"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Who dug ditch for you?

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi

 PM Nawaz as an honest and neutral person I am writing it in your favor despite the fact that I am siding with Imran + Qadri who are after your skin for so many long months and now it is a matter of just few hours, less than 12 hours, when perhaps your fate will be decided once for all. Anyway, at this point of time I want you to please be very cool and calm and look back as to who is your Aristotle and pr who acted as your Plato and to be truly honest to you I am not writing just for writing but for very specific purpose and that too in your greater interest and not mine if you realize.
Why did you entangle yourself in number game? Win is winning even by 1 vote so from that point of view you even should not have thought of asking others fir casting bogus votes and or resorting to election rigging tactics. You are undoubtedly most popular figure in Pakistan political arena and had even been twice Prime Minister before so I am pretty sure that Pakistan Muslim League (N) under your command and control must had very easily swept in elections with all legal manners and there was absolutely no need to adopt some illegal ways particularly when Imran Khan was very much in cut throat competition with you which itself necessitated that you must have been extra cautious and alert not to be trapped today or tomorrow.
You had been sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan and had continued alike for the stipulated period of time but Imran had been after your blood because he wished to be PM instead of you and therefore he very politely but publicly pronounced that there had been mass rigging in elections and thus about 14 months back he demanded through investigation in at least 4 constituencies of National Assembly to find out as to who is the real winner and with how many votes. Very sad to pen that you just ignored and underestimated Imran out rightly without realizing that your such like attitude could fire back on your face. Incidentally Dr Tahir Qadri realizing the gravity of the situation also jumped in the arena and queued up saying that elections were rigged and demanded thorough investigations but you brushed aside Qadri alike Imran which is the biggest mistake of your life to be honest to you.
PM had you truly gauged the situation and realized the gravity of the opposition of Imran and Qadri you had saved at least your reputation if not Premiership but you cared too hoots because your so called advisers whom I am naming as Aristotle and Plato had advised that they will inflate Imran so why to listen to him which as such led you to so much cornered that you are not enjoying the powers vested in you by the constitution of Pakistan. You had to lower yourself when you sought help from Zardari and Altaf  etc but still you utterly failed in such like desperate movement and could not sail over the biggest humiliation of your life as your both enemies namely Imran and Qadri having embarked upon anti Nawaz movements which over the last few days have gained sufficient strength and public sympathies did not budge whatsoever.
PM Nawaz, in your greater interest I would very sincerely wish you to take them to task who not only ill advised you but also put your life at risk. Personify them whosever they are even if your relatives and or bosom friends so that at least I know our Aristotles and Platos (I read true Aristotle and Plato in MA Pol Sc 1996 at PU). Iqbal Hadi Zaidi

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