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Press Release
APL welcomed Lord Justice Mr. Tassaduq Hussain Jillani taking oath as 21st Chief Justice of Pakistan


London: Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL) along with fellow Barristers, Solicitors and judges of the Supreme Court of  England and Wales of Pakistani origin has congratulated the 21st Chief Justice  on assuming charge of his office on 12/12/2013.


APL chair Barrister Amjad Malik said in his welcoming remarks, that

“your role is crucial at this juncture for rule of law, justice and constitutionalism in Pakistan” . He further said, “ You are taking charge when a popular judge leaves after a thorny reign full of trials and tribulations and it becomes imperative to continue the legacy he has left, as well as return the calmness for which judiciary is renowned”.


APL has considered General (Retd) Pervaiz Musharraf’s attendance before a court of law in Pakistan which establishes a principle that no one is above the law a historic event and  a fair trial becomes his right and State’s duty and judiciary’s immediate primary test.


APL highlighted that the ‘missing persons’ cases requires a pro active legislation as post 9/11 western countries enshrined in their law to hold subjects in a legalised detention with reviews and secret trials with necessary protections through Attorney General’s office ( i.e in UK SIAC Act 1997).


APL commented on public interest litigation which opened a venue of hope, access and voice of many millions who remained voiceless for years of subjugation, slavery and usurpation. This initiative must be given sanctity, permanency and institutional guarantee in the days to come drawing new guidelines & parameters so that this good initiative do not fall victim of lack of interest, funds, shortage of judges or a mindset which never encouraged the idea of promoting a voice to the masses.


APL drew Chief Justice’s attention towards overseas Pakistanis vote & representation issue and requested that the dual nationals enjoy the privilege of dual nationality on account of bilateral agreements and  legislation in good faith. Parity requires that Superior Court through law and justice commission facilitate the removal of such difference between the constitution and law which is affecting those abroad to have their say in national matters of general importance.


APL confirmed that it supported the judiciary throughout the hey days post 9 March 2007 and post traumatic ordeal after the 3 November 2007 emergency. This support was offered  as the Superior Judiciary is a beacon of light to safeguard the democratic norms & constitutionalism and rule of law. Apex Court has the potential and capacity to be the true arbitrator to ensure fair play and justice amongst institutions and the lives of common men and women of the state . APL asserted that SC continues to ensure the prevalence of the constitution in the state, the writ of law and rule of law and justice for all at sundry in the society and the Principe of equality and justice for all and impunity for none. ‘No one is above the law’ can only be ensured by the Apex body in any state modern, conservative liberal or Islamic.


In this regard APL wholeheartedly offered its unstinted support for the cause of rule of law, justice and constitutionalism in Pakistan, and prayed that Chief Justice will come up to the task in hand and meet the expectations of millions around.


APL team was rejoiced that on 14 July 2013  its executive members had a fruitful interaction with the Judge at Manchester where APL honoured the Lord Justice In recognition of his services towards rule of law, justice and constitutionalism in Pakistan, particularly for refusing to take oath under Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO ) promulgated by then Military Dictator in November 2007 further contributing towards the rule of law drive post 9 March 2007”.


APL team invited the Chief Justice again and hoped that this facilitation continues for the greater good in future too.


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