases to Bush to kill thousands of innocent Muslim Afghans and Pakistanis
f.       Abusing Pakistan army and air force for the purpose of carrying out global terrorism and even against Pakistanis in WANA
4)    How Musharraf acquired a plot in Chak Shahzad in Islamabad? Why husband of a famous cardiologist was appointed as the Chief of so called Khush Hali Bank and why corrupt Dr. Waseem Shahzad had been appointed as Minister of State for Health?
5)    Who paid for the plot in Chak Shahzad and in what form?  
6)    Why Musharraf flew kites in Lahore while totally drunk on 5th February 2005 and did not go to address the Azad Kashmir Assembly. If he couldn't go there what right he had to be the commander in chief of Pakistan army?
7)    Why Musharraf is promoting utter Jahilia as enlightened moderation? Drinking and womanizing etc are neither new nor modern and certainly they are responsible for numerous illnesses.
8)    Why Musharraf had kept patriotic Pakistanis like Javed Hashmi, Qadeer Khan and many members of armed forces and nuclear programs behind bar?
9)    Why Musharraf has appointed NAB wanted die hard criminals and corrupts as the Federal Ministers e.g. Faisal  Saleh Hayat, Sherpao and many more
10)                      Why Musharraf has appointed murderer and killers as the Governor of Sind? And why he has not asked Blair to hand over number 1 terrorist of Pakistan i.e. Altaf Hussain and why Altaf is not hanged for his numerous murders and torture cells and why no action has been taken against Altaf Hussain for saying so many things against Pakistan in India recently.
Of course these were only out of Zillions of questions, some of which you will find in the subsequent pages. From the above questions and no answers it can be safely and logically deducted:
*      Musharraf has no respect for constitution
*      Musharraf has no respect for military rules, regulations and law
*      Musharraf has no moral and ethical values
*      Musharraf is thoroughly corrupt who would do any thing for little money or benefit
*      Musharraf is not anti crimes and anti terrorism as he had been backing the known die hard terrorists and criminals in the country
*      Musharraf was brought in position by CIA to achieve some long term goals which were planned some time ago
*      Moral and ethical values are directly related with healthy growth, strength and prosperity of a country. The leaders like Musharraf who do not possess these values are highly dangerous for the country. In the past Pakistan had suffered enormously at the hands of such leaders. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had said that there is one organ in the body if that is right the entire body is right and if it gets sick, the entire body ills. As Musharraf's soul and mind is utterly sick it can be seen why the enemies of Islam and Pakistan had backed him
As we proceed further you will see how Pakistan ISI Chief was deeply involved with Bush in careful planning of 9/11 and planned Afghanistan Bashing as a planned spring reflex of 9/11. There are very well versed and morally upright Americans who have analyzed the situation and deduced these results. We know that some born Qadyanis played the roles of Molvis (Clergies)  and through portraying as convert dedicated Muslims deeply penetrated in relatively simple and straight forward Talibans. They were able to deceive some of the very renowned clergies in Pakistan. Of course we are not blaming all Qadyanis but as an organization the religion was created by the British Zionists to have a loyal group which would keep controlling Pakistan even after its independence. We will Insha Allah bring more information about this Zionist sponsored organization and its close ties with Musharraf
 Reply:   What about Zardari, were you sleeping when you voted that uneducated twit
Replied by(Hienz) Replied on (1/Feb/2011)

Rather then discussing what happened, fix your present so it reflects a healthy future. You all as a nation should have thought twice when Pakistanis voted Zardari, this is the worst of ever Pakistani government now. Grow up get out of that nut shell Pakistanis. You are the one who can make or break government. Kick the loosers out of your country.

 Reply:   The book clearly shows that Mu
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (27/Oct/2006)
The book clearly shows that Musharraf is a person with bad judgement who lacks discretion "“ essential for high leadership

Dear Dr Haque,


ASA. The book clearly shows that Musharraf is a person with bad judgement who lacks discretion "“ essential for high leadership. That he spoke ill of his friends and colleagues and did not care about the feelings even of his wife and mother brought ridicule for his family, the Army and the country. However, we do not have to distort his follies further to bring even more ridicule upon ourselves and our country. That he does not possess discretion (to know what to say, when, and to whom) does not mean that we should show lack of discretion. I campaign for him to resign or be replaced before or soon after the next elections. I do not have to slander him or his family to do that. I attack him for his decisions that damaged the country, particularly the betrayal of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and courting and supporting traitors of MQM. Making a long list of controversial points that appeal to a minority does not help.


His bad judgement on pro-India stance on vital issues particularly on Kashmir and the MQM are points that the majority agree on. You would have noticed that Nawaz Sharif and BB keep attacking him for being a military dictator and revile the Army but never criticise his pro-India stance. That is where I agree with you; NS and BB are just as big a scourge for the country as Musharraf. Altaf Hussain is an Indian agent who is far worse than all three - even Sheikh Mujib. The majority in Pakistan who are God fearing Muslims need the Army to be on its side, not on the side of Musharraf, BB, NS or Altaf Hussain. Alternative leadership has to emerge if Pakistan is to progress and prosper. Focussing on ousting ZAB in 1977 and now on Musharraf in 2007 shows that nothing has been learnt in thirty years. No political personality or party has shown the populist touch, the discretion and the judgement that the country desperately needs. Persons like you should help rather than hinder the process.


Do keep in touch.


With warm regards


Brigadier (R) Usman Khalid
Director London Institute of South Asia

 Reply:   "My parents were GOOD dancer"
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (26/Oct/2006)
but Musharraf has wrote about his parents and dance himself in his book on page 20, so i think you are wrong Sir

Dear Brig

but Musharraf has wrote about his parents and dance himself in his book on page 20, so i think you are wrong Sir

and if Dr Haq his baised then u are as well.

but i think most of the time Dr Haq comes with the facts or sources other then him.

but u always come with yourself as a proof.


i was there

i was in army

i knw his father

i know his wife etc

and this time u quote a thing which musharraf himself accepted and you jsut gave him favour by even denying himself

i lost my faith in u

take care

Allah hafiz


 Reply:   I forgot to tell you about the
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (26/Oct/2006)
I forgot to tell you about the late father of General Musharraf
Dear Dr Haq,

ASA. I forgot to tell you about the late father of General Musharraf. He worked in the Foreign Office as Cipher officer. He was posted to several missions abroad but never to Sri Lanka as far as I know. A Cipher officer deals with classified messages not money. He held a clerical rather than a diplomatic post. He was a simple man; in fact too simple. I do not know who invents such ridiculous stories. His mother a ball room dancer? His father sacked for corruption? You make me laugh. ("but Musharraf has wrote about his parents and dance himself in his book o page 20, so i think you are wrong Sir", noman added)

You do not need evidence; you merely had to look at them. Damn it, the family struggled to make two ends meet and bring up children with quiet dignity. Unlike your hero whose business was to corrupt officials to gain favours, Pervez Musharraf had a humble beginning. If that is what you hold against him, carry on.

I was accosted once by a self styled Baloch General Sherkoh. He said how can the Baloch take a government seriously which is led by the son of Subedar Major (Ayub Khan), son of a tailor (Zia ul Haq. But he was wrong. The father of General Zia ul Haq was also a clerk) and the son of a clerk (Musharraf). Do you think, he was right? Tell me, should you be judged by the slander you resort to as a matter of religious duty, or by the conduct of your father, who I am sure, must have been a pious man who never said a word against any one?

I am not trying to do any one a favour. I am much older than you and I am getting sick and tired of the political class that is forever mud slinging and thus shifting focus of the officials from their duty to the people to sham entanglement of the press with politicians. You are not even on the periphery of politics. Do your diagnosing and treating people; leave mud slinging to the politicians and the press. They do it much better.

Brigadier (R) Usman Khalid
Director London Institute of South Asia

 Reply:   Our all reports prove that Mrs
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Oct/2006)
Our all reports prove that Mrs Saba Musharraf is a Qadiani
Mohtram Sami Malik Saheb and other learned members of the Pak Forums
Asslam-o-alaikum wa rahmatullah and Eid Mubarik to you all and your families
whersoever you are.
Our all reports prove that Mrs Seha Musharraf is a Qadiani.
If you know her family it is our good please provide us their location and all
other details.
We will verify and if found incorrect we will post it on these forums openly.
But if you failed to provide all the details then we will stick to our present
Tariq Aziz is the closest buddy of of Musharraf and he is a son of a hardcore
Qadiani family of Bhalwal and some what related to our relatives. Musharraf is doing
most of political work through this Qadiani friend even today.
Just after 9/11 Tony Blair requested Lord Nazir to sell their fiction in muslim countries
, consequently he will be appointed a junior minister in the British cabinet but he
refused by saying " evidence is too weak and is unable to stand even in British courts."
Many well known american research people have labelled it as :
Pakistan Foundation

 Reply:   I do know that you are wrong o
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (27/Oct/2006)
Mrs Sehba Musharraf is not a Qadiani. I knew her family long before she married Musharraf. You continue to spread that lie and commit criminal slander that is severely punishable under every

Dear Doctor Sahib,


Assalam o Alaikum & Eid Mubaarak


I do know that you are wrong on two counts.


1) Mrs Sehba Musharraf is not a Qadiani. I knew her family long before she married Musharraf. You continue to spread that lie and commit criminal slander that is severely punishable under every law including Islamic law.


2) 9/11 was not planned by the CIA. Even the suggestion is idiotic. The question, therefore, of ISI helping did not even arise. However, there was a double agent (Sheikh¦.) working for the MI5 as well as the ISI who has since been convicted in Daniel Pearl murder case. ISI may not have known at the time that the CIA knew of him. The US authorities were able to blackmail Pakistan (because the Director General of ISI was in the USA at the time of 9/11) claiming that they knew about Sheikh ¦.having sent money to Mohammed Ata. Whether that was the truth or a trick, it is not clear. But anyone who sent money to Ata knew what he was up to. It was not the ISI and it could not be the MI5 or CIA. The finger points towards MOSSAD. That is perhaps the explosive secret that every one in the West is trying to hide.


As eminent investigative journalist â€" Abidullah Jan â€" has been urging Pakistan to reveal the truth about the allegation of Pakistan 's involvement in 9/11. Whether it was a false flag operation carried out actually by MOSSAD (as is now widely believed and endorsed even by the TIMES Magazine) or not, Pakistan should express its outrage at being falsely accused in the press over 9/11 and being demonised â€" particularly by India â€" as 'epicentre of terrorism'.


In your eagerness to blame Musharraf for everything under the sun (clearly on behalf of the 'Idiot in Chief' of Pakistan' Nawaz Sharif) you indulge in anti-state propaganda. I do not know how the Government of Pakistan overlooks your venomous slander that helps no one except the enemies of Pakistan .   


Brigadier (R) Usman Khalid
Director London Institute of South Asia

 Reply:   Table of Contentsscript src=h
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (26/Oct/2006)
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Preface: SAM Vs Islam
  1. 10 Important Questions
  2. The House of White Lies
  3. High Treason
  4. Murder of the Lawyer
  5. Foul Smelling Jahilia
  6. Qadyani Connection
  7. Aga Khan Connection
  8. The Fuel of Hell Fire
  9. Referendum & Election
  10. sham Democracy
  11. The Prime Monster
  12. The War of Terrorism
  13. The Real Reason
  14. The Real Terrorists
  15. American Wrestling Matches
  16. AIDS & AIDS
  17. The Fraud of the Millennium
  18. Sharon the Butcher
  19. The Texan Bull & Mad Cow
  20. Tony Terrorism
  21. Pete King & Armitage
  22.  Guantanamo & Abu Gharib Jail
  23.  The Honorable Ambassador
  24.  Afghanistan
  25.  Iraq
  26.  Pakistan Under Attack
  27.   French Govt. Terrorism
  28.  Indian Terrorism
  29.   Russian Terrorism
  30.   Serbian Terrorism
  31.   German Govt. Terrorism
  32.  Is America Free?
  33.  Yellow Media
  34.  The Planned Waste
  35.   The Earthquake
  36.  The Zero
  37.  The Hero
  38.   Pakistani Politicians
  39.   The Weak Web
  40.   The  Ultimate Solution
  41.  References & Further Reading

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