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Why Pakistan lost to Australia ? -BY Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


True, cricket is the most fascical sport in the world now wherein all sorts of gimmicks and hidden agendas are practiced, rather religiously. Australia has won the first Test against Pakistan by repulsing all “fight back” efforts by a couple of Muslim cricketers, and it is not a surprise at all. Pakistanis are, at least the elites there, proud of western values that denounce Islam as a terrorist religion.  They take alcohol and other stuff prohibited in Islam on those days too only to give liquor companion to others and project a western outlook to the non-Muslim players.



Pakistani cricketers played cricket even on auspecious Islamic days like EID, Bakrid and Muharrum, openly showcasing their anti-Islamic resolve to the world but even the anti-Muslim world just is not amused by Pakistani anti-Islamic gesture because they know Pakistan cannot have too many options now and all options are offered to Islamabad by the western anti-Islamic nations and their nasty media. None of the Chrestian cricket teams played on December 25 the Cherstmas day and that is their Chrestian spirit and an explicitly fine resolve against pro-Western Muslims.


Pakistan lost to Australia for its own fault on more than one account. If Pakistan had won the Test-1, that would have been an anomaly because by degrading Islamic Muharrum, they played with essentially anti-Islamic teams, while the Australians, like other Chrestian teams, declined to play on Cherstmas day. I know the Pakistani media that deliberately avoid talking about Shari’a and Islam and refuse to support the cause of Islam while promoting anti-Islamic moorings inside the nation would not appreciate this kind of arguments that don’t praise the anti-Islamic program of Islamabad . But then one has to say this no matter how they “feel” about it. Feel good factors good for Indians too!



One, however, does not know if Pakistan has, at least unofficially, agreed to be a part of US Empire already, and if so, Pakistani regime and media have won the case against themselves.  However, the Western world does not quite approve of that Pakistani action or gesture. Can shame have limits too? It is said beyond certain level, the feel for crude shame recedes and disaappears letting the feelers and beholders feel free of shame! One cant just blame Pakistan alone because that is the human nature. Destabilization of Pakistan and degradation of faith of Muslims in the country seem to compete with one another! No matter which one wins now!




BY Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
New Delhi

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