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Assalamo Alaikum!!!
Our beloved country Pakistan has been devoid of loving fathers (loyal leaders). Ever since the shahadat of Liaqat Ali Khan, we have had no one who would build the nation lovingly just the way parents raise their kids. Pakistan, like an orphan, has been moved into the hands of one step-parent to another who have done a lot of harm to her. All the problems that we are facing right now is because of that.
To fix this problem, we have to remove the mother of problems which is corrupt leadership and stagnant political system. The best of the systems will fail if we have corrupt leadership on top. This goes for Khilafat as well. Why did Osmanian empire got weak and lost her territories to Hungary and Russia? The answer is corrupt leadership. We have tried democracy and seen quite clearly how corrupt leaders have rendered it ineffective resulting in military takeovers. You may disagree, but Pakistan Army has ONLY intervened when the democratic leaders get fixated on keeping their rule instead of focusing on resolving people's issues. Knowing this full well, I can assure you that the bad status quo of our country will NOT change until and unless we start with a clean slate. I propose that:
1) we get rid of the CIA-planted puppet government of Zardari and his cronies.
2) by pass the current weak and stagnant political system (which only serves to bring back corrupt leaders in power).
3) reject the constitution which is OBSOLETE anyways and serves to bring back corrupt leaders in power. I think, it is a form of "Shirk" since we already have a constitution i.e. The Holy Quran.
4) through some form of temporary caretaker govenment, we come up with a selection process and select new leadership. This new leadership should comprise of all the talented and loyal leaders on the basis of merit, regardless of their race.
This caretaker government should accomplish the following goals:
1) Create a new political system studying the examples of different countries and our Islamic past and seeing where things went wrong and making sure those mistakes are not repeated.
2) All leaders should declare their assets to the public.
3) Create a process to recheck their assets on a periodic basis (may be every year). So that corruption can be weeded out immediately.If found guilty, they should be immediately removed and given severe punishments.
4) Create a process of performance evaluations of these leaders on an yearly basis. If performance is poor, then they should be immediately removed and replaced with more competent leaders.
5) Corruption should entail death penalty. The local and foreign assets of corrupt leaders should be frozen and brought back to government control.
6) There should be one policy which every leader has to follow. This policy can be improved with mutual discussions of the assembly.
7) Our military, media and education should be an extension of this policy. Our political goals should be completed without regard to international pressure (we should learn from the lessons of 1971 and Kargal conflict).
8) In case our enemies assasinate these leaders or topple their govenments, there should be a very strong system in place which will immediately remove these corrupt rulers. And this strong system should NOT be a one man thing.
9) Make power and nation serving jobs unattractive. They should have benefits that every citizen has, but nothing in excess of it. The salary should ONLY be average. This way only those people will come forward who really want to serve the country.
10) As Ahmed Quraishi suggested that we should divide different provinces into many administrative units. Our Holy Prophet (SAWW) also recommended forming small and easily manageable cities. This does not have to be done immediately. This is very important job to do but should be done with a lot of pondering, debates and studies. This task is more suitable to be taken care of by the new leadership.
11) Anything else that is necessary (since I am just a layman and my knowledge is very limited).
This is what I believe the caretaker government should establish and the rest of the issues should be left for the new leadership. The transfer of power from the care-taker govenment to the new leadership must happen quickly on an emergency basis considering the internal and external dangers we are facing.
I want you guys to debate on this topic so that we can all be on the same platform. Without the consensus of public, this system can meet its failure. Remember the enemy is out there who DOES NOT want you to progress and be strong against them. They will oppose your struggle tooth and nail (see what has happened in Venezuela, Cuba, Zaire, Indonesia, Iran, Vietnam etc.).
Thanks for reading,
Asher Fawad
 Reply:   "BARKAT"
Replied by(Beyond_Revolutionz) Replied on (20/Jan/2009)


its Barakat of our effort , it will keep on going
INSHALLAH . the point is to create focus on pakistan ..and re.aweake the nation for noble cause .

now its time bring in people ..ask them to join use on this forum

if any one is viewing page is humble request do participate for noble cause .

your single word will matter .
will be emense motivation to our sprits and zeals .
dear readers come up , its time to save our generations and protect this as nation ..whose integerity , security , safety , prospoerity and progress is on the stack of disaster ..
please your reading should give consequences ..
 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (19/Jan/2009)
423 hits so far
Thank you webmaster for clarification. As of today there are 19 replies and 423 views. I only visit this thread when I have to post the reply. At this point it is only the three of us which contribute to this thread. We three were the ones who wrote those 19 replies. Each reply result in one hit. Therefore 19 replies = 19 hits. Let's assume that we three re-read our post 19 more times which increases the hits to 38. So 423 - 38 = 385 views which is definitely a pretty good number considering that new people are viewing this page.
 Reply:   Mr Asher From Webmaster
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (19/Jan/2009)
Asslam O Alaikum
Dear Mr Asher
The article display on the main page is based upon two things/factors,

1-The date of postings (First in First Out)
2-No of hits/views

Your article will/can come automatically on the main page only after it beats the hits of some other article.

We don't manipulate articles or put articles on the first page ourselves.

Site was down for almost two days due to some server problem at hosting site which is fixed now.

The link of article you can use always for distribution among your friends, as it will be valid as long as site is available inshahAllah.

Article views can/will increase on per view basis not per user/IP basis means if you yourself visit this page ten times a day, the page views will increase by ten.

I hope your all questions are answered now.

One more thing, on main page there is one tab titling REPLY, you can always keep your article there by keeping it alive i.e by posting reply into it now and then.

 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (19/Jan/2009)
Back again after a Long Hiatus

Assalamo Alaikum,

For the last few days, I was not able to access this website. I thought the website was hacked and then our thread "SAVE PAKISTAN" is not listed on the main homepage anymore. Not even on the left column. It makes me think that forces that uppress the voice of dissent has come into action again and have put pressure on the owner of this website to remove that page. Two days ago when I was finally able to access this website, it took me some work to find our article. Now today, it was not there where I saw it before. Nonetheless, It is good to know that our readership was increasing: from 3 hits to 358 (Jan 16, 2009), it isn't too bad for a post which was published 10 days ago.

I do request the owner of this website to give us at least some visibility. It does not have to be on the main page. You can have our thread as sublink to the pages in the left column on your home page.

To the participants of this thread:

Our thread may or may not be here tomorrow. That is why I think we should share our email addresses. At least, we can be in touch privately. Many times I want to discuss things with you which I don't wanna discuss in public specially in front of those people who might work on sabotaging our efforts without our knowing. I intended it to be a private network anyways because I knew things like the above will happen. So, please brothers reply to me privately at

Good News:
I have contacted two friends of mine in Pakistan. One is a teacher and the other one is a doctor. They both have huge contacts and have promised me that they will take our message further. I have given them the necessary links which they will forward.

Mr. Sburiro, thanks for your input regarding  different communication channels. I like your idea of creating good slides. Another idea would be to download Zaid Hamid's different videos on CD. As far as taking our campaigns to TV, Radio and Press club is concerned, I don't think it is our prerogative. We will leave that to the likes of Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi or Talat Husain etc. Actually, Zaid Hamid already conducts a TV program regarding this and Ahmed Quraishi has been writing very good articles in that regard. Our job has been made easy by these gentlemen. Now, all we have to do is just do "private campaigning". By that I mean just convincing people who are near us and then asking them to do the same. When a message is strong, it does spread like a wild fire.

So brothers beyond_revolution and sburiro, thanks for your support, keep up the good work and share your leads with us from time to time. On hearing other's successes, motivates us to do more. And please don't forget to send me a private email.

Jazakallah Khair
Your brother in Islam
Asher Fawad

 Reply:   Motivation
Replied by(Beyond_Revolutionz) Replied on (16/Jan/2009)

thnx for providing useful links asher ..

all we need to do is to motivate the people around , and join this forum ..

atleast mobilize them to be part of an intention that we are up w ith ..

so use your all channels for this purpose ..

for any compaign first rule is to act your self and bring in massive force with you ..
so lets try our connections ..networks , groups ..
and every thing ..make them onboard abt things ..

thanks ..for every thing ..
keep in touch
 Reply:   ACT now
Replied by(sburiro) Replied on (14/Jan/2009)

Yes dear brother my point was same as you told me.
Like many persons are involved in this process and they are doing their job in a good way. My point was the same that with email, we can have some conversations with our vicinity people and they will communicate and pass the message to others... In this way it can be transfered. With that their are so many groups. You can make some good slides which have summarizaton or some good articles. It can be helpful. You can stand with a poster in front of pressclub. you can come on radio you can arrange some programs discussion programs on TV channels.. you can distribute pumflits. There are so many education programs you can arrange, awarness programs. You can write articles.. you can help people when they need or they dont need. you can help them in every aspect. In the last discussion is a very good thing but with action.
My point is only and only this. Hope you will not mind. And I told you in my previous email it is not the duty of every individual. We should not rely on our polticians and leaders for this little things which can make a stronger nation. Thing is that we have to, we should have to start now.

 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/Jan/2009)
Great work brother!

Thank you Mr. Beyond_revolution,

This is exactly what I was talking about. You did a great job asking your brother to reach out to your shop workers. Tell them about Zaid Hamid and his message about muslim unity, dangers Pakistan is facing and RAW's infiltration in Pakistan. Here is the link for your reading:

As you can see, how India is involved in disintegrating Pakistan as it did before in 1971. It was India who created these ethnic differences among Sindhis, Punjabis, Baluchis, Pathans and Muhajirs. Indians do the bomb blast and killing and blame it on Sunnis/Shias or Sindhis and Muhajirs, for example. This results in ethnic clashes. India was the one who supported Mujiburahman and created the issue of language.

I feel that this is the information which should be shared among our pakistani contacts so they know who our real enemies are. In my next email, I will send links to different articles which should be shared with our contacts.

Ask your brother to also enlist the help of his friends, his teachers, his maulvis, neighbors, other relatives etc.

Thanks for supporting this cause
Jazakallah Khair
Asher Fawad

 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (13/Jan/2009)
Don't Stop, Keep going
Assalamo Alaikum brothers,
Sburiro, tell me what you suggest regarding the other channels. I believe if we can gather a groups enthusiastic individuals from all walks of life, then even through email communications, we can make a difference.
As I told you before, I want to create an awareness among people for a need to start over and doing away with a lot of old outdated processes. For this I want direct connection to the public. I don't wanna follow the political campaigning route. I will leave that to leaders and political parties to give speeches and recruit. I also don't want to reach the current politicians (mna, MPs etc). I want to reach ordinary citizens, like you and I, on a one-on-one basis which will be achieved through email communications and also through in person convincing. This can be a very effective way to reach out if we are determined to make it successful. Trust me this is not a slow route.
Our success depends on many factors:
1) Our supporters are HIGHLY MOTIVATED to donate some time (writing emails and/or in-person convincing)
2) We reach people who have positions which exert influence: Ulemas, Imams, Teachers, Professors, Journalists, other bloggers, student activists. These have to be ordinary citizens of Pakistan (but NO politician, journalists who hold a different point of view from us).
If these people can convince their friends and family and ask them to do the same to people they know, we can soon spread this awareness to every corner of Pakistan. Its success depends on who we talk to. If we talk to someone who is not convinced by us, he/she will not take interest. The other I met a friend of mine and explained him about this strategy. I thought he will be convinced easily but he said he has to read about Zaid Hamid and complete his research. But I am after his case. I sent him few important videos to him and will continue to meet with him until he gets convinced. I am positive about him because what I want to do is such a simple and easy thing that no one should have any objection to. Tell, me how long it takes to send a few email messages and/or explain to them about what is going on in the world.
Thank You

 Reply:   Jazakallah Asher Sahab
Replied by(sburiro) Replied on (12/Jan/2009)

Yes you are right in this way i mean by feeling and responsibilities we can mark a difference. But it needs a lot of time ... so its better to use some other channels to increase the awareness among the people parallely. Becasue it is resposibilty of every individual. Because one can can not make a stronger nation. People can make a stronger nation. Stronger, brave and kind people.
 Reply:   journey of miles start with single step
Replied by(Beyond_Revolutionz) Replied on (12/Jan/2009)

Aslam O Alaikum Asher Fawad ..

or if i summarize all that i can say that we need to bring every bit positive change tht can help to revolt lives . undoubtedly our genuine and sincere "intension" is much important then all this , it is ALLAH who is going to accomplish all vision .

This nation needs sincerety , we have every thing at our home . all we need is credible , sincere , honest , public , administration .

and we need to acknowledge every effort we are making .

Today i have sent an email to my brother back in interior sindh and informed him let our "shop workers " know about education , and aware them about today's condition .

this way we can start from our villege ...and lead to everlasting aims ..
 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (12/Jan/2009)
Let's make a difference

Wa'alaikum Assalam Brothers,

Mr. Saim thanks for joining us in our struggle against political apartheid. I want to make this struggle as easy as possible. I don't want it to become a burden or danger for anyone. I don't want to start any fund collection of any sort. I want each one of us to promise to take care of our area (our neighborhood, our village, our city) whichever province of Pakistan we happen to be living in, whenever we get a chance to do. I understand there are so many of us  living and working abroad and can not help our people directly.

Our main goal is to spread awareness that:

  1. Democracy is not the perfect system.
  2. Democracy in the context of Pakistan, only serves to bring back corrupt rulers who don't make any substantial changes in our situation. Other nations have progressed without democracy like Malaysia, China, Cuba, Venezuela etc.
  3. Dictatorship is not necessarily bad. A good and benevolent dictator can also develop the country.
  4. We need to by pass the election process and form a caretaker government by appointments only. Whenever such is formed, we will support it. The goal of this government will be to reform the political process (we leave its implementation to the members of this government)

Our secondary goal is:

  1. To grow as many fruit and vegetables trees as we have space in our houses and promise to Allah(swt) that we give its produce fee sabih lillah to any one needy in our neighborhood.
  2. To grow wheat, lentils and other food, If we have enough room.
  3. To remove illitracy by giving an hour of our time daily to teach anyone in our neighborhood how to read and write. If you happen to be in Sindh, for example, you can teach them Sindhi, Urdu and English (if you know these languages).  At this point, we are not taking the responsibility of primary education since it entails more time and can be difficult for us to maintain. I think in two or three months, a person can learn to read and write, at least one language. Then we can move on to the next person. This way they are at least able to read newspapers. I think this alone can make a huge impact on making them independent.
  4. To help them establish a small business for which micro credit can be available. I will send a link regarding that.

For any thing to be successful, it has to be easy. People usually don't get easily motivated for difficult to achieve goals. That is why I want projects that can be easily accomplished without much effort. Each one of us can grow trees easily. While the trees are growing, if we buy fruit for family, we can buy a portion to be given in charity. It is not very difficult to teach a language to anyone. Even if you take one person at a time, you can make many people (both adult and children) literate in a year.

I can assure you, not only we will feel happy that we have contributed to the development of our dharti. In doing so, we are also building Pakistan. Just imagine if great number of people join us, we can definitely make change.

Jazakallah Khair

Asher Fawad

PS [Also, please give me your input about these ideas.]

Replied by(Beyond_Revolutionz) Replied on (12/Jan/2009)

Aslam O Alaikum
its great to see appreciation coming from one of my friend ..Saim ..Saim this is time stand up .
give what we have always aspired for ,for our villege , for sindh , for Pakistan above all for Ummah .
I know many of minds wont agree with us . But this will sure count if we can contribute for truth to pervail . This nation which has "simple, poort , honest , kind hearted . "lovers of their values"  , strong believers of Islam, dedicated towards family culture" are at verge of destruction .
Dear Saim  if we wont take actions , it will cast us any thing , there are determined sons of this Ummah  who will not end up without fighting the menace , but some how or other if we are given in oppourtunity of any form we must contribute and take it as Reward from ALMIGHTY ALLAH.
its time bring  in chage , its time to pay back our home land , its time to do something which may acquire place in history .
Thanks for joining us ..

 Reply:   Keep going
Replied by(sburiro) Replied on (12/Jan/2009)

Assalam o alaikum

Dear brothers keep going.Because it is the right time for the right cause.

 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (12/Jan/2009)
Our Goals

Assalmo Alaikum Brothers & Sisters!

This is definitely not a political activity. We are not creating any political parties here. We are not even against current government or any political party. We are just not too fond of the current political system and believe that it needs reform for democracy (or any other good governance) to prevail. As faithful citizen of Pakistan, we reserve the right to disagree with those policies of the current government which we feel are anti-Pakistan. If Pakistan is a democracy, which the current government has stated many times, then freedom of speech and press should not be sabotaged in any form. Since these are one of the foundations of democracy and such difference of opinions ONLY make us strong as a nation.

We are inspired by our desire to help our downtroddens and have nots. Besides other things one way to help the nation would be to help bring some political reforms. Our goal is to make people agree that we need a new leadership and in the next election (when this government has completed its term), we will express our opinions by voting for that new leadership. Our hope is that this new leadership will come from the class of people who call themselves Pakistan-Lovers (people who are loyal to Pakistan and are from those classes which never had a chance to rule and are imbued with a sense of giving back to their beloved homeland like our doctors, engineers, teachers, intellectuals, educationists, youths and so forth).

These discussion boards and email exchanges are most peaceful and powerful form of expressing ones opinions which does not involve any burning of buses, public buildings and private properties. Participants don't get any "Laathi Charge" or any tear gases thrown at them. Let's use it more frequently.

Jazakallah Khair
Asher Fawad

 Reply:   JOB IS ON
Replied by(Beyond_Revolutionz) Replied on (12/Jan/2009)

I have forwarded this thread to my friends , whom i believe need a chance to expose their will and determination for national safety and prosperity .

you will soon find ..many ppl coming in a way .

They were worried if this is going to be political activity , but i have assured them this is just for a cause , and will to "build the pakistan for generations to come" .

So keep tuned
 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (11/Jan/2009)
Let's get connected
Assalamo Alaikum Brother,

I am very happy to hear from you and really thank you for your support. I think we can use this discussion board for discussions. I feel at this point, we can get people together on the same page with us and create a roster of our supporters with their email addresses. They don't have to disclose their names and can use separate email address (if they like). I want this roster to grow as big as possible. That is our first goal.

The purpose of the roster is to stay connected. We will notify each other of any important changes that are going on in our country and the world. If the need be we will work as a pressure group by raising our voice against the wrongs committed in the world like Gaza massacre or giving our supreme Pakistan awards to non-deserving enemies of Pakistan. We can also send emails to different organizations, media groups, governments etc. When these organizations get bombarded with thousands and thousands of individual emails, I am sure it will make them retract from their positions.

Jazakallah Khair
Asher Fawad

PS: [Dear readers, if you happen to read this thread and subscribe to this view, please join us. Email me at the above address to be added in our roster.]

 Reply:   Steping towards Survival
Replied by(Beyond_Revolutionz) Replied on (11/Jan/2009)
Let me strongly appreciate your enthusiasm , tht in this age of hatered and fury , there are ppl who are up there to support and take ruins of nation no matter what form is that. IQBAL says

"Mohabbat mujhey  un jawano sey hein"
"jo rakhtey hein kamand sitaroon pe"
"Nigah-e- Marde momin se badal jati hein taqdeerein"
"gar ho sauq yakeen paida to kat jati hein zanjeerein"

Your motivation has re-encouraged my nerves , Dear Sir i will be there in all bits of mission you people are carrying out .

Right now I am focusing on bringing in all my friends("geniune") on this discussion board .

Let us Utilize this Discussion board or if you any active one thn tell me , i will go head to join that as well .

I assure my crediblity , support , and potentiol as blessed my ALMIGHTY ALLAH for the survival of this nation .

let us build the hope ....

 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (11/Jan/2009)
Please pick up the shattered pieces and rebuild the hope
Dear Sir,

I am totally in synch with you regarding the ground realities that you mention. That is why I feel that we have to start from the clean slate. The only bad guys that we have to worry about
are, as you mentioned, dangerously westernized "liberati", feudal lords, indocile media, racially
motivated people and radical extremists (suicide bombers).

I agree we need very strong help but the public needs to do their parts first. In previous
elections negative campaigning by the media, journalist, opportunistic leaders and other factors
played an important role in changing the opinions of the public. There was a big voter turn out
and they voted against Musharraf. Unfortunately, he was defeated miserably. I wasn't expecting that. I was appalled at how our public ignored the past and elected the same corrupt rulers
again. This tells me that our public is also one of the road blocks. So, sir, public needs to be
convinced first.

Our public needs to realize that who our enemies really are. When a sincere ruler will come,
these enemies will get their propaganda machinery in action against him. It is at this point our
public needs to realize their evil designs. The more people subscribe to this, the better our
chances are at making a difference. Mashallah, you are a man with such a great honor and people like you are so important in carrying this message further. Motivate the youths that fall under your circle of influence, get people in rural sindh to be aware of this or find some activists
who will do this job for you. Utilize your contacts with influential people and kindle this hope
in their hearts who will eventually convince their circle of influence. And like a dominoes effect, this message can reach every corner of Pakistan. I would recommend targeting the educated
class, the city slickers and all those people who are not dependent on the oppressive forces for
subsistance. I think if they mobilize, that alone will give us enough power to change our destiny.

Having said that, mobilization of public is ONLY one aspect of the change, nonetheless important. The other factor, as you rightly said, is the help of strong political power or military support. I think Zaid Hamid and his comrades have the clout to mobilize that strong machinery in action. Their good intentions will not bear any fruits if the public is NOT on their side.

Let's be on their side and give them our approval to go ahead with WHATEVER is needed to protect our beloved homeland from falling apart. If we are successful at building a stronger Pakistan then our next struggle would be to get all muslim countries united under one economic and military block. When europeans  can do that, why should n't we?

(Please read:

Replied by(Beyond_Revolutionz) Replied on (11/Jan/2009)

I have already derived inspriration from Zaid Hamid's relegous , educated, loyal , sincere and patriotric standout. I am strong believer of relegous ideologies of political , economical and social systems . I have been listening Dr Israr Ahmed one of greatest intellectual of Muslim Ummah . But the point i wan establish is reality .
you have nation which can not even fulfill basic needs , you have large number of population who are unaware of Islamic ideology as system "refering to rural population of country" (since i belong rural interior sindh) . you have elite class so called westernized , modernized , inlightned moderated , will pose great resistence to cause provided by Zaid Hamid or Dr Israr Ahmed .

My despair arises out of reality . but yeah i would agree at great extent one thing .

Youth is on his way to revival . I am Higher Education Commission Scholar in South korea , can realize a change in the insight of youth with me .

But yet dont see all this happening in reality.

So asher you need geniune support of some big guns . Iether you need to inject this ideology in some big political power , or you need Military support .OR as my nik sujjests you need things which are "Beyond_Revolutionz" . ....
 Reply:   Don't Despair Please-Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (11/Jan/2009)
Don't Despair Please
Hi Beyond_Revolutionz,
I know that our ummah currently does not have the vigor but don't be that despair. After all, it was this same Ummah which produced leaders like Allama Iqbal and Mohammed Ali Jinnah.
Brother, things will go on like the way they are going until we do something about it. For starters, we can agree on something. Having people on the same platform is half the struggle. Majority of our people, being an emotional lot, bought the idea that Musharraf's dictatorship was such a bad thing. Our irresponsible media, not knowing how to deal with the new found freedom of press (given by the "dictator") exploited Musharraf's mistakes to the core giving public the impression that democracy is the only answer to their problems. Journalists like, Hamid Mir proclaimed wrong assertions that bad democracy is better than dictatorship ignoring that Musharraf's "dictatorship" had been the most democratic thus far. People completely ignored how corrupt the previous "democracies" were and voted Musharraf out in February 2008 elections. They basically shot themselves in the foot. Now, this new government hasn't changed anything a bit. The deposed chief justice still remains deposed. The president still enjoys total power. Pakistani government is lot more subservient to foreign interests. At least, Musharraf was able to successfully dictate his terms.
The next bad hurdle to Pakistan's progress are pakistanis themselves. They fail to recognize their friends and foes. For pakistani status quo to change, pakistanis need to realize that democracy is NOT the solution for pakistan as long as we have corrupt leaders. We have to start from scratch and build a better political system which WILL ensure that we ONLY get loyal leaders. There is NO other way. It is also important to realize that nations can progress without democracy as well. We have the example of Malaysia and China. None of these countries were democracies but look at where they are now. Both of them had loyal leaders on top. Now China has the world largest foreign exchange reserves (about 3 trillion).
We should not get stuck on the technical debate of whether democracy is better than dictatorship. If the ruler is good, even dictatorship is good governance. Read about Zaid Hamid's concepts of Spiritual democracy and benevolent dictatorship. He is right that our Muslim leaders of the past like Tipu Sultan, were soldiers and rulers (in our modern term: "dictators").
First we all have to agree on the above points. We all have to agree that we have a problem on hand and that the corrupt leadership is the single most important problem we are facing. That alone will be half the battle won.
We can, at least, do that, can't we?

 Reply:   Revolutionz
Replied by(Beyond_Revolutionz) Replied on (10/Jan/2009)

Let me appreciate the thought process of Asher Fawad , but the point is the System you are talking about is beyond imaginations thought not impossible to implement .
who will afford to sacrifice his or her carrers , futures , worldy dreams , ambitions , profiles to serve the nation in an ideal way you depciting .
who will afford the eradicate all the fashist , westernized , so-called modernized mindset to bring in or strive to bring in system given my superem aurhority of this UNIVERSE "ALLAH").
who will afford the let his his wealth , health ,time to be invested for betterment of generations to come .
i think as a UMMAH we are worst creatures at the moment on the planet . as a PAKISTANIS we are no:1 munafiqs .

dear you effort is mere dream like me ..
which is far beyond reality

You want revolution from a nation which has nothing
else thn living like an animnal . i am sorry .. for all this .
but this is way i think and i include my self in all those .

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Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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