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LONDON : APL a team of British Pakistani lawyers (UK) has learnt with sadness the terrorism incident resulting in dozen of killings in the capital by extremist outlawed at the offices of Charlie Ebdo a satirical magazine and APL condemned these killings in the strongest of terms.


"Our thoughts are with the victims, people of France and the victim families who have lost their loved ones", said APK chair Mr.Malik, 


Paris murders are barbaric and this is the high time to show international unity against extremism and increasing violence & radicalisation based on race religion colour and nationalities.


it's a reminder that Pakistan too is a victim of such barbarity actions and that during recent Peshawar school attack over 141 school children were gunned down by outlawed criminals and during Lahore wagah border attack in 2014 dozens of innocent civilians were martyred. 


Nations and free world are paying heavy price to safeguard its values and freedoms and that we are with them at this time of tragedy and mourning.


Pakistani Govt's action of passing 21st amendment setting up speedy trial courts and measures to curb such outlawed networks people in ground their handlers and masterminds will give a string message of state commitment to curb increasing radicalisation rand violence.


Premier Sharif Has outlined in a national address post Peshawar school attack a 20 point action plan to deter discourage defeat and punish extremism and religious violence.


APL supports all the actions French president may or will take to bring those perpetrators behind this attack to account and they must be awarded exemplary punishment. 


Criminals are criminals and have no religion or creed and they must be treated as criminals and must be punished no matter what colour nationality creed they are and or religion they profess by the hands of law of the land as no religion teaches to take life of a fellow human being.


Barrister Amjad Malik 

Chairman Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK) 


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