"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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In the Line of Hell Fire
Chapter 07
Aga Khan Connection

As Allah Ta'lah has protected Quran-e-Kareem letter by letter and word by word, the enemies of Islam have severe frustration. They had to choose alternate methods to mislead and rob the Ummah. These include:
*      To create pseudo prophets who will give their own verdicts and teachings in sharp contrast to Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These pseudo prophets included those who were eliminated by Syenda Abu Bakar and in the present time Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, followers of whom are called Qadyanis, Ahmedies and Lahories. These people for the sake of money and position i.e. SAM (Sub Animal Materialism) will do any thing. They would gladly serve the enemies of Islam who would dictate to them to stop Jihad against terrorists and spread vulgarity etc. However not too many people would enter in such religions as every Muslim knows very well that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last and the final Prophet
*      To create sects which would be led by so called Imams and these Imams would then claim that they are in connection with the God indirectly i.e. through another hidden person i.e. Ghayab Imam. Through these fabricated channels they would utter things which would be again in sharp contrast to the teachings of Islam. These sects include Ismailis etc. The Aga Khan is the chief of one of several Ismaili groups. Such so called leaders in Muslims countries as Saddam Hussain, Bashar Al Asad and Qaddafi are all Ismilis and the Zionists had brought and kept them in power. Through these groups the Zionists are trying to destroy the very basic fabric of the society from within. Like missionary institutions they usually use the health and other so called humanitarian and educational work as a shield
*      To create sects which would claim that only Quran is sufficient and the Sunnah of the Prophet which is a practical demonstration to how to apply the teachings of Quran would be removed. This sect is called Pervaizees.
As we have described before that there are indications and indirect evidences that father of Pervaiz Musharraf had been a Pervaizee Muballigh and at the same time a ball room dancer and a thoroughly corrupt Government official. There are indications that his wife is Qadyani. Mr. Musharraf's other close aids and friends belong to the people from above groups. Hence his love for Aga Khan could be easily understood. The hypocrites would take Kuffar and other hypocrites and together with their leader Satan or Iblees would march to hell fire.
In this chapter we are focusing on Mr. Aga Khan and we would reveal his dramas and fabrications in a very brief note. At the end of book we would Insha Allah provide you the detailed references for further studies on the subject.
Aga Khan as a False God:  The devout ex-Ismailis have clearly admitted that they used to worship Aga Khan as the God and also Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) as the God and also used to regard that Ali has entered in the body of Mr. Aga Khan. Instead of having Masjid or Mosque Mr. Aga Khan has built Jamat Khanas usually stealing public property which in sharp contrast and contradiction to the Quranic orders of Allah Ta'alh are not facing Ka'bah. And instead of praying to the real One and Only God, the Creator and Sustainer of every thing in the Universe, Ismailis are forced to worship Mr. Aga Khan! Mr. Aga Khan is then like what a statue or cow, monkey  or a rat to Hindus. Thse Ismailis who tried to establish proper Salah or prayer in the Jamat Khanas were expelled and some were even killed e.g. Akbar Ali who dared to go against Aga Khan in Sind High Court for seeking permission to allow Salah in Jamat Khanas. Aga Khan in total and outrageous arrogance said that Salah is NOT allowed in the Jamat Khanas and when old Akbar Ali (In his seventies) established a small mosque across Jamat Khans and started offering regular five times a day Muslim prayer or Salah he was killed on the orders of Aga Khan on one fine morning at the time of Fajar Salah. Whether Aga Khan used his assassins or used MQM terrorist is not clear. New Hindus are converted into Ismailis in India and their statue is simple replaced by a picture of Aga Khan.
Aga Khan's Family Background:  Aga Kahn claims to be related to the Prophet (PBUH) and many vulgar people including Musharraf claim to be Syed. For sure most if not all of them are not and they are just using this connection to impress common Muslims who happens to have great respect for the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Although in Islam there is no room for superiority or inferiority on the basis of such connections and that entire man kind is descendant of the Prophet Adam (PBUH). When a devote Aga Khani Mr. Mehr Ali Akbar Ali proved beyond a shred of doubt that Mr. Aga Khan has nothing to do with the Prophet (PBUH), he was expelled from the Ismaili community Every knows the acts of the father of Mr. Aga Khan and his mother. Plenty of literature is available but we would not enter in this as it would be below our dignity.
Aga Khan as Zionist Agent:  Serving the enemies of Islam would bring money, fame and power. This is no secret. Mr. Aga Kahn III used this cleverly and got  lot of wealth from British rulers in exchange for helping them. Later he acquired the title of prince by claiming through having an indirect and distant relationship with some Iranian princess. He knew that English rulers had different perks for the so called princes and princesses. On that dubious ground he became the prince and that title is still going on. As a Zionist servant Aga Khan does every thing which his masters dictate him and in return he gets money,  land, undue concession and businesses. So it always become mutual cooperation or parasitism. You scratch my back, I will yours is the rule of the game. Many large pieces of lands are awarded free to Mr. Aga Khan and yet his ventures including Aga Khan Hospital are totally private ventures imparting no benefit whatsoever to the real poor and needy people. Aga Khan Hospital pay less than 1/3rd for the machines, cars, reagents as opposed to even Government Institutions as they are exempted from all sorts of duties and taxes. So while they are not contributing any thing, they are sucking the blood  of very poor people. Big Hotels and other enterprises are given almost free to Mr. Aga Khan including Habib Bank which was worth over 200 billion rupees was given almost free to Aga. Musharraf  handed over hundreds of acres of land in Malir area Karachi recently to Aga Khan . Similarly many loans given to Pakistan and which will be refunded along with hefty interest is directed to Aga Khan. So he eats them while poor Pakistanis pay through tier noses. Not only this but the poor Aga Khani community is required to pay 12.5 % of their monthly income to Mr. Aga Khan on which Mr. Aga Khan pays no tax whatsoever!
Aga Khan givens you land and apartments in the Paradise!:  You would not believe that Mr. Aga Khan taking money from you can grant you apartments and land in heaven. So now you are free to do whatever you like as your place is secured in heaven. It is like Rabi Paul telling Christians "Believe in Jesus" and you are saved. But how to believe? Just have Christmas and dong exactly opposite to what Jesus (PBUH) taught. The blame also goes to the Aga Khani community who does not bother to use their gray cells in their brains. Since they are born in a particular sect or religion does not mean to stuck in that religion and take the people as God. As this act will defintily ruin their eternal life. When they would be entering in hell under the able command of Mr. aga Khan, they will realize as Quran says about false gods, and would want t crush such leaders under their feet but alas it would be too late!!!! There would be simply no return to this world to rectify your mistakes and sins!
Mr. Aga Khan is used for destruction of moral fabric of Pakistani Muslim Society!: Zionist wants to take out Quran and destroy the strong family system in Pakistan. For this purpose they are using Aga Khan Board and they want to bring entire Pakistan Education System under this board. Of course this would be unacceptable to overwhelming majority of Pakistan. However the forces of evil will keep trying to spread Foul Smelling Jahilia (Ignorance) which Musharraf has termed "Enlightened Moderation". Please refer to Chapter 05 Preface to understand about this foul smelling Jahilia and the war between Islam.
Aga Khan the serial Killer and Murder:  Very few people know that Aga Khan had close links with Mukti Bahani in East Pakistan. Aga Sadruddin who was UNO High Commissioner used UNO areoplanes to supply British small arms to Mukt Bahani which were used against Pakistan army. The violent and terrorist mobs of Mukti Bahini which also has Indian support would not touch anyAga Khani in East Pakistan. Each Aga Khani was wearing a neckless aound his/her neck with a picture of Aga Khan. On showing this picture the mob would turn back. Similarly in Karachi Aga has close links with MQM and in interior Sind with Jey-e-Sind terrorists. While MQM would say that Punjabi and Pushtoons are not wanted in Karachi and Jiy-e-Sind would say that Urdu speaking Biharis are not welcome in Sind, none of these two terrorist groups would say any thing against Aga Khanis who migrated from India. India likes Qadyanis and Aga Khanis to go to Pakistan and destroy Pakistan from within. Indian central government as well some provincial governments provide funds to Aga Khan foundation. The Jamat Khana in Hyderabad would issue Pakistani passport and ID Cards to these Aga Khanis and they would be also given jobs and employments in Pakistan. On the other hand no main stream Pakistani Muslim can even think about such perks in India on his visit there! Aga Khan had killed many noble people including ex Ismilis who tried to bring back the Aga Khani Community in the folds of Islam. As we mentioned how brutally he killed Akber Ali while goingfor Fajar (morning prayer) but Aga Khan also killed Maulana Ubaidullah Chitrali who wrote a small pamphlet in Urdu exposing Aga Khan's designs in Chitral and Gilgit. When Syed Slauddin, chief Editor Takbeer described the aga Khan's secret plots and plans for Gilgit and Chitral, he was killed through MQM terrorists. Similrly Hakeem Saeed was also gunned down! This behavior of Aga Khan is nothing and interested audience can read the book titled "The Assassins" by famous German historian.
Akbarally Meherally:  An ex Ismili Scholar's Views and Admissions About Aga Khan: See what Akbarally Meherally says in his own words: "Seventy eight years ago                        Seventy one years ago, I was born in England into a very dedicated and devoted Aga khani  Ismaili family. Every grown-up member of our household was supposed to meditate in the early morning, between four and five. Three times a day, we all used to go             to Jamatkhana (Ismailis' Prayer House), and recite the ritual prayer. This was a formally prescribed official prayer in Gujrati (a language the majority of Aga Khan's followers speak), known as the Ismaili Du'a. Every believing follower was supposed to recite this             authorized Du'a with full faith, without any variation. Until replaced in 1956, that (old) Du'a had a phrase (Kalimah) which formally Declared and Witnessed;  Aly (son-in-law of the Prophet), the master of the believers, is Shahi (truly) Allah. While reciting            that enigmatic Du'a, one would repeatedly prostrate oneself before the photographs of His Highness The Aga Khan Sultan Muhammad Shah Mehlati and affirm with firm conviction; the photographed mortal was the prevalent physical manifestation of the Almighty God (Allah). Huge multicoloured photos of the Aga Khan were hung from all the four walls of all the Jamatkhanas in the world. here was also a verse in that Old Du'a which recited; Aly-Muhammad yakk Khuda huqq sanakh'th dafeh ballah. It translates; If you have the true understanding that 'Aly and Muhammad (jointly) are one Allah', then (all) your calamities will vanish. Any Ismaili can verify these facts from his/her Old Du'a Book or by asking the elders, over the age of sixty five. Those were the times in the             Ismaili history, when I was born.  The Aga Khan had repeatedly announced that he was the 48th direct hereditary physical descendant of Hadhrat Aly. He had the same Noor              (the manifest Light of Allah), that Aly - the first Imam had. Whenever the Aga Khan would give his Holy Deedar (glimpse of his Noorani face), he would address us as "My Beloved Spiritual Children".   He would most graciously bestow upon us his "Special Paternal and Maternal Loving Blessings". Such merciful bestowing would bring the             tears rolling down my cheeks. Our material and spiritual success was due to these Holy Blessings. We were the chosen few, out the billions to have been so very fortunate. Giving him 12 1/2% of what was bestowed upon us by his mercy was like saying "Thank You". He would multiply our offerings and reward us manifold, here and hereafter. These were and are the popular beliefs. Majority of the Ismaili would pay this percentage once a month from their monthly gross income, but my parents would pay it daily. 
Ismailis are taught by their parents and the missionaries that Aga Khan's Farmans (Proclamations) , are the solemn Divine Dictates, being the very word of a Living God. Each and every Proclamation             made by the Aga Khan should be entertained and understood as the verses of a "Speaking Qur'an". On several occasions, these Proclamations would overrule the sacred verses of the "Silent Qur'an" but that should not bother us. We were tutored into believing that what was revealed, 1400 years ago to a community of the Pagan Arabs living in the age of ignorance, through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), was outdated. Instead, we were ordered by the late Aga Khan to recite the devotional Songs called Ginans, alleged to have been written by the Ismaili Pirs. Majority of these Ginans, which attributed Divinity to Aga Khan were composed at a much later date, by the Ismaili poets and printed by the Ismaili Printing Press in Bombay. Please click GINANS to read more on the subject.                 Majority of these ancient beliefs and acts have not changed. Even today (1999), Ismailis do recite the Ginans that attribute Divinity to Aga Khan. Instead of a dozen or so photographs, today there are only a couple of them, which are pulled down during the official visit of a non-Ismaili dignitary. Ismailis do recite their Du'a (a modified version), facing all the directions. At times their backs are facing the "Sacred Mosque". In the 80's, when the multi-million dollar Burnaby Jamatkhana in British Columbia  was under planning, I wrote a personal letter (as an ex-President of the Ismailia Council), to Karim Aga Khan. I earnestly requested that looking ahead of time it would be advisable to construct this new             Jamatkhana facing the Qiblah (Ka'bah). The prestigious Burnaby Jamatkhana does not face the direction of Mekkah. The verses of the Holy Qur'an explicitly dictate that every Muslim should face the             "Sacred Mosque" in Mekkah, while praying. (Qur'an 2:149/150) This is one of the major reasons why Ismailis do not allow any non-Ismaili to enter any of their Jamatkhanas, specially during the prayer             timings. However, many young Muslim students in North America have, out of curiosity, sneaked into these restricted prayer halls and observed the UNIQUE practices of the so called "Ismaili Muslims".                For the next fifty four years, following the footsteps of my grandparents and parents, I whole heartedly served the two Imams of  my times and the Ismaili community, with Tan, Man and Dhan (Body,            Mind and Money). Even today, my efforts are directed at bringing these misguided Ismailis to the Deen of Allah. In 1972, in the recognition of my dedicated services to the community, specially to the Ismaili orphans and widows of Karachi, I was appointed President of the Ismailia Regional Council for Karachi and Baluchistan by Karim Aga Khan himself. I devotedly discharged my duties as a senior            community leader, until I emigrated to Canada in 1975. Towards the end of 1982, when I was a devoted Ismaili, I published my first book on the history (the Divine Link) of the Aga Khans. It was entitled 'From Abraham to Aga Khan'. The information contained in it was mostly based upon the religious teachings that I had received over the years from my parents, the Ismaili missionaries (many of them were paid by the Aga Khans) and the literature published by the Ismaili Religious Institutions in India and Pakistan (financed by the Aga Khans). Several of the non-Ismaili and a few Ismaili readers pointed out to me that Karim Aga Khan was not the physical direct descendants of the Prophet, as claimed by him. They all suggested that I should read the history of the Assassins of Alamut As the years went on, I continued my research on the subject of Ismaili literature and history. At the same time I augmented my           studies with the revealed and inspired messages that are to be found in the Bible and the Qur'an. By the grace of Almighty Allah , I got out of my inherited tunnel vision that I had so firmly established             for more than half a century. I could now compare with an open mind what I had studied in the past, with what I was learning in the present. I began asking questions in private as well as in public,             by writing letters and pamphlets. I approached from the lowest to the highest authority but got no answer. The real change in my attitude came when I discovered to my utter surprise that the Aga Khans were not the direct descendants of the Fatimid Imams that ruled Egypt between the ninth and tenth             centuries. Even today (1999), no Ismaili organization or institute has published any book refuting my research or my published works. This total silence of more than a decade on their part has been a cause             of true concern for the Ismaili students, facing a barge of questions from the Muslim Students who have visited my Internet Web Site. Yes, I have seen lots and lots of totally baseless and fictitious documents that simply does the unscrupulous dirty job of  the author's "character assassination" . I am neither a Wahabi nor a Saudi Agent (paid or otherwise). I never ever had a kidney transplant, so the story of Saudis/Wahabis having donated a kidney and/or the money, is a Big Lie like the rest of the lies.             At the end of 1988, based upon my advanced studies and the most recent discoveries, I published 'Understanding Ismailism'. Shortly agyter its publication, in December 1988, the honorary secretary of             the Aga Khan's Ismaili Council for British Columbia filed a "Complaint" before the Aga Khan's Conciliation and Arbitration Board. The Complainant had asked the Board to recommend my expulsion             from the community, under the Ismaili Constitution that is ordained by Karim Aga Khan. In March 1989, before the Board could pass a judgement of ex-communication, I publicly withdrew my oath of             allegiance to Karim Aga Khan, upon the advice of my lawyers. The roots of Fatimid Ismailis were in the Middle East where Islam was born. The roots of majority of the Agakhani Ismailis are in the            Indo-Pakistan sub-continent. Their conversion from Hinduism has gone through various phases of proselytizing. During the past one and half centuries, the religion of these converts has undergone such             drastic changes that the present generation of the Agakhani Ismailis is totally ignorant of the practices of their forefathers that lived only three or four generations ago. To make these followers of Aga             Khan, aware of their own roots and the various stages of proselytizing, in 1991, I published 'A History Of The Agakhani Ismailis'. The book has since then been well received by the open minded Ismailis and the Muslims at large. Anyone interested can download from my web site, 'Understanding Ismailism' and 'A History Of The Agakhani Ismailis'  Since the age of eighteen I had been reading with interest, the            Holy Bible. In 1949 I wrote my first article based upon John's Gospel and the Book of Revelati\on. In the 1970's, I began comparing the texts of Holy Bible with the Holy Qur'an (Koran). At the end of            1989, I wrote 'Understanding the Bible - through Koranic Messages'. It was published at a time in the history of the Middle East when there was a greater need for Jews, Christians, and Muslims - the             three children of Abraham, to re-examine their own roots and unite as brothers. Today the situation is out of hand due to the continued havy handedness and the human right violations committed by the             ruling Israeli Government. The book was reviewed by the famous Canadian author Tom Harpur. He is a former professor of the New Testament, and the Religious Editor of 'The Toronto Star'. Several            months later, I was interviewed by Tom Harpur in his nationally televised series 'Heaven and Hell'.                For the past many years I have attended several Bible Study Classes run by Christian missionaries and scholars. Here I was given  the opportunity to compare the teachings of prophet Jesus (peace be            upon him), and the present day beliefs and practices of various denominations of Christianity. In 1992, I published a booklet 'Understanding Jesus - the factual perceptions' . In the field of  inviting Christians to the path shown by Jesus - the righteous  Messiah, I have invited scholars from North America and England and held several dialogues and public lectures in North America.  By the Grace of Allah (SWT), my wife and I are now Sunni Muslims. The question often asked by the Shiah readers is; Why my wife and I, who were Shiahs by birth joined the Sect of Sunni Muslims after leaving the enigmatic Sect of the Agakhani Ismailis?   To know the answer please click  SUNNA . I cordially invite the readers to read the various articles placed on this Web Site. They are the tools for the Believing             Muslims to give the "Daw'ah" (Invitation) , to the misguided  generations of Christians and to the mislead Agakhani Ismailis.  Ismailis are in the habit of quoting the last verse of Surah Al-Kafirun (109), "to you be your Way and to me mine" and add, why  do not the Da'is (persons doing the Daw'ah) leave the Agakhani Ismailis alone to their own Way of following their Hazar Imam and   the Da'is  just keep following  the Qur'an? These interrogators are  probably unaware that the Opening Verse of this Surah reads, "Say: O  ye that reject Faith!". The obvious counter question would be; Are the interrogators, who wish to be left alone are in effect  admitting; they are the Rejecters of Faith?   I conclude with a verse from Surah Al-i'Imran (3):  Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that  is good, injoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity. Verse 104               May the Most Merciful Allah Guide the misguided rejecters of  HIS TRUTH, that was Revealed through His Messengers,   Ibrahim (a.s.), Musa (a.s.), Issa (a.s.) and Muhammad (a.s.).  Akbarally Meherally             webmaster@mostmerci 
THE A S S A S S I N S- whose name is derived from the Arabic word Hashishin, meaning "users of hashish" - first appeared in the eleventh century as a secret religious order. The other meaning of Assasins is MURDERERS of (islamic) Leaders/Key Figures? The assassins usually stalked(murdered) religious Islamic or political leaders and were held in awe and fear. According to Marco Polo, "It is said that more than one king/leader pays tribute to him (Hassan-I Sabah) in fear of life". Reference :- Ancient Cult and Secret Sects - Time Life Books, Virginia. Presently, the same role is played by Hassan's descendent Prince Agha Khan (the fourth).
Prince Karim Agakhan, claims as the Imam of Shia Imami Isma'ili Sect, represents himself as the direct descendent of the Shia Imami Isma'ili Cult of the Nizari Branch through the Assassins of Alamut. Agakhan claims that he is the direct descendant of the Fourth Grand Master of the Assassin
Alamut Cult, who is considered by him as the twenty third Imam, Agakhan being the Forty Ninth one. WHO WERE ASSASSINS? THE MEANING OF ASSASSINS IS MURDERERS? Instead of presenting our contentions, better acquaintance can be gained from following quotations from the standard works of history :- Quotation :- "....such a scene may be worthy of the most exaggerated
horror films. And it took place in the historical fact...... how this man Hasan-i Sabah came by his uncanny power and how his devotees struck terror into the hearts of the men from Caspian to Egypt is one of the most extra ordinary of all tales of Secret Societies... ." Reference :- A History of the Secret Societies by Arcane Deary. The Citadel Press,
New York. Quotation :-
".....Thus the final object was domination by a few men consumed with the lust of power under the cloak of Religion and Piety, and the method by which this was to be established was the wholesale assassination of those who opposed them ...." Reference :- 'Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, by Nesta H. Webster. Omni Publications.
Hawthorne. California. Quotation :-
".....of all events, the account of which, since history has been written, has descended to us, one of  the most singular and wonderful is the establishment of the dominion of the Assassins - that imperium in imperio, which, by blind subjugation, shook despotism to the foundations; that union
of impostors and dupes which, under the mask of a more austere creed and severer morals undermined all religion and morality; that order of murderers, beneath whose daggers the
lords of the nations fell; all powerful, because, for the space of three centuries, they were universally dreaded until the den of ruffians fell with the [khalifate] to whom, as the centre of spiritual and temporal power, it had at outset sworn destruction, and by whose ruins it was itself was overwhelmed. The history of this empire of conspirators is solitary, and without parallel; compared to it, all earlier and later combinations and predatory states are crude attempts or unsuccessful imitations.. ..." Reference:- History of the Assassins by Von Hammer, translated by Charles Oswald Wood, M.D.  These Assassins, the predecessors of the Agakhan, assassinated thousands of worthy and learned Muslims in field of Politics, Religion and Military. Sultan Salahuddin
Ayubi, the hero of Crusades, was a victim of multiple murderous assaults by this gang. It is interesting to learn that this worthy son of Islam was the hero in the wars against Christian Crusaders and the Fatimid Ismailis had sided with and supported the Christian Crusaders.

In the field of religion of this Cult of Assassins, an episode is narrated in brief as under :- Quotation : "..... On the seventeenth day of the month of Ramzan of the year 559, (H). 8th. August 1164, Imam Hasan Zikris Salam announced FREEDOM FROM SHARIAT-E-ISLAM, the holy law and code of Islam for the Ummat-e-Muslima. All were seated with the IMAM IN FRONT and the direction of QIBLAH AT THE BACK. This Hasan-II announced that he has granted freedom from the Clutches of Shariat and invited all the present to break the Obligatory Fast of Ramzan, Hasan the Imam joined with all the present in a banquet. They ate, drank. and made merry till late in the night...."
References :-(i) The History of the Assassins by Von Hammer, (ii) The Assassins by Bernard Lewis, (iii) Spirit of Islam by Ameer Ali, (iv) Tareekh -e -Fatimin-e Misr, (v) Noorum Mubin by Gulam Ali Chunara. (vi) Ismailis by Farhad Daftari. Quotation:-  "But the 23 rd Imam Shah Hasan-al-Zikriya- Ssalam, on the 17th. Ramzan of 559 Hijri held a
Royal Court (Darbar) and ordained ""from today I liberate all of you entirely from the pains and sufferings of Shariat (Canonical Law of Islam) The
gates of Mercy have been opened for you. I have aquatinted all of you concealed implications and connotations of Shariat and Qayamat. From you, those who do not recognise us, I tell them in open / clear words that I am Imam-e-Zaman. Zamana is ready to tender obedience."" Reference :-Noorum Mubeen, fourth edition page 254 as reported in KALAM-E-ELAHIE / FARMAN-E-IMAM by Alijah Sultan V. Noor Muhammad page 59, Published by Ismailia Association for Tanzania, Africa. Printers :- Ismaili Printing press,
Bombay. Note: Shariat is Code or Constitutional Law. Allah the All
Mighty has imposed this Law or Code the humanity. This Law is the Quran and the practical application of which is the life of twenty-three years of the Prophet of Islam to whom the
Quran was revealed. This Code or Law is Divine, therefore, it is eternal and beyond any human amendment. It is the consensus of the Ulema (learned) of Islam that any one who amends this Law does not remain within the fold of Islam. He or she is liable for the capital punishment.
HISTORICAL BACK GROUND. A G A K H A N S. Agakhans, the successors of the Assassins are proud of their origin from Qaramatis, Fatimids, and Assassins, a brief survey of which you have just observed in the previous pages. These Agakhans are four in number so far the Ismaili Imams are
Ismailism and Hinduism: following article compares both:
GENEALOGICAL INDEX OF "Dasavatar" (Ten Incarnations) as per Ismaili religious thoughts which is full of Hinduism and Aga Khan is the Chief patron of this Cult.
01. 'In the form of 'FISH' "As First Incarnation" shah imam appeared in this world as manifestation by  stepping down in water and by slaying the devil "Sankhasur" and took four "VIEDS" as per Hindu Methodology and provided to "BHRAMA" (god by Hindu methodology) .

02. 'In the form of 'TORTOISE' "As Second Incarnation" shah imam appeared in this world as manifestation and by bearing the entire load on his back, slain devil by name "Madhu Katak" and illuminated  "NAURATTAN" (Nine different gems).
03. 'In the form of 'PIG' "As Third Incarnation" shah imam appeared in this world as manifestation and by keeping the entire sky in his grinder tooth, slain devil by name "Mordave".
04. 'In the form of 'NARSEE' (half human body and half body of a Lion) "As Fourth Incarnation" shah imam by appearing in this world as manifestation, slain devil by name "Hira Nakansh" and saved King Parhlaad and his fifty million followers.

05. 'In the form of 'VAIMAN' (god by Hindu methodology) "As Fifth Incarnation" shah imam by appearing in this world as manifestation, slain devil by name "Bulray".
06. 'In the form of 'PARSHURAAM' (god by Hindu methodology) "As Sixth Incarnation" shah imam by appearing in this world as manifestation, slain Khatri caste of people.

07. In the form of 'RAMCHANDERJI' (god by Hindu methodology) "As Seventh Incarnation" shah imam by appearing in this world as manifestation, slain "Rawan" (Ten headed villain character in Hindu
methodology) and saved "SEETA" (Hindu deity Rama's consort) and
furiously set ablaze Lanka (Ceylon).
08. In the form of 'KRISHAN' (Hindu religious black, dark blue, blue 'badder' regarded as incarnation of Indian god 'Vishnu') "As Eighth  Incarnation" shah imam by appearing in this world as manifestation, killed King Cobra in river Jamna by applying and putting halter.

09. In the form of 'MAHATAMA BUDH' "As Ninth Incarnation" shah imam by appearing in this world as manifestation, and by killing "Korras", saved "Five Pandas" (Brahamans title of Hindu set).

10. In the form of human being named 'NICKLUNK' as "Tenth and Last Incarnation" shah imam mentioning his name as "Nicklunk" and by appearing in this world as manifestation, saved 330 millions of world people by granting salvation to all the populations of the past
nine incarnations by accepting their good deeds and dissipating their sins.
ll these ten incarnations have been mentioned by Pir Sadruddin in Ismaili Ginans and showed the glimpse of vision (Deedar) of Shah Imam to the believers. It has also been mentioned in that Ginan (Religious Songs of Ismailis) that the ignoring the Ginans (Religious Songs of Ismailis) would tend and make a person to go astray from the right path. Is this not an unislamic pattern? Is not Aga Khan misleading his community to a path which is totally alien to Islam and unacceptable to Allah. Allah Ta'lah has said in Quran that no religion other than Islam will be acceptable to Him.
The Facts about Aga Khan and his clan:
*      While the some Muslims countries and organization are investing in Pakistan , Aga Khan is looting Pakistan
*      Aga Khan Foundation "bought over 200 billion dollars worth Habib Bank for only 10 billion dollar
*      Aga Khan foundation is exempt from Taxes, Sales taxes and duties and hence Aga Khan hospital can buy the dame chemicals for 1/3rd to 1/4th prices as compared to any other organization in Pakistan
*      Aga Khan foundation was given absolutely free 300 acres of land in Malir by Musharraf (An indeed a big theft and corruption)
*      Aga Khan took over many amenity plots for peanuts and prohibited offering Salah in those Jamat Khanas which do not face Ka'bah and when genuine Ismailis went to the High Court Aga Khan proudly said that no one is permitted to offer Salah in those Jamat Khanas and when poor, elderly, fragile Akber Ali made a small mosque in front of Jamat Khana n Karimabad, Federal B Area Karach, he was shot dead one fine morning by Ismaili Fidaeen. These Fidayeen who also work as MQM Ghundas also killed Syed Slahuddin of Takbeer when he wrote a detailed article about Aga Khan's designs for Chitral. These same people shot dead Mulana Ubidullah Chitrali when he published a small pamphlet abut underground designs and aims of Aga Khan in Chitral
*      It is true that Zia Ul Haque handed over 100 acres of land for Aga Khan Hospital but in return what poor people of Pakistan got? Nothing. Even if a dead body comes to Aga Khan Hospital the hospital may fetch several lakh rupees .
*      Every years thousands of Aga Khanis migrate from India to Karachi and other parts of Sindh but both criminal MQM and Jeye Sindh remain silent and Govt. of Pakistan despite knowing all the facts keep its eyes shut
*      It was stupidity of Zia Ul Haque when he praised only the building of Aga Khan and did not see the intentions and aims behind.
*      Now Aga Khanis are being given Educational Boards to destroy the moral and ethical fabrics of Pakistan .
*      Mr. Aga Khan has no highness. All Higness belongs to Allah alone. Poor Aga Khan could not save his marriages and had to go to human judges. He has no spiritual power and according to Quran will lead his people straight to hell where there will be a fight between his followers and him. His followers would like to crush him under their feet but alas it will be too late for both as both will get double punishment in hell fire where they will remain forever.
*      Mr. Aga Khan's gambling horses are no secret.
*      All Big hotels and all big business etc. particularly Lever Brothers are in the hands of Aga Khan and company and yet look at the poor face of Aga Khan and company.
*      It is high time that the Ismaili community leaves this false god and save itself from hell fire. If you need more first hand knowledge and information from ex-Ismaili who once wrote biography of Aga Khan please visit
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Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (7/Nov/2006)
Someone asked us why we critisize aga Khan and why not let them work their way and you work your way Sure we would like to do it and as long as they do not interfere in our way
With Allah's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Dear: Assalamo alaikum,

Someone asked us why we critisize aga Khan and why not let them work their way and you work your way. Sure we would like to do it and as long as they do not interfere in our way we will not interfere in their way. But that is not the case. They are not letting us to live with peace. They are capturing our every thing through illegal means and through Aga Khan Educational Board they are trying to destory the moral and ethical fabric of our society. That would bring enormous pain to every one e.g. like a fire whcih destroyed the Western family system etc. And it is the order of Allah to reject every false god. When Bani Israel did not do it they received the severe punishment from Allah Ta'lah and for the right reason.


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