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With Allah's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate 

Zardari's lies about so called murder of Benazir Exposed in his speech! 

Anwar Ul Haque
As we had said many times that all terrorism in Pakistan as well as in the world is carried out by the Zionists and their puppies and puppets, the cat is out of bag in case of UNO inquiry report about Benazir's death. Benazir was not killed by a bullet, simple, period! The video sent to DAWN by an unknown source is totally fake. There were zillions of cameras there on that day and none picked up the so called shooting! Amazing indeed. The video is as fake as that of a girl beaten in Swat. Everyone knew (Except idiots of course!) that the video was made by an NGO. It is shocking that all Pakistani media presented that video many times and as "breaking News" without slightest analysis. Any person with sound brain and honest soul can easily come to the conclusion that video was fake and was created to defame Islam and Muslims; the prime purpose of Zionist forces   and their puppies and puppets! 
As UNO inquiry did not find any evidence of killing Benazir, Zardari could not take it as it will expose him and his close comrades Shaitan Malik and Barbar Awan! Shaitan Malik a paid MI 5 and Mossad agent had arranged blasts in Benazir processions in order to increase the popularity of PPP. Benazir fell with the power of blast and her head hit the lever of the vehicle causing a very sensitive brain injury which resulted in her heart failure and gradually sunk her in shock and coma. Had she received the bullets she would have taken to the hospital immediately. However several hospitals were passed and her vehicle had crossed Chandni Chok and was close to Islamabad when her colleagues in her car realized that Benazir has become unconscious and that a U turn was made to take her to the hospital. 
Zardari in his yesterday's speech said that inquiry will also be made at national level. Why????? Why the inquiry was not made in Pakistan initially and why after wasting so much money? The inquiry was made by UNO after a lot of pressure as every one knows that inquiries are manipulated in Pakistan. Now when Zardari is clearly seeing that hands of his close buddies i.e. Shaitan Malik and Barbar Awan will be exposed he has decided to make another tailor made inquiry in Pakistan. It must be noted the fake will of Benazir was made at Barbar Awan's house. 
It is a shame on PPP that a person who murdered Bhutto's son and created blasts in her processions is given the full control of PPP and Pakistan. No body minds a Sindhi President. PPP can bring an honest president from Sind and everyone will accept. It must not be forgotten that Zardari's name was proposed by Altaf Hussain, the number 1 terrorist of Pakistan who is apparently lying in a German Hospital with serious illness now a days! 

Pakistanis and all Muslims must realize that the only option for them to come out of this misery is by holding the rescue rope of Allah which is stretched from skies i.e Quran-e-Majeed. This rope had lifted the Muslims in only 23 years from the bottom bit to the skies at the time of the Prophet (PBUH). It will occur the moment we hold the book tightly i.e. learning Quranic Arabic, reading Quran frequently and following Quran-e- Majeed in every aspect of life like the Prophet (PBUH). This is the only and the most efficient way to cure.  

Anwar Ul Haque
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