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Sri Lanka Appeases India?

 Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



Some pro-India agents ask me to avoid exposing India and its hidden cricket ambitions too much. But the way they misuse cricket as a farcical support cannot be ignored for too long. The ongoing Lankan-Indian cricket season in India towns is a preplanned one with packages deals. Indians thought Lankan boys would continue to play for India under Sangakara after the Tests and first ODI dramas, now the newly appointed Indian captain for Punjab IPL Team in the forthcoming joint cricket exercises known as IPL to train Indian cricketers by the best global cricketers who are well versed in art of match-fixing and acting on the field accordingly. Sankakara clearly plays for India and leads his team for the “fantastic” victories of Indian team and hence in appreciation of his services for Indian cause he has been made the captain of Punjab IPL.





Just for the sake of comments, India, lwhich claims theyh know every hitng in cirkcet and other  matters, incldung state terroirsm, says they simply gave away a few boundaries to Sri Lankans at the end and the pitch was terrific, but SL could overcome the horrific pitch problems too in India. Then India says the dew helped the SL a bit in the end. It looks after Australia and New Zealand, Sri Lanka is playing a joint cricket exercise with Indian hegemon. Australia removes the top order and offers good runs to the tail enders for fun and try to lose the matches, though occasionally they win by default. SL could not have lost this again after the heart-break at Rajkot. Well they almost lost the second ODI too as well, before Mathews ensured that lightning did not strike twice. Possibly, Sankakara could be annoyed with Mathews for not letting India win the ODI "beautifully" inthe final over. Dilshan is in “the form” and he capitalised to churn out yet another hundred. Mathews chipped in too well too to finally win the ODI. 


Of course two FOURs offered by India got the Sri Lanka the real upper hand and win the match for Colombo, though it appears to be a misfired one. Had Sri Lankans bowled for Indians after bating first, they would have offered more SIXs and FOURs to Indians to win the match quite comfortably with several overs remaining unused. Indians dried up all such big shots of hosts and denied any expansive shots to make the SL toil to end with a big crash! In the ODI-1 at Rajkot, Gujarat Sri Lanka lost by 03 runs while in Nagpur Sri Lanka won by 03 wickets. How do you like it?



Look at the way Australians behave. They made good score in the first innings against West Indies and crippled the WI in their first inning, but, instead of forcing WI to follow on and finish the game in Australian favor, the Aussies preferred to go for the second innings and threw away their wickets fairly quickly with just 150 runs and now WI is being popped up to make easy runs. That is how the unserious cricketers play and misbehave making a full mockery the bogus sport called cricket. Possibly, “innocent” India has put pressure on Australia to lose so that India could "enjoy" the champion’s title for some more days. Or, is it the usual Australian play to fool the spectators?



That is cricket for you and the Aus-WI Test is still on… Can the bogus records the cricketers and their teams set be taken seriously then?


- by Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


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