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Rehman Malik's Dirty Role

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

When Pervaiz Musharraf under CIA instruction and guidance topple the elected Government of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, PPP was duly informed and its entire elite leadership spent 3-4 months overseas mainly in London and Paris. They were not sure how military will treat them and hence as a mean to escape arrest they had this interim arrangement. They did not inform Mr. Nawaz Sharif about his impending toppling. When Mr. Nawaz Sharif's lawyer Iqbal Ra'd later announced that he would prove that the so called plain hijack drama was CIA orchestrated, he and his assistant were assassinated in day light just before Jumma Salah (Friday Prayers). The CIA and Musharraf organized this murder through Pakistan's number 1 terrorist organization MQM.

Pervaiz Musharraf's father according to sources was first Pervaizee (Those who deny the Sunnah and path of the Prophet (PBUH)) and later turned into a full fledge Qadyani. He apparently established Jamat-e-Ahmadya in Turkey which was very much appreciated by "Khalifa" Nasir Ahmed of Qadyanis in London.  Pervaiz Musharraf's wife Sahba is a die hard Qadyani whose Uncle Jamilur Rehman is the chief of Jamat-e-Ahmadya of Okara. According to Pakistan's constitution and law appointment of Pervaiz Musharraf at key positions in military was illegal not only due to his extremely ill character and thorough incompetence but also his links with Qadyanis which have a very close tie with Israel. But for that matter Gen. Karamat Jahangir who is notorious for his opposition and enmity toward Pakistan Nuclear Program was also a Qadyani and very corrupt one. On a tank deal in which he got hefty commission he had to resign.

When Musharraf toppled Nawaz Sharif with full backing of International Zionism through USA Government support and active help, a notorious Qadayni who had been in income Tax department for years was appointed his principal secretary. Mr. Tariq Aziz is known for gambling and drinking and formulated very first cabinet in a gambling party in a posh apartment belonging to a doctor very close to American Embassy. Tariq Aziz played key role in brining Qadyanis at key positions. Most of these Qadyanis are "hidden" and deny their true identity; a not uncommon feature of the organizations who do underground dirty work and carry out secret plans against poor people of the country. Shaukat Aziz son of Abdul Aziz (Abdul Aziz was a die hard preacher type Qadyani and worked as Ex Engineer at Radio Pakistan Karachi) was tipped to be the Prime Minister from very beginning however on suggestion of Tariq Aziz that Chaudharies will not be pleased, his name was postponed for time being). Rehman Malik is a buddy of Tariq Aziz. His wife runs Nasir Nursing Home in Rawalpindi and his brothers in law do not die their identity as being Qadyanis. Rehman Malik is thus a bridge between Musharraf and Zardari. Fatima Bhutto (Read her interview in today's Nation newspaper) blames specifically Asif Zardari for assassinating Murtaza Bhutto. Rehman Malik was the right hand man of Zardari and hence his role due to his high position in FIA makes him even more suspicious.

Rehman Malik who drives very fast on Islamabad streets breaking all laws, is trying to be over-smart and trying to stop restoration of judges and sacking of thoroughly corrupt and yes men judges ( How can they be judges when are bootlickers of dictators?) Rehman Malik had in hand with Farooq Naik are toeing Uncle SAM's dirty lines and policies which are in fact 100%  Satanic and anti people. Uncle SAM (Sub-animal materialism) does not free judiciary and true democracy in any Muslim country. So through dirty and behind the scene games Human Satans are playing their dirty games. Certainly such people must not be in any Government position and must be fired. Mr. Nawaz Sharif as well as all other political parties must demand his immediate expulsion. Rehman Malik played key role in induction of terrorists in Sind Cabinet which now contains over 13 proven die hard terrorists as ministers! CIA and International Zionism played key role in induction of MQM terrorists who carried out May 12 2007 Karachi Carnage and burnt lawyers alive on 9th April, 2008 are in the folds of PPP Sind Government as Uncle SAM demanded. How people of Sind will live peacefully and progress amidst these fully protected terrorists? Against the Shar (Mischief) of all these human Satans and Jin Satans we take Allah's protection who is the Rabb of Falak  and People as well the King and the God of all human beings.

Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque

Consultant American Board Certified Pathologist

Past Faculty at University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa USA

Phone: 03335129849, 2294099

116. St. 49 F 11/3 Islamabad 44000


All views expressed are personal and do not reflect any institution or organization

 Reply:   o God
Replied by(umer59) Replied on (14/Dec/2009)

i m a new pakistani is it really true,but now i think it is true b,cause no one ask or try to ask again the nike which stands for [no islamic kingdom on earth] and puma, for the name of ALLAH, i think now we should opposse it not by telling but also by practically,
 Reply:   Jazak ALLAH
Replied by(ztareen) Replied on (9/Oct/2009)

Dear Prof:
May ALLAH reward you on bringing these facts on the surface. Yes, we know that what's going on but we feel ourselves helpful because political and military leadership is also just puppets in hands of America.
The only way left to bring a bloody revolution against these Satans in every field of life.
 Reply:   Finally some columnist dared to talk about Musharraf's routine life
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (21/Sep/2009)

 Reply:   musharaf was a kaafir there is no doubt
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (17/Sep/2009)

musharaf is a kaafir there is no doubt,and mr haque below who has written his comment and is proud of his family pedigree the fact is that you are liar
you people do blasphmey by declaring yourself syeds.hindus seeds you are and declare yourself syeds astaghfirullah.severe punishment from allah awaits you

musharaf was qadiani or not i dont know but we all know he is a kaafir and should be hanged with his family

 Reply:   Misery
Replied by(Ahmed1214) Replied on (9/Sep/2009)

Dear Dr. sb it is very easy to give title of qadiyani to evry one to whom You are not comfortable but v should know the rout cause of the specific problem.
The problem which you have mentioned here is that our policies have been made by americans( uncle sam) through the history of Pakistan. So it is not a matter of Musharaf and Zardari beyond this every body in pakistan governed the country under American policies. what u will say about Liaqat ali khan who first of all put us under american rule. Then what you will say abuot Ayub Khan, Bhuto, And specially about Zia Ul haq? was he a qadiyani? He did evry thing for USA. he faught the afghan war for the Americans and get dollars. The MQM which you mentioned here as a terrorist organization was created in Zia's period. You said that MQM is a pro Isreal, pro USA party. It is true but ity is also a fact that it had been created under Zia's supervision and now a dyas it has been confirmed by the ex secret agents like Br. Imtiaz, Gen. Durrani etc. that MQM was created by Zia. Was Zia a Qadiyani? No he was a muslim that he pretended in fact he was a Munafiq. what about Nawaz Shareef do you think he is anti American then it is your misconception we are badely trapped in USA 's trapes. I can challenge you that even if Mr. Nawaz sharif would be in power at this time he would have been doing as it is as these people are doing. Because we as a nation are not anti American( Anti Zalim) we all are Munafiqeen because to help mazloom it requires Secrifices which we dont want to give it requires serefice of blood, wealth, Namoos. For wich we all are not committed we want a miricle through which every thing will change.
we say down with america but we as nation are not ready to give Qurbani. You can see this in our history like as Mr. Bhutto was hanged or Mr. niwaz Sharif's govt was turned down and he was in prison who came out of his house, who gave the invadors challange we all are munafiqeen. We have american Air bases, forces, Nato supply routs and we are providing NATO base here to launch strikes in afghanistan since invasion. What we did against it as a nation. It is not a solution to blow up some suiciders in this way as a nation we should have to come out of homes to stop all this brutalities but we collectivly are part of all that cruelities that have been done by USA,Zia, Musharaf, Shoukat Aziz, and now by Zardari and his team. We gave them votes. You can see in our nearby Iran they had problems with saddam and Taliban, they are of diffrent sect then Taliban But they did not supplied any aid to USA. Rother they are supporting Origional MUjhahideens in Iraq and Afghanistan. So I think dont gave any body blame of being a Qadiyani or Chiristien or Jews but we Muslims are not true muslims we are munafiq. If we make ourself true muslim then no body can d all these things against us.
1. We Pakistanies are habbitual to put our responsibilities on other people shoulders. It is very easy to give blame some one but it is difficult to take responsiblity. We should have to admitt that we all are responsible for all these things. If we will b committed, loyal to ourself, true muslims, then no body can harm us.

At the end this saying By Rasool Kareem PBUH.

"Zulm ke khilaf jitnee deer se utho ge uthnee ziyada Qurbani deeni pare gi" 

Replied by(whs0123) Replied on (13/Aug/2009)


 Reply:   Why Shitan Malik has been give
Replied by(Haque) Replied on (27/Jul/2008)

Why Shaitan Malik has been Give so Much Power
Dr. Anwar Ul Haque
Shaitan Malik is a die hard criminal and thoroughly corrupt person. He is from Sialkoat and is a die hard Qadyani with close links with RAW, CIA and Mossad. He is strong suspect in murders of Mir. Murtaza Bhutto and even Benazir Bhutto. He had been in jail for sometime for his corruption. He has close links with Mr. 10 % alias Asif Zardari who is now trying to add a Zero on the right of his figure. Shaitan Mailk who is a thorough Paindoo personality and behavior has close links with Pakistan's number 1 terrorist i.e. Altaf Hussain and his notorious mafia. Despite sersious reservations about MQM in PPP's high circles, Shaitan Malik was able to induct 13 MQM terrorists in Sind Cabinet.
Today with one stroke of pen, Pakistan's ISI, FB and NB was put under Shaitan Malik and for this reason there is celebration in India and Israel. Can Israel appoint some devout Muslims as its Interior Minister? The interior ministry is like Central Nervous System (CNS) which is now infected by Rabies virus i.e. Shaitan Malik.
We have no problem for Shaitan Malik's being Qadyani; that is his personal belief and Insha Allah he will be responsible for that matter to Allah Ta'lah. However being a RAW, CIA, MI 5 and Moosad Agent we have serious question. As we know that these agencies along with MQM are behind most of not all so called suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan which has taken the lives of many civilian and Military personnel of high caliber, honesty and dedication to the service of Pakistan. This include Muhstaq Baig of Pakistan Army. The Qadyani lobby is behind most of these attacks.
Qadyanis have close links with India as some of these visit India via UK. These are then trained for attacks on Masajid, Imam Bargah and Churches in Pakistan. Qadyanis are also helping CIA and Zionist created Balcohistan movements. From other side Aga Khan (A known Zionist puppet) is deeply investing in Gawadar. So Pakistan is all surrounded by Qadyanis and other Zionists' agents.
It is the duty of all educated Muslims to come forward to defend Pakistan which was created for implementation of Islamic ideology and law as openly and candidly expressed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Fatimah Jinnah. Millions of Muslims sacrificed their lives and belongings to get this country in the Lailatul Qadr. Should we remain silent and let Pakistan drown???? No way! It is high time that we get united and try to save Pakistan and defeat the agents of Shaitan. Insha Allah we will succeed. So from now own ward hold the rope of Allah (Quran-e-Majeed) tightly (Read often, try to learn Quranic Arabic, follow Quran and teach Quran) and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) and adopt the goods of the companions. Do not waste time. Create awareness among Muslims and stand firm in front of Baatil. We must demand expulsion of Shaitan Malik immediately. Tariq Aziz also must go and Musharraf must be hanged for his heinous crimes after a genuine judicial process giving him the right to defend himself. If we kept sleeping and mere talking, then we must not blame anyone but ourselves for the end result.
Dr. Anwar Ul Haque
116. St. 49 F 11/3 Islamabad 44000
Phone 03335129849. 0512294099, 0512293707

 Reply:   Qadyanis are not inherited. Th
Replied by(Haque) Replied on (15/May/2008)
Bismiallah hir Rehman nir Raheem

Qadyanis are not inherited. These are the people who sell their religion for lilltle worldly gain. Musharraf is a confirmed Doom Mirasi. All doom mirasis have become 'Syed" in Pakistan. Syed in Arabic Means Mr. It that is the case then every body is Syed. Anyway all of us are descendants of Prophet Adam (PBUH). But being syed  means nothing if  your acts  and views are anti Islamic. Prophet Noah (PBUH)'s son was not considered his son as he deviated from the path of Islam. Prophets are the fathers of Nation and therefore their 'All" or family includes all of their followers. For this reason Busharraf is in the All of Abdullah Ibn-e-Ubai just like Trick Mean.
Mush's father was initially a Perwaizee (Another Zionists sponsored religion) and he named his son after Pervaiz the founder of the Zionist sponsored religion. Later he turned into Qadyani as it was easy for him to accept a false prophet after rejecting the Prophet (PBUH). According to the book of Mush In the line of Fire (He will go into fire forever Insha Allah)  his mother and father were perfect dancers. His father according to his interview in Gulf News (Dubai) was a Tabalchee and his mother played violin very well as she had been secretary all her life. Mush's residence in Delhi was in Red Light Area. He married to Sahba who is a well known Qadyani and he collected die hard Qadyanis all around. He brought back Dr. Noori a cardiologist from King Edward long after his retirement to Cardiac Center in Rawalpindi. Similarly Tariq Aziz, his principal secretary and Rehman Malik are all die hard Qadyanis. Now Mr. Busharraf is in touch with Hamid Nasir Chutta (.... ka Patha) who had been living wiht Orossa (daughter of General Rani) without marriage and drinking a lot so that he had alcoholic bad breath when he visited Abid Malik (Dentist). Yaseen Votto's name is also on Qadyani register. These two guys are playing dirty game of changing the verdict of people of Punjab.
Pervaiz Musharraf's father was kicked out from Government Service when he worked at Consulate office in Sri Lanka. He was involved in car corruption case.
The Qadyanis are fully backing and supporting their Doom Mirasi. There are no lies but absolute facts. Pervaiz chose Shaukat Aziz son of abdul Aziz, a die hard Qadyni preecher who worked as engineer at Radio Pakistan.
Dr. Anwar ul Haq is a Liar.
All this is a fabrication because if Musharraf is QaaDiyani, I am QaDiyani too.
President Musharraf was born to a daughter of our family in our Havaili in Delhi. Our Family Ancestor was Prince Khairuddin (also known in Literary circles of his days as Poet 'Yaas'), who had sold all his assets to finance 1857 Rebellion against the British Empire. Prince Khairuddin was the richest Prince of Empire and he was later poisoned to death by British to make it look like an accident.
Pres. Musharraf's mother was 4th Generation of last Emperor of Hind just like my Dad was and his father Syed Musharraf was an Asal Nasal Syed just like my Maternal Grandfather, Grandson of Imam of Delhi Mosque was. We were so proud that we had refused British Stipend for members of former Royal Family and advanced on our own with our brains and hard work. My father was B.A. Honors in English Literature in 1932, when Matric used to guarantee job of 'ThaanaiDaar' . My grandfather was a Session Judge of Delhi District. My Maternal Grandfather was 'Diwaan of Kashmir', Mir Zulfiqar Ali Baig the direct descendent of Abdul Rahim Khan Khanay KhanaN, the Prime Minister of Emperor Akbar.

 Reply:   Rehman Malik should be sacked
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (7/May/2008)

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