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Bismillah hir Rehman nir Raheem
Assalamo Alaikum all.
Is MQM a big party? The question is very real. I have seen many news channels calling MQM, one of the big parites during their talk shows. The facts are just contrary, MQM is one of the smallest party of Pakistan and if it did not have backing of CIA, MI5, Pakistan military, RAW and Mossda, it would not be able to hold its feet any where in Pakistan. There were no elections at all in Karachi. The entire citys was presetning a deserted picture. Hardly any one dared to vote. Those went to vote, MQM terrorists snatched the ballot papers and stamped themselves. When the video was shown on You Tube, MQM killed 3 political workers. If we are honest and we call ourselves honest jounralists then we must not spread lies. We must demand elections in Karachi as all MNAs and MPS of MQM are not elected and the senate elections based on Karchi seats must also be declared null and void and new elections be held there.
In 2003, MQM could nto muster votes even from Liaqatabad and it killed all opponents poling agents and stole the ballot boxes. Then Election commissioner, Justice Irshad Hussain declared the MQM manufatured results fake and ordered new elections. But then came Mush who appointed Justice DOgar as new Election commissioner and he declared the MQM manufactured results valid!
Who can forget May 12 carnage and Mr. Talat Hussain's statement that forget past and look at future is like putting your head under the sand. MQM after May 12, burned alive lawyers and right now it is killing poor Pashtoon rikshaw drievers etc in Karachi.
The forces which are actively supporting MQM are also supporting American Talibans., Who are these American Talibans? These are criminals hired by CIA which grow beards and do all violent and tertrorist activities which are not permissible in Islam and humanity. USA then uses their crimes to attack and kill good and decent Muslims.
This is not a new game; look at the following facts:
1) israel killed many foreign tourists in Egypt and put blame on Ikhwanul Muslimoons. Fortuantely real terrorists were identified (Israelis) and were punished by Egyptian court. Isael instead of being ashmed, erected a memorial tower in memory of their dead terrorists. Pleas eread Lavon affair on internet
2) Jamal Nasir was a paid CIA agent as CIA confidential papers revealed. He used to paly like Yaser Arafat, Hizbullah and Fazlu Rehman
3) 9/11 an act carried out by Israeli Moosad and Shabak and blame was put on Muslims and Islam
4) London bomb blast planned and executed by MI5 which has hired many people including Mr. Aswat who picture as published in Dawn Islamabd is that of a Taliban; of course an American or UK Taliban
5) Shaitan Malik of Pakistan is MI5 and Moosad agent and a wanted criminal of Pakistan. He was given protection under NRO and is now interiro minister of Pakistan. His favoruite game is to get heroin addits and use them as suicide bomber. This man who wife and brothers in law are decalred Qadyanis is responsible for most if not all terrorist attacks in Pakistan.
We must not be fool and idiot. Many terrorists including those of MQM show crocodiles' tears on TV and start blaming Islam and Muslims for American Taliban acts. Why not blame the real masters of these American Talibans i..e USA, Israel, India etc.
In the South, global terrorists have MQM and in the norht they have American Talibans. The global terrorists have gross pictures of American Talibans which are showed to Pakistani soldiers and media to muster thier sympath and support for their fight againnts good and innocent Muslims.
 In Balochistan Global terrorists have hired some Balouch leaders who are acting as enemy agents. Allah Ta'lah had killed some of their leaders in Indonecian Swamy. The terrorists are getting support from UAE, Iran, India, UK and USA and locally from Aga Khan etc. This is their schism but Allah Ta'lah will fail and foil all their plots. 
Again lets come to the original question. Is MQM a real big party of Pakistan. No, not at all. Abdus Sattar who only got handful votes, was decalred to have obtained, 1,30,000 votes! This is the magnitude of their lies. 
Please hold rallies on May !2 Karachi carnage and write artilces, poems etc abou the genuine terrorist and American Talibans. let us join hands to Save Pakistan. Insha Allah Pakistna will be saved and protected as we people wiht the help of Allah will fight and protect its both ideological and geographical boundaries. We will defeat the Global terrorists and local terrorists may that be MQM or American Talibans. 
SAVE PAKISTAN MOVEMENT (SPM) Chief coordinator: Dr. Anwar Ul Haque 
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Replied by(Patriotic_Pakistani) Replied on (5/May/2009)

These are the problems that are created due to indiscriminate policies of Islamabad.They never considered Baloch people as the citizens of Pakistan,and why not CJP is not taking suo motto action on the killing of these Baloch leaders????Werent they citizens of Pakistan??????
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Replied by(Patriotic_Pakistani) Replied on (5/May/2009)

Did you go to balochistan Mr haque?Yeah global terrorists have urged the poor students of Balochistan University students to raise their flag on it,they also urged the poor women of this great province to comeout in the streets in extremely hot weather of Turbat after the killing of three Baloch leader(this is totally against the Baloch tradition but Idiots sitting in Islamabad have urged these poor ladies to do so).I bet from reading your views regarding Balochistan that you have never been to Baloch dominant areas of Balochistan.
Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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