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Good bowling but with question marks


Pakistan has won not only the second ODI but series too and that also in India before their own home crowd. Today in Kolkatta the stadium was full to the capacity as 90,000 were inside the ground to see themselves the players in action and it was really worth to watch two arch teams playing the game.


Now when the whole Pakistani nation is enjoying today's very convincing victory of the series I would like to point out that we must not be complacent on our weakness in bowling despite the fact our bowlers simply did not give any life to any Indian batsmen to score and the result is that we won with a big margin. 


In our total score of 250 runs Indian blowers have gifted us just 6 extra runs while we played all 50 overs game wheres in case if India its total score showed a figure of 165 runs scored in 48 overs which include our 18 gifted runs too which is too much and go awfully against our bowlers to be honest, From extra scores point of view India has out rightly outplayed us and we cannot and should not ignore it in any case under any circumstances whatsoever. Had we bowled remaining 2 overs too perhaps we had given another 2 additional extra runs if not more. Needless to mention in One Day even one runs counts what to talk of as many as 18. 


I am pretty sure PCB and our bowlers will look into it and improve upon to avoid earning any further humiliation on this account.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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