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Indian   Athlete Pinki charged with rape

By Zaheerul Hassan

On 12 November 2012,  Kolkata police charged an international gold medal-winning  and so called female athlete for raping her former partner.  According to the medical tests, she was   actually a man. Pinki Pramanik, was  retired in 2007 after winning team gold in the 4x400m relay at the 2006 Asian Games, was charged after a report was completed by a medical board set up to determine her gender. The athlete, the daughter of a poor farmer in rural West Bengal, also won silver in the 4x400m relay at the 2006 Commonwealth Games before she stopped competing the following year.

In fact Indian sports board has been found involve in pretending “Pinki” as female just to bluff the system and wining of medals. Then, Indian Athletic coach was very close to Pinki. He was having illicit relations with number of Indian female athletes.  Reportedly, he came to know about the truth but has been blackmailed by the Athlete. Pinki has then threatened the exposing of Indian sports boards’ officials’ illicit relations in the media. It is also added here that Indian Premier Cricket league (IPL) too introduced unethical, corruption in the cricketers while paying heavy amount to renowned international players. Most of the cricketers playing in IPL have been found involve in match fixing and relations with Indian beautiful and attractive actresses.

However Chairman of the board, B.N,Kahali  confirmed  the report of medical tests. He said Pinki is not a female.and the reports has been submitted to the district sessions court. In fact male pseudo-hermaphrodites are genetic males who develop some female physical characteristics and identities. Kolkata police officer Prabir Roy, officer in charge of the Baguihati police station has stated that the athlete has been charged with rape and forgery. Pramanik, 26, was arrested in June and forced to undergo a gender test following accusations from a woman who previously lived in her flat that she had been raped.

Pramanik's arrest and allegations over her gender caused a sensation in India, with rights' groups complaining her privacy had been invaded by the authorities and media in Kolkata. According to the media reports Indian athletics authorities are avoiding questions of    the reporters.

Pinki has exposed the weakness and unethical activities of sports. International Olympic association should ask India to recheck the validity of all Indian female players because probably Indian sports board consider that winning of gold medals is more important than the respect of country.

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