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Pakistani Sports on Test

Dr. Abdul ruff Colachal





When it is dangerous to talk about aimless Pakistani politics, it is not so about sports; it is note worthy that Pakistan thrashed India in hockey mercilessly to reach the finals but then let New Zealand clinch the Champions’ trophy. Pakistan has effectively equaled the New Zealand in the cricket Test too, though it could have clinched the series as well by winning the third Test, but they let New Zealand make score quick runs “beautifully” in the first innings fully knowing that the match would then run into a draw if New Zealand does not win it. For Pakistan, Asif made a great comeback to Test cricket and took 19 wickets in the series. Both the batsmen and the fielders plus the bowlers could not make any impact this time.


True, Umar Akmal fared well with the bat by scoring 379 runs in the series, including 3 fifties and a century. Perhaps it was a fascinating test series this has been with rains playing their r own brand of spoil game first against Pakistan and then against New Zealand and making them go for a draw ,sharing the cricket booty equally, one win each and one draw for both. When Yousuf threw his bat unable or without scoring his 100 after playing for so long with full patience reaching al most the century point.  In fact, Pakistan played a hasty game, perhaps, deliberately, starting the last day with 6 wickets intact, Pakistan were all-out after the lunch break leaving New Zealand 208 to chase from a minimum of 43 overs. They started the chase aggressively and were well on course for a victory, but rain played havoc and they had to settle for a draw.


A commentator quipped: why did Pakistanwaste the third Test – was the series fixed right at the beginning itself? Any one dares to answer? When Sri Lankans, considered by Indians as the descenders of Ravana who skillfully kidnapped Sita to Lanka by magic power,  can underplay in India, why not Pakistanis in New Zealand? However, India this time could not make Sri Lanka offer 100 plus to Sachin and in stead chose Delhi's Shewag and skipper Dony for special Lankan offers on sual extra payment basis but the Republic Day award specials are fast approaching!). But is there any connecting logic here? No? OK, I got your point!




- Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

abdulruff_jnu@yahoo, India

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