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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Dr. Aafia Siddiqui: Liberator of USA!

Sounds strange! This may be first step from a physically fragile woman towards liberation of USA but it is from a soul which is mightier than Atlantic and teller than Himalaya. Her strength drives from Allah’s final divine book which has same superiority over all other books what Allah has over His all creation. Dr. Aafia wanted to save Americans from the hell of both worlds. She wanted to really liberate this land of so called brave and free. The freedom and braveness of American System can be judged from the following undeniable facts that the USA Government could not punish Israel for:

        I.            Its stealing of uranium from Pennsylvania to build Atomic bombs. Israel has over 300 Atomic bombs

      II.            Its daylight and deliberate attack on USS Liberty killing over 30 US naval officers and seriously injuring about 200 others

    III.            Carrying out first attack on World Trade Center through its Mossad agent Josie Hadas (CNN Breaking News showed Hadas apartment with bomb material). However Hadas was allowed to skip to Israel while her framed and innocent Muslim driver was given life imprisonment. Along with him entire Muslim community and Islam was taken hostage by the Zionists USA media.

    IV.            Its attack on World Trade Center on explicit order of Israeli Government on 9/11. Bush Government was not only fully aware of the entire plan but also actively participated in it. The attack was on the Russian module in which they demolished themselves two buildings in Moscow and then Putin (A Russian Zionist) used that excuse to attack Chechnya.  

And Amazing President Clinton appointed a life long Israel spy as USA ambassador to Israel! First he gave him USA citizenship in record short time to get access to important secrets of USA! All congressmen and senators do not dare a word against Israel. This is the USA slavery of Zionists. Dr. Aafia challenged the false god of USA. And Insha Allah she with bruised body and stolen and one killed child will defeat this god of America who has ruined the USA economy and got thousands of Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Everyone of us, all over the world must do something substantial to get innocent and brave Dr. Aafia Siddiqui released.



Anwar Ul Haque
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