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Mr. Shaukat Aziz is a totally illegal Prime Minister of Pakistan. A Qadyani can not be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. So he is illegal on that account. Furhtermore his election was totally rigged. He can not obtain even 50 votes let alone hundreds of thousands from remote areas of Sindh. Mr. Sahukat Aziz is a habitual liar. He is a black pig who has a rope of Zionism around his thick fat neck. His only job is to load trillions of rupees loans and interests on Pakistan. He in this regards is acting like M. M. Ahmed who was the grandson of Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani, a British Zionist agent who claimed to be the Prophet. M. M. Ahmed who also acted as CIA agent and chief of the Sectarianism Creation in Pakistan loaded lot of totally useless loans on Pakistan effectively reducing rupee from 4 dollar to 1 to 60 to 1. Mr. Shaukat Aziz whose father Mr. Abdul Aziz who was an engineer at Radio Pakistan Karachi is borrowing unnecessary money and wasting that money on totally useless projects in the very stupid manner. His Hepatitis C program was made without consultation form honest and competent doctors etc. After being disgraced from Supreme Court of Pakistan on Steel Mill Issue, he had the nerve to lie again and again. May Allah either guide those who support him or if guidance is nto written for them, may Allah curse them with the worst possible curse as they are supporting the worst enemy of Islam and by indulging in interest based maasive transactions aimed at making poor further poor. Here is my reaction to this balck pig's speech on PTV (With an aappology to pigs because they can't be so low!)

I listened to the speech of Mr. Shaukat Aziz in National Assembly yesterday. In his speech he again claimed that he has broken “Kashkoal” and has got ridden Pakistan from IMF. The fact is that the last budget he presented had record 370 Billion Rupees deficit. Obviously he has borrowed this money to meet the expense. Similarly he has borrowed billions of Rupees in so called Donors conference after Earthquake. If he is not borrowing directly from IMF but instead from its different subsidiaries e.g. Paris Club etc and from World Bank and Asian Development Bank, what difference does it make.
So what type of Kashkoal is this? Despite being “broken” it contains huge loans. Unfortunately the poorest of the country will bear the heaviest burden of these loans. With many fold compound interest this will result in sky rocketing prices and devaluation of currency. On the other hand the loans are being grossly wasted on such projects as AIDS, Hepatitis and Medical Towers which are extremely ill planned and are out of proportion to the genuine needs and problems of the country. There is super gross mismanagement and “Loot Mar” leading to paralysis of the nation. The British firm Oxfam, which was published in Dawn had also raised the similar points regarding post earthquake donor conference loans pointing out toward unnecessary loans and its devastating effects on poor and middle class.

With Kindest Regards,

Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque
 Reply:   Hypocrite!
Replied by(Patriotic_Pakistani) Replied on (13/Apr/2010)

Dear all, I am sick of Dr. Haque's funny remarks. I want to let everyone know that he is a U.S citizen himself. Most of his family members are living there. If he is that much against U.S, he should surrender his nationality which he will never do. His family members are paying taxes to the U.S Govt and indirectly involved in nurchuring Zionism. I don't know how he raises voice in Dr. Afia's favor with all this background. Actually we are hypocrites, we say something and do something opposite. I don't want to say this, but unfortunately this problem is common among our mullahs and that's why Quaid was against them.
 Reply:   Qadyani Shaukat Aziz went Kara
Replied by(Haque) Replied on (17/May/2007)
Qadyani Shaukat Aziz S/O Abdul Aziz (Ex-Enginner at Radio Pakistan Karachi who was remvoed from services because of his efforts to spread Qadayaniat; Ref: Dr. Ahsan Bari; founder of Anti Qad

With Allah's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
Assalamo Alaikum.
Qadyani Shaukat Aziz S/O Abdul Aziz (Ex-Enginner at Radio Pakistan Karachi who was remvoed from services because of his efforts to spread Qadayaniat; Ref: Dr. Ahsan Bari; founder of Anti Qadyania movement from Nishtar Medical College and newspapers of that time) has gone to Karachi to lend his support to Munafiq Qomi Mafia (MQM) a sister Zionist puppet organization. Shaukat Aziz did so on orders of Pervaiz Makrooh & Badrooh. (M&B). Pervaiz (M&B) in his cabinet meeting asked PML (Q) to support the open terrorism of MQM,  on which there was initially complete silence! then some people of PML (Q) dared to say that it was MQM which was responible for all terrorism on 12th May, on which Pervaiz (M&B) got annoyed, frustrated and got angry and shouted shut up.
As we know very well that the Zionists from USA have promoted sectrarianism in Pakistan. M. M. Ahmed (Grandson of Zionist puppet Ghulam Ahmed) was wroking for CIA in Washington DC. His desk was "Sectarianism in Pakistan". Mr. Zahid Malik of Pakistan Observer had interviewed hin in Washington DC and published it in weekly Hurmat magazine along with picutre of his residence based office. M. M. Ahmed was responsible for taking billions of loans from IMF and wasting it. As a result Paksitani ruppe went down the drain from 4: 1 dollar to 60 : 1 dollar. Mr. Shaukat Ziz who is a black pig and contested the election of P.M while still being Finacne Minister is doing the same.
CIA under Zionist control activley supported opposite sectarian and religious groups. One bomb is put in a Masjid and an other in Imam Bargah. In Khaniwal Qadyanis were caught red handed in putting bombs in Churches and killing inncoent Christians in order to defame Islam and Muslims.
Several prominent Qadyais routinely visit India from England with no stamp of India on their passport. RAW used Qadyanis to create violence and bloodshed in Pakistan.
So Gross killing of inncoent people in Karachi followed by brutal killing of Hamad Raza under police supervision and then a bomb blast in Peshawar by Pervaiz Makrooh and Badrooh is not surprising. How long Pervaiz Makrooh and Badrooh will keep using Paksitan army, police and rangers for destruction of Pakistan and Gorss Terrorism. It should be noted very well that anyone who has copperated with Pervaiz Makrooh is criminals and will have to face the justice and law one day. Many of these people have been now very well photographed and videod and all these proofs will be presented Inhsa Allah one day. The days are not far when the terrorists will be hanged. Altaf Hussain, Farooq Sattar and others will meet the justice and when proven will be publically executed for killing numeorus innocent human beings. But this will not be the end. Their eternal punishment will begin from the moment their evil souls depart from their filthy flesh. Evil Sharon's soul is hanging in his throat eagerly waitying to take along soul of Pervaiz Makrooh and Badboodar Jaahil Altaf Hussain.
The befitting answer and the most efficient cure for Global terrorism is Jihad fi Sabilillah. Had it not been the case, the Prophet (PBUH) and the Companions would have not engaged in Jihad. In order to remove cancer, surgeon's mercy knife must come in action

Anwar Ul Haque

 Reply:   Gen. Parves Musharraf a non-Mu
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (17/Oct/2006)
Gen. Parves Musharraf a non-Muslims' Agent (URDU)

 Reply:   not commenting on the topic bu
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (15/Oct/2006)
Pervez Musharraf has consistently been accused of belonging to the Qadyani sect by Sunni Muslim leaders (Hanna Khan)
not commenting on the topic but this is what... I found on wikipedia
Qadyani controversy
Pervez Musharraf has consistently been accused of belonging to the Qadyani sect by Sunni Muslim leaders. These accusations are due to the fact that he lived in Okara (the Qadyani center of Pakistan) once, that his wife Sehba Musharraf is a native of that district, and that his policies are allegedly Pro-Qadyani.[12] Pervez Musharraf has responded to the accusations of being pro-Qadyani by having the religious leaders from various sects who accused him arrested.[13]

 Reply:   Is Musharraf Qadiyani?script
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (15/Oct/2006)
why Govt of Pakitan is giving so much importance to Qadiyanis?
Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem
Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam
6th August 2001

Are Qadianis/Ahmadis Really being Persecuted in Pakistan?

Qadiani Chairman of Central Board of Revenue

Dr. Rashid

The first change that General Perwaiz Musharraf made in CBR is to replace its chairman, Mr Riyaz Naqvi, and appoint Mr Riaz Ahmad Malik Qadiani.

Riaz Malik is a notorious qadiani zealot. Instead of being loyal to the Nation and Government, he is an upholder of interests of his community. His parents also belong to Ahmadiyya community, and his first wife was also a Qadiani. According to the report of Weekly Takbeer dated 5th July 2000, there were already numerous Qadiani officers in CBR. For instance, Additional Collector Export Mr Zaheeruddin Dar is a Qadiani; in Lahore CBR Dr. Saeed was a Qadiani who later became Additional Collector in Faisalabad and at whose hands a Muslim trader died because of torture. Instead of apprehending him or suspending him, he was sent on the prize posting of Dry Port. Zahid Mehmood, Chief Export Officer, was a Qadiani, who was involved in smuggling during his posting in Quetta and Peshawar. He was sent to US by Riaz Malik Qadiani. In CBR, Additional Collector Mohammed Yahya is also a Qadiani, who is presently posted at Port Qasim. Dr. Manzoor Qadiani, who is from Mansehra, is a member of CBR. Asad Arif, is brother-in-law of Dr. Manzoor and is currently serving as the Chairman of Port Qasim Authority.

Despite all these, the appointment of Riaz Malik as the Chairman of CBR (Central Board of Revenue) tantamounts to handing over the whole department in the hands of Qadianis. The importance of CBR cannot be underestimated in the fragile economy and current situation of Pakistan. At such a time when Pakistan is passing through the worst crisis in its history, to have such people at helm of economic affairs, whose loyalties are in doubt and who wants to destroy Pakistan, to say the least, is a cause of concern for every Pakistani.

What can Qadianis do? It is any body's guess. Once they control CBR, they easily excercise their power to terrorise Muslim traders, brng up Qadiani traders, force some of them to embrace Ahmadiyyat (it has happened in the past) and those who oppose them would be persecuted in various manners, eg. income tax cases etc. The end result of such things would be an unrest among the business community, their exodus from the country, strikes, law and order stuation, thus pushing Pakistan into another crisis.

Riaz Malik has the blessings of Finance Minister, Shauket Aziz, and he is his right hand man. Recently a list of one thousand corrupt officers was compiled to remove them from CBR. But what happened to thta list is another story. What he has started doing is reported here:

According to Weekly Takbeer, Karachi:

"Under a deep conspiracy, the names of corrupt Qadiani Officers have been removed from the lilst of 1000 officers who were to be suspended from CBR, and instead honest Muslims Officers name have been included in that list. According to informed sources, intelligence agencies are investigating the matter, that on 28th May CBR had issued a list of 1046 officers, prepared by the then Coordination Member, Riaz Ahmad Malik (Qadiani) and names of many corrupt Qadiani officers were removed from the list and instead honest Muslim officers names were included in it. 3 days after issuing this list, Riaz Ahmad Malik took two months leave and went abroad, thereby the blame of the whole fraud fell on Chairman CBR, Mr Riyaz Naqvi, who had delegated the whole task of preparing the list to Riaz Ahmad Malik.

According to informed sources, immediately after the announcement by Chief Executive to lay off 1000 corrupt officers from CBR, Customs, Sales Tax and other concerned departments, that is on the afternoon of 25th May, the list of 1000 officers was despatched to the Chief Executive Secretariat. Chief Executive's secretariat had forwarded the list to Federal Ministry of Law with instructions to remove these officers. Law Ministry took the stand that this would not be according to law, and that Supreme Court would declare this act as unconstitutional in just one hearing, because according to law, before removing them these officers should be given a show cause notice, and there is a course prescribed in law. Ministry of Law pointed out that in the Case of Plane Landing (and removing of Gen Perwaiz Musharraf), same stand was taken that the previous Prime Minister deviated from the path of justice in removing Gen Perwaiz Musharraf.  According to the ministry, if the Government adopts this course of action, then Supreme Court will immediately declare it null and void.

According to informed sources, upon this stand of Ministry of Law, Government decided to issue charge sheet to these officers and on 28th May the said list was sent back to CBR to issue charge sheets. According to sources, in these two days gap, 26th and 27th, Qadiani Member of Coordination, Riaz Ahmad Malik, quitely removed the names of several Qadiani officers and included the names of several Muslim officers. Another member of CBR, Anwar Ali, cooperated with him in this matter.

The first name that was removed with the connivance of these two, was that of Qadiani Additional Collector Export, Zaheeruddin Dar, who was demoted to OSD (officer on special duty) in 1998 by the then CBR Chairman, Mr Moeenuddin, on charges of drunkenness and corruption. This was the only officer whose written recommendation used to come from Riaz Ahmad Malik.

Second Qadiani officer whose name was removed was Dr. Saeed of Lahore, who was Additional Collector of Faisalabad and under whose custody a Muslim businessman had died of torture. However instead of giving punishment of suspension, strong Qadiani lobby in CBR got him transferred to the prize posting of Collector Lahore Dry Port. It is important to note that according to law, if a government official commits a criminal act and his bail is not arranged immediately, then he is automatically considered as suspended. Dr. Saeed remained without bail for several days, but he was neither suspended nor arrested. Instead SSP and DIG Police were pressurised to make sure that his bail is granted.

Third name is Zahid Mehmood, who is the Chief Export Officer and had served as Collector in Quetta and Peshawar, and in both places intelligence agencies had started investigations against him because of his involvement in smuggling. After removing his name from the list, Riaz Ahmad Malik immediately sanctioned his leave and sent him to US, so that there is no risk of him getting arrested. It is said that Zahid Mehmood also looks after the financial matters of Riaz Ahmad Malik. Only after his fleeing the country, Zahid's name has been added to the Exit Control List.

Another name on the list was Additional Collector, Mohammed Yahya. He is a declared Qadiani officer, who was completely involved in the Palm Oil case, but still Riaz Ahmad removed his name from the list and saved him by declaring him an honest officer.

Other names that have been removed from the list, included Shahid Bashr, Collector Sales Tax, who was demoted to OSD in 1998 because of corruption. Similarly Retd Major Javed Mirza's name was removed, who was demoted to OSD on charges of corruption in 1999. Major Javed and Hasan Sardar's names were removed on the recommendation of famous singer, Nur Jehan. Iftikhar Qutub, Collector Sales Tax was also removed from the list, whose recommendation came from Sarfaraz Ahmad Khan, Member Sales Tax. On Sarfaraz's recommendation, Ali Sher Behan, Collector Hyderabad's name was also removed from the list of corrupt officers. He was a grade 18 officer but working on a grade 20 post.

According to sources, Chairman CBR, Riyaz Naqvi, was against removing the names of Iftikhar Qutub and Ali Sher. He stated that he has concrete proofs against them but despite that they were saved. According to sources, out of the four-person-committee responsible for preparing the list, Chairman CBR himself gave in writing that two of them are corrupt officers and actions should be taken against them. These two officers were Jahangir and Anwer Ali, whereas the third person was Riaz Ahmad Malik. According to sources, Riyaz Naqvi, Chairman CBR, had never worked in an operational position. His whole carrier had been in the secretariat in Islamabad. He had left the whole task of preparing the list of corrupt officers on Riaz Ahmad Malik, who had the extreme desire to become the next Chairman of CBR. According to these sources, the descrepancy between the numbers announced in the press conference of Finance Minister and the ultimate list that was issued, arose because Riaz Ahmad Malik had removed the names of Qadiani officers and replaced with some Muslim officers.
(Takbeer Weekly, Karachi. 5th July 2000)

Readers will notice how Ahmadiyya followers are occupying influential positions in Pakistani Government. Yet they never cease to make propaganda that they are being persecuted in this country.

In the interest of this country, I request General Perwaiz Musharraf, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, to take notice of these activities and save the country from these 5th columnists.

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

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 Reply:   Question is how long the "good
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (19/Sep/2006)
Mush is also trying to spread Qadyanism as he himself is a Parveezi and his wife and Prime Minister and Principal secretary all Qadyanis
With Allah's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Assalamo Alaikum

Musharraf regime wanted to sell Steel Mill at throw away price but the conscientious Chief of Steel Mill Mr. Abdul Qayoom ressited. SO he has been fired by an illegal, immoral and unehtical Presdient and so called Prime Minister. In his place a wriggling tail puppy has been brought.
Question is how long the "good Muslims" will keep tolerating such Bushits of Musharraf Rajeem?

Mush is also trying to spread Qadyanism as he himself is a Parveezi and his wife and Prime Minister and Principal secretary all Qadyanis. Books are illegally banned and people are illegally arreted by Mush wriggling tail so called police officers.

Itis the duty of every Muslim to protest agaisnt Mush and Shoki whereever they go as both are Sharon puppets. They have borrowed 372 billion rupees from IMF subsideries e.g. Paris CLub etc and are wasting that money on useless superflous projects so that future genrations of Pakistan beceom slave.

 Reply:   Response of Shaukat Azizscrip
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (31/Aug/2006)
Response of Shaukat Aziz

The Daily Times, Lahore, Pakistan
Friday, September 10, 2004

I am not Qadiani, please!
By Khaled Ahmed's

..... According to Khabrain (July 1, 2004) then prime
minister-in-waiting Shaukat Aziz said that he was not a Qadiani and
all the rumours spread about his being one were false and malicious.
He pronounced Al Hamdu Lillah and said that he was a Sunni Muslim and
the clerics who instructed him in Islam were still alive and could
vouch for his not being a Qadiani. Sarerahe in Nawa-e-Waqt stated that
Mr Aziz's mother was in the habit of holding religious gatherings
every month on the occasion of Giyarwin Sharif where great Sunni
scholars came and lectured. She said her prayers five times a day.
According to Jang, Mr Aziz said that his entire family and he held
only a Pakistani passport and that he listened only to Eastern music
and that he painted in his spare time.

Shaukat Aziz is not the first man who has had to humiliate himself
like this. Before him, President Pervez Musharraf also went through
the same kind of self-abasement. He had to exclude the Qadianis from
his joint electorates, but no one believed him. The more you say you
are not a Qadiani the more the clergy will shout Qadiani. Dozens of
politicians and bureaucrats were thus put through the humiliating
trial-by-falsehood in the past.

Columnist Nazir Naji wrote in Jang (July 3, 2004) that Finance
Minister Shaukat Aziz was in the cross hairs of the mullahs and was
making the mistake of responding to their challenges, as if he was not
a candidate for premiership but for the imamat of a mosque. He had
already announced his sect although the Constitution did not demand
that. Next he could be revealing whether he was Barelvi or Deobandi or
Ahle Hadith. Under pressure, the future premier might even promise the
rule of the Taliban in Pakistan. He was entering a dark tunnel with
the mullahs. Once inside he would find it eternally black.

Nazir Naji is the rare Urdu journalist who dares cross the primordial
barrier of Qadiani-baiting. The rule in the Urdu press is that you get
yourself stamped as a loyal Pakistani by respecting this barrier.

According to daily Pakistan (July 2, 2004), when Maulana Manzur
Chinioti became member of Punjab assembly Manzur Wattoo was to be
elected as house speaker. He wanted Chinioti's vote but Chinioti
insisted that he first denounce his Qadiani religion. In order to get
his vote, Wattoo denounced the religion of his father and also later
refrained from saying the funeral prayer for his father.

Wattoo did what every politician does in Pakistan. His case was
genuine. His father was a Qadiani but he himself was not because he
was brought up by a Sunni grandfather. But why should a Sunni Muslim
absent himself from the funeral of his Qadiani father? Why should
anyone do anything under coercion from the clergy?

According to Nawa-e-Waqt (July 1, 2004) late Maulana Manzur Chinioti's
son Ilyas Chinioti had worn his turban (dastar bandi) after his death
and vowed to continue his father's laudable work of apostatisation.
Upon becoming leader he called the caliph of the Ahmedi community
Mirza Masroor to a mubahala, a supernatural verbal combat in which the
false speaker falls down dead.

Ilyas Chinioti will go on making the lives of the Qadiani miserable.
Only the Pakistanis will love it. The entire world will condemn
Pakistan for allowing this simian pursuit of a collective death wish.
His father Manzur Chinioti roused the nation to hysteria over the
death of one Maulana Aslam Qureshi in 1984. Aslam Qureshi was an
apostatiser of the Qadianis and it was thought that the Qadianis had
killed him. Aslam Qureshi had simply disappeared but the campaign by
Chinioti ended up killing a number of Qadianis. Then after a few months Aslam Qureshi reappeared! Chinioti did not even apologise
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