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Always Truth

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 .. An internet one page daily free newspaper  Editor Anwar Ul Haque

The rays of light kill darkness!

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Asma Jahangir: A Zionist puppy!    

The Zionists and Neo cons never leave a  stone unturned against Islam. They need local people to support their projects and in return they throw some meat to them! Hence not only the top and below top leadership of many Muslim countries are doing this dirty job but also the so called Human Rights organizations and N. G.Os.

Selective morality of Asma Jahangir!    

All ugly anti Islamic acts are deliberately associated with Islam and Muslims in order to defame them. If a husband has burnt his wife, Islam is to be blamed. Although in Islam husband will be severely punished for this heinous act! In India millions of new born and unborn girls are killed every year and many brides are severely punished for  not bringing “enough” dowry and yet people like Asma Jahangir remain totally aloof and deaf, dumb blind. Israel is the site where worst abuse of women take place; many women from Russian and other countries are lured to Israel where they are sold like cattle. They are subjected to worse  than animal treatment according to honest Israeli women writers but Asma Jahangir will remain silent.

Similarly extremely brutal attacks on Palestinian women are not the subject of interest for people like Asma Jahangir. She receives hundreds of thousands of rupees from such countries as Sweden in her  plight against Islam and Muslims. According to late Khalid Ishaq Advocate of Karachi Asma Jahangir is paid hefty money in order to defame Islam and Muslims! In a case of Mr. Afridi Asma Jahangir had hired late Khalid Ishaq and the money was provided by Swedish Government.

 Barber Awan is on shopping spree for Asma Jahangir!    

Time and again our so called liberal and secular elements have shown that they are almost as corrupt as so called religious elements. Hence there is usually good understanding between these two extremist groups. Zardari, Altaf Hussain and Pervaiz Musharraf represent secular extremists while Fuzla and company represent the so called religious extremism. Both groups are fundamentally hypocrites of highest degree.

Zionists forces in Pakistan are trying to  impose a lady Zardari i.e. Asma Jahngir as President of Pakistan Bar Association as part of their continuous struggle against independant judiciary.

Fuzla and other extremists religious groups have no belief in Hereafter otherwise they will not be doing  what they are doing! Similarly Secular elements have no belief in human rights and democracy. Zardari bought votes for his illegal election as President of Pakistan. Many newspapers and live media showed how KP assembly members were showing the proof of their selling of votes. On the same line and track Barber Awan is on shopping spree for Asma Jahangir.  Like Zardari’s so called Presidential elections, a controlled and official corruption will be carried out against Independent Judiciary.  This is the ugly and dark face of so called democratic and liberal forces in Pakistan. After all their godfather America had been toppling democratically elected Governments with pride e.g. Dr. Musssadiq ‘s  Govt of Iran, Nawaz Sharif Government and Hamas Govt. 

Mehmood Abbas who is neither Arab nor Muslim had been imposed as President of Palestine! He was very close to Israeli Sharon! He is an Iranian Bahi (some what on the line of Qadyanis). His father was settled in Palestine. 

Anwar Ul Haque

 Reply:   Well Done
Replied by(Rajputvalley) Replied on (2/Jul/2010)

Quite Right , That,s a Tragedy So called Ngos & Human Rights Orgs and their admins as Asma Jahangir should be banned.
 Reply:   Asma Jahangir: A Zionist puppy! by Anwar Ul Haque
Replied by(irfan13050) Replied on (1/Jul/2010)

Dear your comments for Pakistan is 80% right. Regards, Irfan-13050
 Reply:   As usual disgusting
Replied by(Asma_Jahangir) Replied on (30/Jun/2010)

As usual disgusting
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