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APL strongly condemn the #LahoreBlast.


It's a Shocking news from #Lahore. A cowardly attack against innocent civilians. Our thoughts are with all those affected, injured and those who are martyred


Cowardly terrorists through a barbaric attack have again targeted innocent citizens, women and children on the name and guise of religion, and we condemn it in the strongest words and terms 


We must Defeat the mindset by enacting national action plan in letter&spirit to discourage defeat and deter terrorism&radical forces. NAP is still an unfinished business, #terror in Lahore warrants strict action than words. No blame game but results


In the war against terror,role of NECTA for pre crime detection through intelligence share is must otherwise non state actors will roam free and that is intolerable


Though its too early to predict anything,intelligence is not based on rumours but facts proven by factual scientific& on ground evidence but all efforts must be deployed to bring those to justice who are mastermind financiers supporters and perpetrators of such he joys crime in the state of Pakistan and we must dismantle their infrastructure completely


Sacrifices are made by our soldiers and operation Zarab e Azab hit the nail aright and it's time that the Govt reciprocate and effect changes towards the mindset and defeat the philosophy of enemy of radicalisation of our young minds by actions all around and replace it with education , employment and tolerance


We are with the people of Lahore & Pakistsn at the tragic time


Barrister Amjad Malik ,

chair of the Association of Pakistani Lawyers United Kingdom


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