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Mullah statement devastating , barrister Amjad Malik

London November 10, chairman association of Pakistani lawyers Barrister Amjad malik has taken issue with the untimely statement of Maulana Fazal and JI chief Munawar Hassan and called it unthoughtful, callous and insensitive to those families who lost their loved ones for the future of the youth of nation.


"Those religious scholars have lost the plot when they insensitively consider dogs as 'martyrs ' if killed by a drone & army soldiers who are victims in war on terror as non martyrs. They must be sent to FATA for three months on preaching tour to their sympathiser friends to taste their own medicine", said Malik

We agree that neither suicider nor drone sees the name and faces of the victims, Pakistani nation has seen the war of terror and now peace & education must be given a chance to this 200 million smart street men and women but mechanism must be honourable acceptable and proportionate to the current climate and challenges.


Having said that lets not be cruel to the martyrs and the families of those who are defending our borders. We must not forget those soldiers in the times of prosperity who laid their lives in the line of duty in the times of austerity when we needed them the most, they sacrificed their present for our future but we must not forget that they had youth, families, children and dreams once !! May their souls rest in peace.


Question is not that who is or who is not a 'martyr' but collectively taking the nation forward combating the increasing radicalisation & threat of terrorism in our society which is an issue. 

Malik said, If we could not promote education, snatch gun from their hands replacing with pen and take away the advantage the gang masters have by providing them employment to earn their honourable living than the suicide bombers, then extremism will end the free thinking and freedoms we enjoy in our society and take it for granted. Struggle to make a society a fairer one is not a weakness but a true 'jihad' a holy war.

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