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Shaitan Malik & Babar Awan must be arrested

I am sure vast majority of PPP workers and voters will be very happy to see these two people behind bar. Both are suspect in Benazir murder as well as in writing a fabricated will of Benaizr. These along with MQM has give the worst possible leadership to Pakistan. Thus all these elements are directly responsible for all man made disasters in Pakistan.

Shaitan Malik was a wanted criminal. His role in killing of Mir Murtaza Bhutto is also quite likely.  He acts like a Mossad and MI 5 agent and due to his connections and crimes he has made huge property in England. Shaitan Malik is a die hard Qadyani. His brothers in law own Nasir Nursing home on Saidpoor Road Rawalpind and are declared Qadyanis. Shaitan Malik thus could not have contested on Muslim seas. He became senator based on Karachi provincial assembly seats. Interestingly there were no genuine elections in Karachi. MQM had rigged all elections in Karachi under gun point.

It seems highly likely that Shaitan Malik is behind all the so called suicide bombings. He through agencies is using heroin addicts to drive a vehicle at a predetermined place. The poor heroin addict does so on a promise of getting heroin. When he takes the vehicle there, the planted bombs are detonated by a remote control. We have ourselves collected the DAN samples from the dead bodies at PIMS but never found the mysterious “Head of the Suicide bomber”!  

Pakistan’s Sold Out Media; of course not all of it but great part of it!

The Zionist slave American Government has bought time and space on electronic and print media. On JEWO (GEO) Voice of America comes with its fallacious propaganda against Islam and Muslims. On VOA sweet talker women had been hired who specially like to hook people of KP and Fata areas. There was a venomous propaganda against Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. How a lady with three kids reached Kabul, VOA like a third grade Hindi movie fails or even bother to explain.

The letters to the Editor column which used to be very lively and healthy have become a garbage house where CIA sponsored letters get top priority. I was personally asked by the NEWSPOST of the NEWS to not to write letter to the Editor. Apparently after reading my letter he can’t go to bed. So there is no question of printing truth about so called War on Terrorism which in fact is biggest gimmick of modern era.

Rita Katz, an Iraqi Jewish creates all the videos of Osama Bin Laden etc. She is hired by FBI to create all such drams to fool American public  and the World! 

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