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Assalamo Alikum !

Dear Readers espacially Media persons
Main kiya sara Pakistan he bohat perishan hay Pakistan ke mojoda suraty hall per. Jab yeh sara kissa wakeelon ky upper ho rahha tha un dino main Jeddah main the special Makkah gai or duain mangee na siraf mainy balky wahan per mojood her Pakistni appny piyary mulk ke salamtee ky duain mangty hain. Jab mainy apny kaba ko appny seeny sy lagaya or khoob roe. Roe is liya ky ajj hum kon sy rasty per chal pary hain, aj humary sarbra jo bohat intaligent samajty hain appny app ko wo kon see rahoon per chal pary hain, Roi is liy ky aj un sab logon ny mil ker mary un sab bahiyoun ky khoon marey maoon or mare innocent behnoon ke wo lutte hue azmatain mery Quid ky mulk maery Ilama iqbal ky khab sab ko dooh main milla diya. Aj main jab appny Mulk ko in lachar hatton main dekhte hoon to ankhon sy ansun thamny ka namm nahe lety.

Aj jab main dekhty hoon ky humary jahil hukmarn jo angrazee chaper chaper bollny ko ziyada ahmiyat dety hain un ko haq or batel main tameez baqi nahe rahi. Aj jab main dekhty hoon appny Pakistan ko to her chote taqat mery mulk per hawi hoona chate hy. Aj jab main dekhty hoon ky duniya ky her bandy ke unglee mery Pakistan ky opper negitive way main uthtee hy to mare seena phat jata hy, Aj main apny Pakistan ky nojawano ko dekhtee hoon jo masroof hain fahashe main jo masroof hin gano main jin ko miss use kiya ja raha hy ghalat negative parties ky hatoon un ky hatoon main gun pakra ker appny he masum bahiyoun ko mara jata hy or wo fakher kerty hain in sab kamon main. Aj jab main appne masum maoon ko roty sesiskty dekhte hoon Aj main appen behno ke byhurmatee hoty huy dekhty hoon un ky school or colleges ko agg main jalta hoowa dekhte hoon to appny app ko rok nahe sakte siraf or siraf rotee hoon Allah ky agy, madad magtee hoon Allah sy Ky aj hum kis rah per chal paray hain.
Pher ek bat mery mind main atee hy ky Allah ny kaha apne mada ap karo ager tum chaty ho ky main tumharee mada karoon. Is cheez ko soch ker main naumeed nahe hote.

Is duniya main koi be asse cheez nahe jo namumkin ho. Ager app ky irady mazboot, ap ke soch pakeeza or app ky dil main man bap or apny behan bhiyoun ke mohabbat ho to hum her na mumkin cheez ko mumkin bana sakty hain.

Main ek Pakistani hoon proud to be a Pakistani. Main her bat ko bohat deep sochte hoon or un sab cheezon ky hal akher mujay mill he jata hy. Aj main app sab ko sirif ek he cheez batana chatee hoon wo yeh ky jab hum ny sab ny mil ker than liya hy ky hum appny Pakistan ko bachain gay to hum zarror appny wattan ko dekhain gay ky kitna piyar kerty hain hum Pakistan sy.

Main profession ky hissab sy ek Nurse hoon. Pechly 10 sal sy Pakistan sy bahir hoon ICU nurse hoon her mushkil waqat main ghree soch ke hamel hoon. Doond latee hoon koi na koi rasta.

Pehly hum nagitive batoon ke taraff aty hain. Chuhdree shib ko kiyoun punishment de gai?
is liya ky shayed wo bohat sy raz janna shoru ho gay, is liy hakumat ny un ko appny rasty sy hattana ziyada acha samja. Shayed wo nahe chaty ky yeh dobara iqtidar main ayyn or un sab logon ky khilaf action lain. Jesa ky sab janty hain jo be hakumat main ayya us ny bas lutta he hy.Chay wo benazir ho ya Zardare,Nawaz shareef ho yah Musharraf or in ky sath bohat sy kokroches chotty chotty chore jin ny mill ker na sirraf mulk ko luta balky Pakistan ke sakht ko nuksan be puhnchya. wo sab kasy chayin gay ky cheif justice sahib dobara post per a jain. Wo nahe chahin gay. Ek or bat zahen main rakhin wo tal matol is liya be ker rahy hain ky cheif sahib retired ho jain gay march main un ke saree peryshaniyan khatam ho jain gee. or un ke retirement ky bad be wukla azzad nahe hoongy.

Yahan humain zaroorat hy media ky sath mil ker ek game khelny ke jo humary mulk ko ek daffa pher track per ly ay gee. Wo yeh ky hum ek progrrame start kerty hain "AWAM KE ADDALAT" ky nam sy. us main hum judge mukarar ker dety hain cheif sahib ko. Us main hakumat koi be panga nahe kary gee is liya ky cheif sahib ko awam ke humderdiyan hain wo passand kerain gay ky cheif sahib online inssaf karain koi be man ka lal us progrrame ko band nahe kerwa sakta. Dossry bat hum tumam politics ky khaty us addalat main live awam ky samny pesh karain gay un ky kaly chhety ammal namy or un ko live punishment dain gay.

is ky illawa hum kuch immandar police officers be appny sath rakhain gay inquries ky liya.

Ager hum ko Pakistan bachana hy to risk lyna he pary ga. hum kissi ko mar nahe rahy bass koshesh ker rahy hain appny mulk ko bachany ke.
ager app ko mera idea passand a jay to zarror batana or deep bataon ge ky kiya kerna chahiye.
 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (26/Jan/2009)
Lawyers' Iftikhar: A Messiah Or A Pawn?
This is exactly what I wanted to say. I have always doubted the sincerity of "Chief Justice" Iftikhar Chaurdhry. I will post an article shortly by Ardeshir Cowasjee revealing Iftikhar's closeness to Benazir Bhutto and Zardari.

Meanwhile enjoy this article by Ahmed Quraishi


Monday, 26 January 2009.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan"”It's almost two years. Iftikhar Chaudhry, the former Chief Justice of Pakistan, has not been restored to his old job. And chances are he will never be, at least not in any real sense. But meanwhile, his "˜cause' "“ better known as the "˜lawyers' movement' "“ has single-handedly resulted in a list of unintended side effects:


  1. His cause helped Dr. Condi Rice and her lieutenant, Richard Boucher, twist the arm of former President Pervez Musharraf to give better terms and concessions to the late Benazir Bhutto [and Asif Zardari] on the "˜deal' that helped them return to power.


  1. In this sense, Justice Iftikhar became one of the causes of NRO, the so-called reconciliation bill that whitewashed the corruption money of Pakistani politicians. He can oppose the bill all he wants, but the fact is that the lawyers' movement created enough panic and stir in the country to scare a weak ruler into submission to Ms. Bhutto and the Americans. In the NRO case, Justice Iftikhar is as guilty as President Musharraf. In fact, Chaudhry Iftikhar bears the sin of knowing the alternative to Musharraf and yet he went full speed ahead in destabilizing the Pakistani system.


  1. Justice Iftikhar's cause helped turn 2007 into the most dangerous year in Pakistani history, when several internal and external players came together "“ maybe by chance like the lawyers movement "“ to bring Pakistan down on its knees, destroy the promising gains in the economy, and make Pakistan the butt of international jokes as a country whose people simply don't know how to run it.  And why did Iftikhar Chaudhry and Aitzaz Ahsan do this?  Answer: for the dubious and questionable goal of removing Mr. Musharraf. Granted that the former president had become unpopular and had ruined it for himself, yet the price the country is paying for removing him "“ in the shape of Zardari-Gilani government "“ paid to remove him is too high.


  1. Mr. Iftikhar's cause helped Nawaz Sharif play a sad version of 'evenge politics'. Both Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry and Mr. Nawaz Sharif became so blinded by their personal hatred that they let Mr. Asif Zardari become a President, adding one more blot to the dirty record of Pakistani politics.


  1. Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry's supporters proudly repeat at every occasion that that he played the biggest role in removing Mr. Musharraf from power. The right thing for them to say, and more accurate, would be:  "˜Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry played the biggest role in bringing Mr. Zardari to power.' That's the bitter truth.


Justice Chaudhry was a compromised judge, who took oath of office from a military dictator, stabbing other more honest judges in the back to secure his job. His supporters conveniently forget this fact. It is as if saying no to Musharraf's demand for his resignation absolved Mr. Chaudhry of any and all accountability.
It was Mr. Iftikhar's stubborn nature, and the natural urge to cling to his cushy job that made Mr. Chaudhry a hero. Principles came later when he suddenly found himself the darling of all those who opposed Mr. Musharraf
In fact, with hindsight, it wouldn't be too much to say that the honorable judge proved to be a fool in the end. First he was fooled by Aitzaz Ahsan, his politician-lawyer. Mr. Ahsan, deliberately or unknowingly, handed the street movement on a golden platter to Benazir Bhutto, Richard Boucher and Condi Rice to use it to extract NRO, the so-called reconciliation bill. And now, once again, when another government needs to be destabilized, that of Mr. Zardari's, Iftikhar Chaudhry and his movement is the tool of choice for all those who hate Mr. Zardari, including Mr. Nawaz Sharif, who used the lawyers to get back at Musharraf and will now use the lawyers to get back at Zardari. And just like the first time, the politicians will throw away Iftikhar Chaudhry and the lawyers just like used napkins when the political scores are settled.

But no, tell this to Mr. Chaudhry or Aitzaz Ahsan or the lawyers and you will hear an earful about justice and how the country can't live without it.

The only thing they forget is that the Pakistani judiciary, by and large, has been a compromised judiciary not because of dictators or anything else, but because of that disease that afflicts all third-world judicial systems: financial corruption.

Until bribes remain the order of the day, there cannot be a free judiciary in
Pakistan. The corrupt politicians, feudal lords and the vested interest, who have enough money to buy judges, will ensure that the practice never dies.

After all, this is a country that rewards financial corruption with NROs. What stupid Pakistani judge won't take the money, either before or after the 'estoration' of Iftikhar Chaudhry?

It is false and misleading to say that his 'estoration' will ensure free judiciary. Mr. Iftikhar's 'estoration' will ensure only one thing: Revenge against Zardari. That's the only real use left for Justice Chaudhry. Ask Nawaz Sharif and he'll tell you. And if this is the real cause, then hurray to Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.

 Reply:   Asher Fawad
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (24/Jan/2009)
Some suggestion for this Court
Dear Jojo,

I appreciate your love for our country and your efforts to save it. Your suggestion of online court system sounds good but I don't know what will be its legality? I don't think it is a good idea to create a new parallel justice system. We already are confused with two: Islamic Sharia Court and Western Justice System.

From what I understand that you want to start a full-fledged court system with police officers invovled. Basically the format of your 'Adalat" will be just like TV programs based on Adalat only difference that it would be online. So you can have court hearings, laweyers and investigative agents who will find out what these people have done and then if found guilty they should be sentenced to whatever punishment is there in our constitution. Just leave it here. Don't find those guys, arrest them or punish them.  Simply EXPOSE them and their dirty works.

Simply, just by exposing them, that will be a good service for the nation since they will know what they are supposed to know. Our public is often kept in dark of all the games that politicians play.

You do need  genuine Judges, lawyers and team of investigative agents who can work clandestinely. They can work with fake names. It would be nice if they are located outside of Pakistan.

 Reply:   Aslaam O Alykum
Replied by(AK47) Replied on (23/Jan/2009)

I am agree on it but this kind of adaalat zarooori nahi k chief sahib ko he de jaye.....

Kindly join me here

I need you kind of people I love pakistan also
Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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