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"Struggle moves on for expats " says Barrister Amjad Malik chair APL.


8 million overseas Pakistanis contribute to national economy with their 13 billion foreign remittances and their hearts beat with the hearts of 200 million brothers and sisters at homeland.


Governor Sarwar is an asset of Pakistani soil and a role model for expats and we appreciate his services.


Governor Punjab Mohammed Sarwar must continue to raise voice for overseas Pakistanis as he has opened doors for the expats of the governor house! GOP is an honourable man&even he will not resign on the wishes of some media segments but will continue against the red tape against expats. Governor of Punjab joined governorship after renouncing British nationality&it's a good addition2Pak team 2 meet challenges of 21st century says Barrister Amjad Malik chair of the Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK) 


We can't stop this uphill struggle raising voice for overseas community to a Address just grievances facilitate their homecoming and secure representations at places which matters including right to vote and representation.


Govt has put in place an overseas commission through law (overseas Pakistanis commission ordinance 2014) in June  after holding an intl overseas convention and advisory council is a good step forward to consult with representatives and role models overseas. Due to prime minister's special attention Tariff rates on calls are being reduced, machine readable passport facility is being directed on all missions, right to vote has been given and technicalities and modalities are being worked out.


But it is agreed that more needs to be done to modernise Opf and     Overseas ministry to include emancipation of over one million Kashmiris and 8 million overseas Pakistani community. 


We will continue raising the voice of 8 million souls despite all odds and systematic resistance and in that plight all those political professional individuals and bodies, lawyers doctors civil society members do matter. People come and go so as governments as long as those 8 million overseas Pakistanis are without voice and forum the uphill struggle will continue. 


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