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With Allah's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Daily Truth

Tuesday 18th 2010 "¦. An internet one page daily free newspaper"¦  Editor Anwar Ul Haque

The rays of light kill darkness!

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Zardari demolishes the 2nd Pillar of the State i.e. Supreme Court!

On one hand Zardari and company keep saying that they would obey Courts and on the other hand he makes sure that criminals are not punished. He "forgives" the die hard criminals like Shaitan Malik and Babar Awan. In doing so he himself has become Supreme Court of Pakistan!  Now people can do any crime and pay Mr. 10% and get off the hook.

Zardari must be impeached!

Zardari did not qualify as a Presidential candidate. I had sent three letters to Election Commission to not let him run for the President along with copies of clear cut Swiss verdict against him. However Election Commission did not pay any attention. Later Zardari bribed the members of KP and Balochistan Assemblies to vote for him. The Newspapers and TV media showed glimpses of these shameful voting where so called representatives of the people were showing their votes to specifically assigned people that they have voted for Zardari. The News rightly titled the picture as "Lowest of the Low"! What could you expect from Zardair then?

Nawaz Sharif's silence is unforgiveable.

It is really very unfortunate that Mr. Nawaz Shairf did not file any objection over the candidacy of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. I had requested all the Presidential candidates to do so. However none listened. I spoke to Mr. Imran Khan for half an hour trying to convince him that he should put a candidate in order to file objections against him but he did not listen. Those leaders who think that by pleasing the enemies of Allah they will gain position and will be able to do something for the country are absolutely and sadly mistaken. In order to save the country all Pakistanis must stand up for the protection of the Judiciary which is under constant and relentless attack by the corrupt forces.

Our Sindhi brothers & Sisters must not fall in trap; we will all welcome an honest  Sindhi President from PPP

The Qadyanis and other special interest groups are playing the Sindhism drama like Hindus did in East Pakistan. No Pakistani has any problem with an honest Sindhi President. Mr. Zardari is a nominee of Altaf and you know well what Altaf is. Altaf has chosen to serve Qadyanis and Aga Khan's interests in order to get their support. All Ta'ghooti powers are together with full patronage of International Zionism. However all these pseudo powers will be Insha Allah defeated badly with the power of Allah Ta'lah and His force.

Election Commission should also be punished  for allowing wrong people to contest Elections!

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