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Pakistan Army's ex-Lt. General Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani Exposes Barbarous
Crimes of Traitor Musharraf

-- Tyrant Musharraf illegally Used White Phosphorus Bombs (Chemical Weapons) to Murder Thousands of Innocent Male and Female Students During the Red Mosque Massacre of July 2007 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

-- Corrupt Dictator Pervez Musharraf became a Slave Dog of Israeli-Zionist War Criminal George W. Bush after only one phone call from ex-Israeli-Zionist War Secretary Colin L. Powell.

PW: http://www.Pakistan

http://www.voanews. com/urdu/ 2008-06-03- voa9.cfm pakistan/ story/2008/ 06/080603_ kiyani_mush_ interview_ uk.shtml pakistan/ story/2008/ 06/080603_ nawaz_kargill_ zs.shtml

Ex-General for Making an Example of Musharraf

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, 3 June 2008 (The News) - [Pakistan Army's ex-Corps Commander Rawalpindi and former Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Chairman] Lt. Gen. (retd.) Jamshaid Gulzar Kiyani on Monday stressed the need for making an example of [evil criminal tyrant] Pervez Musharraf to block the emergence of future [military]
dictators in the country.

Talking to Dr. Shahid Masood in the Geo TV programme Meray Mutabiq ['According to Me' on 2 June 2008], he said General Musharraf had committed basic mistakes [high crimes] such as the Kargil debacle, surrender to the U.S. threat of pushing Pakistan into the stone-age and the Lal Masjid [Red Mosque] destruction.

[Mosque Massacre - Washington's [illegal and Fraudulent] "War on Terror" Shakes Pakistan]
http://www.wsws. org/articles/ 2007/jul2007/ paki-j11. shtml

http://www.thetruth uk/print. asp?ID=6983

http://muslimmatter 08/01/chemical- weaponry- used-at-lal- masjid-red- mosque

He said no power could stay in the face of the power of the people. He said he had seen the [illegal] period of [Army dictator (dead) General Muhammad] Ayub Khan, who could not face the wrath of the people. When asked whether the Army was with Musharraf, he said the armymen would never say anything about it and such things were never discussed in the Army.

He ruled out the imposition of [illegal military] Martial Law, saying that the [illegal] president could not use Article 58 2(b). Gen. [Jamshed] Gulzar [Kiyani] said Musharraf's departure from power is close at hand. He said the [unlawful] president should not have given into the U.S. threat in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. He said the Pakistan Army was the best professional Army in the world. He said Musharraf had options at that time and he should have held a referendum to ascertain the will of the people.

Gen. Gulzar. said the [unconstitutional] referendum Musharraf held for himself was a fake exercise as [Army dictator (dead)] Gen. [Muhammad] Zia [ul Haq] did the same during his [illegal] rule. He said Musharraf was clearly told about this mistake and afterwards he accepted his mistake.

He said today everybody believed that Gen. Musharraf was fighting the [illegal] American War on the soil of Pakistan and "we are paying for that today." His departure from power is close at hand. He said the [unconstitutional] president should not have given into U.S. threat in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. He said the threat to push Pakistan into
the stone age was delivered by the then [U.S. War Criminal] Secretary of State [General (R)] Colin [Luther] Powell and not by the American president. He said the [self-appointed] president [illegally] arrested and [unlawfully] handed over Pakistanis to the U.S. Where have these unknown people gone? he asked.

He asked what was the crime of [Afghanistan Ambassador to Pakistan] Mullah [Abdul Salam] Zaeef and as a diplomat did he deserve such insulting behaviour? He said the ISI was used to commit wrong acts. He said he was in the ISI and advised against such acts but his advice fell on deaf ears. As a result, today Musharraf is the most unpopular
[illegal] president. If he had accepted the advice, he would have been the most successful [unlawful] president of Pakistan today.

He said suicide attacks, that were beyond imagination before 9/11, are difficult to control now. He said he is not a supporter of suicide attacks but these reflect an easy reaction that cannot be stopped by anyone.

He said there were suicide attacks one after the other in the wake of the Lal Masjid and the Jamia Hafsa [illegal] operation. He said if there were foreign elements in Lal Masjid, where did they go? He said innocent students were targeted with [white] phosphorus grenades that, he added, come in the fold of chemical weapons. He said he had never
seen such an act of tyranny. He said when a bullet crosses the body it is a wrong use of power but that is a tyrannical act. It tantamounts to killing an ant with a hammer.

He said [Pakistan military's] ex-servicemen should have come forward a long time ago but they have not been an organized body that could be activated on one call. About the economic situation, General [Jamshed] Gulzar Kiyani termed the present period the worst when it is difficult for the poor to get even one meal.

When asked about his appointment and expulsion as Chairman Federal Public Service Commission, Gen. Kiyani said the real differences started after the 9/11 episode. "After retiring from the Army on Oct.
14, 2004, when I reminded General saheb [Devil Musharraf] his commitment to doff his [Army] uniform during a meeting, he said that the nation needed him."

He said it was a reaction to his [Dictator Musharraf] policies that suicide attacks started in the country. He said [illegal] force was used in South and North Waziristan and 80 students were killed in a Bajaur Madrassa [Islamic school] in an American operation. What was the crime of these students, he asked.

He said he remained Chairman of the [Federal] Public Service Commission for three years. At that time the prime minister was [criminal Shaukat Aziz] whose first demand was to give power of appointments in CBR and FIA to ministers. He said if this power was
given to ministers they would have gotten their own way.

He said one of the two officers approved by former [corrupt] prime minister Shaukat Aziz faced a NAB corruption case while the other had no chance of promotion. "I requested them that this would cause great demoralisation among the bureaucracy. I humbly submitted to them that this was a wrong step but in a short period the Chairman's tenure was reduced from five to three years under the [illegal] PCO to remove me."

He expressed regret over the suicide attack outside the Danish Embassy in Islamabad adding there was no conception of suicide bombings before 9/11. The policies of [Tyrant] Pervez Musharraf in the post-9/11 scenario led to suicide attacks in Pakistan.

Pulling the curtain off past events, Lt. Gen. (retd.) Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani denied a hand in the removal of [former Prime Minister] Nawaz [Sharif's] government on October 12, 1999. "I was major-general then and I was promoted on November 1, 1999. After that I took the responsibility of Corps Commander Rawalpindi and successfully held the post for two years."

Commenting on the 9/11 events of 2001, he said undoubtedly a hell was unleashed on New York but he never reconciled with the practical course [Traitor] Pervez Musharraf adopted after the incident.

To a question, he said no aspersion could be cast on the loyalty of the Army and so on the Corps Commander. A corps commander also remains loyal to the Army Chief. However, different views came up at the corps commanders meetings in the wake of 9/11. Big differences emerged then.
When General (retd.) Musharraf asked as to what were their views to the [Bush-Cheney Junta's] threats of pushing Pakistan into the stone- age, a difference of opinion emerged in the views of the corps commanders. It was three to four days after 9/11. Some commanders openly told [illegal] Chief Executive Pervez Musharraf that they had
reservations. These pertained to an outright and open support to the U.S. They believed that the U.S. should not be extended support blindly. The Corps Commander is a professional soldier and ignoring his advice leads to losses.

Regarding the 1971 War, he said  he was on the eastern border but never became a prisoner of war. He said there is no doubt that excesses were committed against the people of Bengal [East Pakistan / Bangladesh].
He held [the] then [Army dictator (dead)] General [Agha Muhammad] Yahya Khan responsible for the same [crimes]. General [Amir Abdullah Khan] Niazi totally failed in East Pakistan and his role was very embarrassing which is a matter of regret.

http://upload. wikimedia. org/wikipedia/ en/e/ec/Instrume ntOfSurrender. jpg

General (retd.) Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani said according to his information [PML-N Chief Muhammad] Nawaz Sharif did not know anything about the Kargil episode. He was never thoroughly briefed on the same.
He supported holding of a probe into the Kargil fiasco, adding, factors behind the scene, about which people do not know, would also come into the limelight.

Asked what was his plan, General Kiyani said he had briefed Nawaz Sharif and told him that it was a very sensitive issue and he could not unveil all the details to him. He was only apprised of the ongoing situation. Nawaz time and again asked about the truth from senior officials including Sartaj Aziz who was the Foreign Minister. He also tried to persuade the Chief of Army Staff. General Majid spoke in detail on the issue. General Mahmood was the Corps Commander then.

Kiyani said our Jawans (soldiers) bravely fought the Kargil War. I think they revived the memories of the 1965 War. Our officers fought more fiercely than in the 1965 War and repulsed [Indian-Hindu] enemy attacks time and again. Despite the fact that supplies were disrupted due to extreme cold, the Jawans continued the war. He repeated that
arguments will come up when there will be a probe.

He termed Nawaz [Sharif's] travel to the U.S. a bid to save the prestige of the Pakistan Army. He said in the meeting of May 17, Nawaz gave a green signal to the operation. He assured conditional support to General Musharraf that the government would back the operation when he successfully moved forward. If unfortunately the same failed, he
would not be in a position to support him (Musharraf). When the Army was caught in an awkward situation, he again travelled to the U.S. to save the symbol of the country, the Pakistan Army.

To a question about the use of nuclear weapons in the [India-Pakistan] war, General Kiyani said the war could have not been kept limited to the Kargil sector or a particular front particularly when the two countries [Pakistan and India] possessed nuclear weapons.

Referring to the book authored by General Musharraf, Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani said whatever has been written there is against logic. If you catch your enemy by the jugular vein he would react with full force.
If you cut enemy supply lines, the only option for him will be to ensure supplies by air. That situation the Indian Army was unlikely to confront and it had to come up to the occasion. It is against wisdom that you dictate to the enemy to keep the war limited to a certain front. After that Nawaz went to the United States. But an attempt was made to create the impression in the print media that Nawaz Sharif was at fault to surrender there. He said this impression was created by General Pervez Musharraf which was totally wrong.

(1) Musharraf's Army Buddy Challenges Him in Top Pakistan Court

http://antisystemic .org/satribune/ www.satribune. com/archives/ 200509/P1_ butt.htm


(2) The Man, Who Rigged 2002 Polls, Spills the Beans

http://www.thenews. asp?id=13159

(3) Pakistani Lawmakers Demand Probe into Kargil Debacle /index.php? option=com_ content&task=view&id=40288&Itemid=2

(4) DW: http://www.Dictator shipWatch. com

(5) Geo News TV VIDEO of the Interview of Lt. General (R) Jamshed
Gulzar Kiani

http://www.pkpoliti 06/02/meray- mutabiq-2- june-2008

http://www.dictator shipwatch. com/modules. php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=4882

http://www.friendsk forum/f137/ merey-mutabiq- gen-r-jamshed- gulzar-kiyani- 2nd-june- 08-a-48662

http://forum. topic.asp? TOPIC_ID= 11875
 Reply:   Nawaz Sharif responsescript s
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (4/Jun/2008)

 Reply:   Kiyani's allegations childish:
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (4/Jun/2008)
Presidential Spokesman Maj Gen (retd) Rashid Qureshi has termed the charges levelled by Lt Gen (retd) Jamshaid Gulzar Kiyani against President Pervez Musharraf as childish and "unbecoming" o
Kiyani's allegations childish: Qureshi

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

News Desk

RAWALPINDI: Presidential Spokesman Maj Gen (retd) Rashid Qureshi has termed the charges levelled by Lt Gen (retd) Jamshaid Gulzar Kiyani against President Pervez Musharraf as childish and "unbecoming" of a retired Army officer of the rank of lieutenant general.

In an interview with Geo News late on Tuesday night, the spokesman said he had great respect for Mr Kiyani but what he uttered against his mentor (Musharraf) on the Geo TV programme 'Meray Mutabiq' on Monday not only amazed but also upset him.

"He talked like an annoyed child not knowing what he was saying. If we go into the details of his allegations it will sound strange," Rashid Qureshi said while laughing off the charges of the former Rawalpindi corps commander.

Qureshi said that recently the retired general tried to be in the limelight, but when failed, he came up with this drama saying that chemical weapons were used in the Lal Masjid operation. He corrected that white phosphorus grenades were used to create smoke to enable the soldiers move inside the premises. He termed the allegation of using chemical weapons as a white lie. "What a nonsense that a retired soldier could not differentiate between chemical weapons and phosphorous grenades. The retired general in fact needs a new course to know the difference between the two," Qureshi said.

He said if Lt Gen (R) Jamshaid Gulzar Kiyani had reservations against the Kargil operation, he should have the courage to speak against the same. He never uttered a word then. He also came up with double talk on briefing the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the Kargil operation and asked as to why Mr Kiyani did not resign if he was true to his claim.

"This gentleman availed every offer during the last eight years by remaining on key posts including corps commander and chairman Federal Public Service Commission but has now chosen the other path for some ulterior motives. He did not talk from his head but it reflected that he was speaking for someone else," charged the presidential spokesman.

He said Mr Kiyani remained on lucrative slots, may be after showing some loyalty to the president. Asked what this loyalty may be that jacked him up, Qureshi corrected himself saying the army is a professional institution and makes promotions on merit. He refused to comment on the charges against former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.

Qureshi reminded that if Kiyani was a man of wisdom and character, he should have made his reservations public at different fora but recalled that he did not utter a single word during these eight years.

The presidential spokesman smacked some new political element behind the interview of Lt Gen (R) Jamshaid Gulzar Kiyani asking whom he was benefiting by making, what he called, ridiculous allegations.

http://www.thenews. story_detail. asp?Id=15111

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