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Pakistan, Champions of Twenty20: Fall of India!

- By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal





Cricket is an entertainment but the cricket records, both of team and individuals, cannot be considered credibly reliable for various serious reasons already known. However, there are some interesting moments that need appreciation. When Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka to be the Twenty20 world champions, the Colombo boys, as Indians do,  did not in fact quite accept the defeat in a positive sense of sport spirit and their  skipper Sankakkara had no good word to appreciate the Pakistani boys even as courtesy. India as usual had found fault with the cricket network and mafia in not supporting them to retain the mantle and made the Pakistanis replace them as world champions.  Now in Sri Lanka the New Zealanders, who could not even reach the Semis at WC in UK while SL reached the finals  only to lose to Pak,  have crushed the Lankans by winning both 20/20s on 02 and 04 September with an increased tally. After looking ragged and being thoroughly outplayed by the Sri Lankans in the Test series, the New Zealand regained their focus by winning the T20 series quite comprehensively. The Lankans were on a high under new skipper Sangakkara after winning against Pakistan (both the Test and ODI series) as well as the Kiwis in the Test series, but they were brought crashing down to earth after suffering consecutive defeats in the T20 matches to surrender the series. This once again and finally has crowned Pakistani cricketers as the world champions of 2009.




By crowning Pakistan with world Championship on 21 June, the “beloved” cricket world has rubbed salt on big wounds of the 20/20 India and Indian pain is understandably unbearable. It is more devastating than the repeated hard thrashes Indians received when the opponents, both friendly and others, kicked them even after they fell to their feet showing their gate passes promptly; but the opponents, freedom from the cricket mafia control mechanisms,  just crushed the passes as well as stamping them harshly under their deadly feet. Too bad anti-Indians indeed! The more Indian strategists and media hawks try to make world pro-India, the worse for great India. India has plenty of resources, white and black, but is unable to secure the 20/20 championship with all campaigns and maneuverings.


The first Indian reaction to Pakistan’s magnificent victory was to ask the judges in Mumbai courts to do enough" on terrorism case and courts promptly issued notices to terrorists, basically Indians, who are supposedly hiding in Pakistan seconds after the Indian Mumbai Terrorism. USA has asked their tourists citizens to avoid India, a terrorist state.


Already, India has resumed its usual boost matches in West Indies where the hosts treat Indians well by appeasing them with high run rate plus some 40-50 gift runs in the fist ODI on 16 June so as to help them ease the debacles in London. WI is doing exactly what Australia and New Zealand boys have done playing joint cricket exercise with India.


India was kicked by many teams, including South Africa that played extremely well through out but fell at the pre-finals. On 16 June, on a spin-friendly Trent Bridge surface, South Africa’s slow bowlers rubbed salt and some spices into India’s gaping World Twenty20 wounds, defending a modest total of 130 with consummat. After toiling on the fields for over a month in South Africa over the strangled IPL, India madly lost the 20/20.  South Africa thrashed India in the Super 8 level by clipping 9 wickets, while Pakistan lost only 3 wickets and won the match against the SA super cricket king.



  ITowards the Trophy



Yes, Pakistan is the champions! Islamabad has won an international cricket tournament after 17 years when they outplayed Sri Lanka by eight wickets to become World Twenty20 champions at the Lord's London. It was way back in 1992 when charismatic Imran Khan came back from retirement to lead Pakistan to ODI World Cup victory Down Under. Younis Khan made sure that his name will be taken in the same breath as Imran, leading the so-called “underdogs” to title triumph. However, there was not even synthetic excitement as Pakistan planned the downfall of Sri Lanka and executed it brilliantly, chasing down 139-run target coolly with eight balls to spare. Pakistan, who fell agonizingly short in 2007 in SA and have been through so much strife as a country in the two years since, have pulled off a magnificent victory. Lord's is a sea of roaring green. Indians almost destroyed the world atmosphere with their semi-explosives when they by fluke clinched the trophy by defeating Pakistan.



Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the two best cricket teams, reached the 20/20 finals while India among others lost every thing and ended without a single win in the Super8 stage. In semifinals, Sri Lanka almost buried the West Indians on 19 June before reaching the finals. WI opted to field but could not restrict the WI, and also they lost 3 wickets in the first six balls with just a single run on board and it then appeared SL would require just a couple of overs more to wind up the match and kick the WI out back home where Indians were eagerly waiting. Some how, WI reached 101 with 9 batsmen failing to reach even the double digit.. India is under England, Australia , SA ands WI, though they may be slightly better than Netherlands and Ireland .



By skillfully playing with both bat and ball, Pakistan rose to the occasion in style as they outplayed Sri Lankan tigers to win the ICC World Twenty20 final by eight wickets at Lord's on 21 June. Runners-up to India in the last edition, Pakistan , who were beaten by the Lankans by 19 runs in the Super Eights, made sure there was no disappointment this time as they comfortably chased down 139 for two and won with eight deliveries to spare. Their convincing display with the bat was augmented by an unbeaten half-century from man of the match Shahid Afridi, who scored 54 from 40 deliveries, inclusive of two boundaries and two sixes. He was involved in an unbroken stand of 76 runs off 59 deliveries for the third wicket with Shoaib Malik, who made 24 from 22 deliveries.




Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara decided to set the target on winning the toss, but their innings were soon in disarray, losing their top four batsmen in the first six overs, Abdul Razzaq claiming three of the wickets. Losing the toss is "not a problem," said a firmly strong Younis Khan who was confident of chasing. Dilshan scoring over 300 runs, lost badly. The fifth ball from Pakistan team got rid of Dilshan. Mohammad Aamer to Dilshan, OUT! He departed for a duck. Then, Abdul Razzaq removed Mubarak, Jayasuriya and Jayawardene, in second, fourth and sixth overs respectively and the trend was already set and it appeared SL would not be around 100. They set Pakistan 139 to win, largely thanks to Sangakkara and Angelo Mathews whose unbeaten stand of 68 has really given Sri Lanka hope after Pakistan had reduced them to 32 for 4. In return, Pakistan got off to a confident start when Kamran Akmal cracked Mathews through the covers for a boundary in the first over of the innings.


Fantastic game of cricket this. 139 runs were not the stiffest of totals but with a bowling line up of Sri Lanka to deal with, Pakistan could never have afforded to take it light. Malik and Afridi batted sensibly to make sure that there are no heart attacks for the Pakistani fans. The batsmen knew they didn't have to take many risks and played Ajantha Mendis better than any other team as he went for his most expensive spell of the tournament. It was not all too hunky dory for Pakistan when things were going slow for them during the middle overs but a few overs of Afridi's brilliance changed things around. Kamran Akmal (37) and teenager Shahzaid Hasan (19) got off to a cautious start and made steady progress and gave Pakistan a rollicking start while Afridi's blitzkrieg and Malik's 24 not out took them home.  Shahid Afridi struck an exuberant unbeaten 54 to take Pakistan to an eight-wicket victory over Sri Lanka in the Twenty20 World Cup final at Lord's on 21 June. Razzaq was playing his cricket with a new lease of life after being giving another crack at international level. He wasn't part of the original squad, but Yasir Arafat's injury that prompted the switch now looked like a stroke of fortune.



In March, when Sri Lanka’s players were airlifted from the Gaddafi stadium, Lahore, few would have predicted that they would be facing Pakistan three months later at Lord's in the final of the ICC World Twenty20. Sri Lanka, which has been the model of consistency, was caught off guard by aggressive tactics. In a stirring atmosphere, Pakistan was on top of their game from the start as 17-year-old Mohammad Aamer belied his inexperience with a tone-setting opening over.. Indians predicted a win for Sri Lanka not because they love SL, especially after what happened there recently, because team has the ability and the confidence to defend 138, Sri Lanka does. But Pakistan overwhelmed the Tigers in a better mould. A jealous India has lost cricket yet again.



II – They played to Defend Muslims against GSTs


The winner of 20/20 trophy was to be decided on 21 June. But outcome was well decided on 18 June itself when the world‘s best cricketers SA were overwhelmed by Pakistan team, which finished the runners-up last time, but had very little international exposure thanks to Indian terror strategies to discredit and insult Pakistan and create a big fuss about Pakistan terrorism. Victory stand was impatiently waiting for Islamabad to occupy the top slop.  



 Pakistan won by 8 wickets.  (PAK: 139/2 in 18.4 overs (SL: 138/6 in 20 overs). Obviously, Shahid Afridi was the man of the moment for Pakistan.  The boom man Afridi once again came out trumps with a magnificent all-round display. The maverick all-rounder first produced four tight overs, taking his only wicket off his last delivery, and then paced his knock of 40-ball 54 (two sixes and two fours) to see the side through.  Just before the finals, someone asked Afridi, can you win the tournament? And he quickly replied “Insha Allah". And Pakistan won the world 20/20 trophy in real style. It seems Pakistan after thrashing the equally good SL team which chose to bat first (SA reached 138 for 6 only), Pakistan decided to keep maximum wickets in tact and they meticulously planned and executed the cricket course for the finals trophy. They knew 139 is not a big target. Unlike the commentators and specialists, only Younis Kahn’s boys know th3logic behind their slow moving strategy to kick only at the end.



Pakistanis played extraordinarily to claim their first World Cup trophy in 17 years, their last being the 50-over crown in 1992. The jubilant scenes at the home of cricket, Lord's, clearly exemplified the spirit of the Pakistanis who have not played any worthwhile cricket for over a year with a majority of nations refusing to visit them. The noise is unbelievable, they love it when Pakistan wins, and they love it more when Afridi's the one winning it for them. Afridi raises his arms in triumph, what a player; he's delivered when it mattered most. Shoaib Malik played a crucial innings too, staying calm at one end, scoring at just over a run a ball.




Younis Khan said: It was fantastic, we are underdogs and there was less pressure. All credit goes to the team and the nation. On asked about a lot of planning from Pak today, that's why I don’t have a lot of hair. If we restrict them to 140 or 150 it was chaseable. Afridi knows he is a match winner and the last two innings he was fantastic. I was always talking to him. Wherever I go in Pakistan or if I'm traveling everyone says please took the captaincy, I don’t think I'm a good captain, but sometimes I'm very brave and I think the captain should be brave. In crushing SL, Pakistan defeated the best bowling unit of the world. Pakistan speedster Umar Gul has said that reverse swing is an 'art' and criticized the foreign teams Gul said western teams lacked skill and ability to reverse swing the cricket ball, and that is why they always accused Asian fast bowlers of foulplay.



Not only the Indian media wanted Pakistan to lose but also inspired Sri Lanka to defeat Pakistan to make India happy and feel proud of its own defeats. Poor Indians were “nearly ready” to watch another electrifying innings of indefinable strokeplay from Dilshan who has made maximum number of runs so far in 20/20, to shatter all Pakistani hopes. Sri Lankans were up against a gritty Pakistan who did not want to let go winning the second Twenty20 final, having narrowly lost the first two years ago against India in South Africa. But Sri Lanka was reduced to 70 for six before skipper Sangakkara propped them with an unbeaten 64 from 52 deliveries. Abdul Razzaq was brilliant upfront with the new ball as he claimed three for 20 in three overs to trigger the collapse, while Shahid Afridi took one for 20 in four overs.


III - Afridi Afridi…




T20 is said to be all about enjoyment and entertainment. Shahid Afridi is the Man of the Match for his all-round performance. It was the perfect script anyone could write after all that went on three months back, Pak v SL in the WC final and fittingly it was Pakistan who thrilled everyone with their brave display.  Dilshan, the leading run-getter of the tournament with 317 runs, is the Man of the Series. He is also. Sangakkara said: We failed to assess the conditions; it is really tough for a bowling unit to keep on defending totals right through the tournament when we could have scored 20 more. But you take what you get and we will learn from this, grow stronger and come back next year. at the moment and we look forward to more battles with Pakistan in the future. Toughen ourselves both physically and mentally. A small island like SL produces such unorthodox cricketers, SL has developed something unique and luckily that is their own. We have got a lot of talent hunting coaches who have gone around and brought them in allowing their uniqueness to flourish.



A clear sign of Islamabad 20/20 victory was visible at 17.5 overs when Udana threw a ball to Afridi for a huge SIX!!, Afridi goes Boom Boom and so does Bumble in the comm box, What a man this boom boom Afridi is, an innings of the highest quality under extreme pressure, Afridi has often been branded a slogger who just closes his eyes and swings. But now he has come to the party big time, wonder what will be the scenes back home in his troubled Pashtun province. Just when Shahid Afridi's international career was touted as over, he rolled back his years in magnificent style, fashioning Pakistan’s seven-run victory over South Africa to power his side into the finals of the Twenty20 World Cup at Trent Bridge (Pakistan won 20/20 Semifinals by 7 runs and go through to their second consecutive ICC World Twenty20 Final on 18 June) Shahid Afridi conjured a spectacular all-round performance to propel Pakistan to a seven-run victory over South Africa in their Twenty20 World Cup semi-final at Trent Bridge. Boom Boom Afridi!!! Flash Flash Pakistan!!! That is the best way to summarize this fantastic game of cricket.


Afridi, batting at number three, finally recaptured the explosive form which makes him such a threat in ODIs. Afridi was a runaway man-of-the-match but it's just not his qucikfire 51 runs and two for 16 spell alone, he mattered when Pakistan were tottering at 28 for two in the third over while batting and hopelessly watching South Africa coast to 40 for no loss in the sixth over in the second half. Faith once again was put on his strong Afridi shoulders and Pakistan chose him as its' best man when a crisis was brewing. Another wicket at that stage and Pakistan were as good as gone. South Africa, like a shark, had tasted blood and was circling in the pool menacingly. He repaid the faith of selectors and cricket fans.



Afridi still is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the 2007 edition of ICC World Twenty20, that he still has the fastest hundred off mere 37 balls in one-day cricket; that the 18 balls he took for his half century once is only one ball off the fastest ever; that he has 249 sixes from 276 matches; that he has been one of the leading bowlers in ODIs for the last two successive years. The man always appeared to be hurry to hit 4s and 6s is a different mould now has some patience to stay on for some more time and score more quick runs. Afridi swung his bat in an arc but the bat lift had clearly been cut down. Instead of aiming ambitious sixes over extra cover, Afridi was only chipping it over the fielder.


Skipper Younis Khan could not have score great runs, but he is chiefly responsible for his team to make it to the top order. As a leader he was always positive and inspirational, and as a batsman he was no less dynamic. Pakistan may have blown hot and cold over the course of the tournament, but Younis the batsman was on the ball from game one. The key feature of Younis' batting was not only the runs he scored, but more the manner in which he made them.



The Pakistan Cricket Board Director General Javed Miandad, who has also remained coach of the Pakistan team thrice, wants Younis Khan to reconsider his decision of retiring from Twenty20 cricket so as to maintain consistency and uniformity in the team for future tournaments, saying the latter's presence was important if Pakistan were to defend the World T20 title next year and win the 2011 ODI World Cup. Interestingly, former chief selector Abdul Qadir, who resigned as chief selector earlier this month during the World Cup when the team was being defeated, has now repeated his demand that the board should appoint separate captains for the Test and ODI teams.



IVRout of Anti-Pakistanism



For the last few days, the core Indians have been mourning for the untimely demise of Indian cricket in the shortest form. That the former world champions of 20/20 could be stopped at the semifinals entry point is not a matter of rejoice in New Delhi which has converted cricket as lucrative business with all sorts of “fixings” available to the largest black-money holders among he billionaires. Even as India is reeling under the disgrace at London for being kicked out of tournament without showing any sympathy for the palm-greasing “great” Indians, Pakistan not only entered the Semifinals and, subsequently, Finals but also won the Finals too to be crown with the trophy to replace India as the 20/20 world champions. It is unnecessary to add India could not have been humiliated in any better fashion in the world where Indian leaders always use all international forums to sub and use threatening language to “do enough”. Can Indians digest this sort of international insult from a “small” Muslim neighbor? Many in New Delhi would swear against that.  



India did enough, rather maximum, of media popups and maneuverings exchanging black money bogs, but both the cricket mafia and Indian team could not deliver and had to vacate the UK stadium, but they feel humiliated because of their superiority complex. Unless they shed a part of it, India will have going tougher in future. Indian post-paid commentators should be some professionalism but it seems the only thing they know is to be biased in their estimation and sometimes their “wishes” purely transform into words and “slip out” of their mouths. Absolutely nonsense!



India is responsible for the turmoil in Pakistan and state terrorism there. India has misjudged Pakistan’s future. India is consistently building its case against Pakistan with reference to terrorism. These allegations are focused with intentions to stack up record in seeking international attention and support for its goals. The allegations without proof, is a propaganda aim to scare and confuse international community. The IPL India 2009 hurriedly played in South Africa by Indian players with foreign assistance powered by Indian black money has not done the expected magic for India and India is on the death bed now. The IPL outcome was disastrously against India interests. Now 20/20 also proved to be anti-India. India is indeed in a pathetic situation.




Indians consider sport teams as an extension of terror military forces expecting them to win every where demolishing every body around. Indians crumpled when Indian cricket was looking to flex its muscles, but the die hard fans showcase instincts of fascism in expressing their over ambition and jealousy. Indian supporters are the "most immature" in the cricketing world and they should grow up and accept defeat as an essential part of the game, says former England captain Mike Atherton.



Shamelessly, Indians always talk and write ill of Pakistan as a policy and usual habit. Rise of Pakistan at least in cricket is no good muse for the ears of Hindus and their Muslim assistants in India. All strategic maneuverings they have indulged in so far have brought disgrace to them. It is no hush-hush that the contention between India and Pakistan is bottomless and sour but once again the Indians have proven themselves as being a nation who seems to be against the very idea of Pakistan.   It was SA which finally kicked Indian out of the field without conceding some complementary gift to them. South Africa’s innings had followed a similar sort of pattern. None of the other batsmen looked remotely at ease once the pace was taken off the ball. SA made Indian boys enjoy initially, also the paid commentators, they all had started with some panache.




What India media and strategists try to hide is the fact that the cricket mafia did not support India and Indians are annoyed that the mafia cheated an innocent India after promising to do 'enough" on usual payment basis. What ahs shocked India the most is the crude fact that Pakistan has taken away the trophy almost reserved for India without paying any amount extra.., as Pakistan only takes money form USA for killing Muslims in the country with Indo-US “democratic" assistance! 



 It is now all certain the black-moneyed Indians would shut down bulk of their media portals to boost the image of a terror Indians the best “democracy” around. Indians consider sport teams as an extension of terror military forces expecting them to win every where demolishing every body around. Indians crumpled when Indian cricket was looking to flex its muscles, but the die hard fans showcase instincts of fascism in expressing their over ambition and jealousy. Indian supporters are the "most immature" in the cricketing world and they should grow up and accept defeat as an essential part of the game, says former England captain Mike Atherton. The Indian fans tend to go overboard with their reaction to both success and failure. Veneration of India great has now turned to vituperation. There is not even a mentioning of 20/20 Women’s cricket which India lost miserably to New Zealanders. But when an India manages a win at any cost the media are come back alive with color photos- and that is India! On has to find the right word to describe such small minded attitude of Indians and their media.




The question was not about winning the finals alone, but doing enough justice to what ones tries to do. Pakistan should play to the fullest capability of each cricketer so that even a loss would not be a real problem, rather it will a stimulating challenge for future. India did enough, rather maximum, but could not deliver and had to vacate the UK stadium, but they feel humiliated only because of their superiority complex. Indian nasty media fuel the issue in black color. Unless they shed a part of it, India will have going tougher in future. After Pakistan clinched the 2009 trophy in England, Pakistani thoughts have already turned to the 2010 event in the West Indies, beginning in April. However, Pakistan may not be able to host international teams in the near future. That is irony of Pakistani destiny and Indo-US democracy in Pakistan.



V- A few Observations


Pakistan has emerged the superlative champions of cricket despite all political and terror gimmicks of India and its hawkish media. This time, as before, there were no Hindu terrorisms any where in India following the crash of Indian cricket as well as cricketers in UK.


Pakistan's rise from rank outsiders to champions is an extraordinary display for a team that had to beat Netherlands by a significant margin to even stay in the event during the group stages. However, they have peaked at the right time and couldn't have produced a more complete performance for a final. Yes, the ICC World Twenty20, 2009 belongs to Islamabad. Pakistan deservingly won the WC after the heartbreak two years back against India. The stunning victory would have brought back home in the strife torn country. Everyone would be going joyous and delirium forgetting their troubles for a couple of hours at least. It was a fitting end to a fabulous tournament on a sun drenched day at Lord's, Pakistan are the Lord's of T20 Cricket at the so-calledMecca of Cricket”



On domestic scene Pakistan is in shambles now with more and more human causalities in many parts of the country caused not only by state terror bouncers and the by US drones. But in cricket, Pakistan is placed better and way ahead now.  Pakistan should be playing cricket continuously hereafter. It is the responsibility of the cricket world to provide all opportunities to the world champions and not to ruin them on fictitious terror game pretexts.




Now with 20/20 win, Pakistan has disowned, discarded and shed inconsistence, unpredictability and imbibed the steady movements in the game. It seems, flamboyant all-rounder Shahid Afridi, who after guiding Pakistan to the Twenty20 World Cup title in final expressed willingness to lead the national team Indications are that Afridi will also be taking over as Pakistan's ODI captain if Younis decides to play the Test matches only. Younis Khan later announced quitting Twenty20 international, in front of a sea of delirious Pakistan supporters.



India, the defending 20/20 champion, is deadly offended now for being openly humiliated in UK thoroughly on the grounds, legally. Immediately after the Indian poll that was won with back money and foreign support this deadly defeat is indeed deadly for the innocent India. Soon after the crash of IPL India in south Africa where bulk of wealthy Indians went with plenty of black money to showcase their sport power and make Delhi and Mumbai the super greats of cricket returned by recognizing Australian star Adam Gilchrest as the best cricketer and witnessing him conquer Indian wholly. Now Indians would hate the number 20 which now would be added to 13, already inauspicious number. If any one pronounces the world 20/20, one does not know how the Indian guys would respond hereafter.



Any slip from Muslim cricketers is “bad” enough for Indians to slam them. When Indian batsmen, Hindus only, get a 4 or 6, the commentators jump from their seats to blast the great achievement of Hindus… “Marvelous” or “shantaar 4” and “shantaar 6” are the usual phrase of Indian commentators reserved exclusively for Indian shots but denied to Pakistani batsmen as they blasted on the field,  even though Indians gave a lift to the other opponents SL.  This has been done not to praise SL but to insult Pakistan. Thus India got annoyed with SL also for not defeating Pakistan on India’s behalf. Is India capable of reforms in behavioral sector any time n the future? - Is the central question now before the humanity n this part of the world and no Indian wants to say yes because they believes here lies the greatness of Hindus and that constitutes Indian tragedy now and hereafter.



Indian complex is difficult to comprehend. As far as Indian shuttling in West Indies now is concerned, Indian media have already congratulated West Indians for thrashing the Australians and Indians are proud of West Indies and the WI has not reason to lose to India . After all India is a part of West India, technically speaking.  Denied backdoor entry, Indians have run away to West Indies to relax for a few days before they begin another edition of practice in possible cricket exercises. Accompanied by the media persons the Indian cricket boys would land in New Delhi not now, but after some time when they complete the wreckage in West Indies.


Malaysia and Indonesia, an abnormal country are favorably inclined to India, another extra-abnormal conditions, and offer enough opportunities to shine in many field, including sports and India expects its own Muslim neighbors Bangladesh and Pakistan to take cues from them and follow suit in “doing enough” to deliver on Indian expectations in affirmation of Indian major criminal state n the region. India wants its neighbors to promote Hindu greatness around the world and get applause form Indian terror media or face severe insults.


The victory has undoubtedly given the strife-torn nation something to cheer and a heart to get back into the mainstream of international cricket in a big way. Media lords manufacture photographs and videos to suit their arguments and put the opponents, namely the Muslims, in bad colors. India is a tactic partner of west and Israel n playing photo and video mischief. Muslims are painted as terrorists with ugly faces and dirty clothes with birds etc. West publishes articles and photos to make Ahmadinejad appear to be a bad guy. Indian strategists are now upset over the Pakistan’s strong victory in 20/20 as this would strengthen the Indian Muslims mindset in favor of fellow Muslims and would even think Muslims are not that bad as Indian terror media have projected so far and that Muslims are not terrorists but the real winners at global level. Hindus who control the Muslims and have made them semi-Hindus also would find it difficult to convince them about worthy nature of Muslims…



The 20/20 is dominated by bowling and bating almost failed with a few exceptional shots from all players irrespective of the country they represented. Bowlers decided the outcome of the matches while the batsmen, even best, could not provide fluid runs as they use dot do. Pakistani skipper who other wise cannot resist temptations to blast 4s stayed at the crease like a stranded passenger at Karachi station without taking risks and hoping for some miracle to happen.



The immediate impact of Pakistan’s show of cricket strength is the ICC recognition. Adding fuel to Indian fire, Younis Khan, who led Pakistan to the World Twenty20 title, has been named captain of the International Cricket Council's team of the tournament. Four players from Pakistan made the team, along with two from runners-up Sri Lanka, three from South Africa and two from West Indies. And, what is tragedy for great Indians, none has been taken from India that uses, shamelessly, hard earned retirement benefits of several Indians Muslims, including this writer.



No doubt, the boys gave the nation something it really needed, but they are expected to pursue nation’s legitmate ambitins in sprots too. Of course, this is not the biggest prize in the cricketing world and Pakistan now faces the strong challenge of proving to be a power again in ODI's and tests. The ODI world cup should be the next target and the Champions Trophy this September should be the warm up for that.


Indian game now simple: some how not to lose at least the last match and come to India some what victorious, is that not? Muslims, the so-called underdogs of democratic and secular India, have to be coerced to rewind their mindset in favor great Hindus and hate fellow Muslims in India and around. Political agents among Muslims are likely to be the worst hit now…Over decades since 1947 India and its hawkish and nasty media have made strenuous efforts to make Muslims semi-Hindu supporting, albeit unconsciously, Hindu causes every where in the name of democracy, socialization and secularism which only Muslims are expected to uphold if they want to live in India even as underdogs…  After crippling Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, India is now trying to destabilize the West Indies cricket too. That is India!


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Specialist on State Terrorism

Independent Researcher in International Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia.

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