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Are we there yet?

By Barrister Amjad Malik


Pakistan always provides fun and enjoyable news and events for publication and broadcast. The fair which is ongoing in Islamabad is not short of intersect glamour and thin blue line of religious patronage. On the current situation, Chief Executive’s patience with protestors and resilience to stand by the parliamentary form of govt is applauded but climate created a ‘freeze mode’ from which only time will get the govt out. Meeting PPP on COD was brave so as former President Asif Ali Zardari’s performance, he came, met and talked everybody, dined with the premier and went sweeping away all the brownie points that he is the man with his master stroke. This sequel seems like a Raymond Davis part 2 to me where everything and anything can be possible to manage.

Ruling party must also see a political solution overall, open doors to political friends and foes and spare one of their top leader to negotiate and meet and greet at their Raiwind palace as at the moment both of their top brass is under heavy protocol and at the whims of civil administration than political coordinators. The country does not afford a naked unconstitutional act but arm twisting surely is on cards and no better than Nawaz Sharif who can bear that pressure.

Model town incident provide the basis of the wrath of the public on governance and policing. Though late but still FIR is registered in accordance with the law adding the version of the victim families. But Maulana TUQ may be wooed to come back after their version is adjusted and or a further resignation. Surely model town incident blew a damage to the good work of Chief Minister Punjab and conspiracy theory may not be ruled out so as negligent of police and intermediaries between political leadership and operational command. One thing is for sure that ‘bullet’ only comes when politics ends. I think PM has many options yet and resignation should not be considered as an option as that trend will set a wrong principle and there is no dearth of groups with clubs and nails to gather out of parliament and seek such demand and maulanas are a great example and Pakistan have many like them in its fold. Govt can try to accept legitimate demands of PTI (electoral reforms, Election commission, vote audit or election audit by commission and worst cum worst re election on some of the seats by opening up) upon SC commission verdict.

Any electoral reforms or Election Commission change may be tried and tested in next local bodies electoral elections. If parliament takes people towards local bodies election post reforms that may be a good way out and also giving cricketing legend  to see the difference in next elections. Govt must have a strategy to deal with Mush uncle. Prime Minister’s gesture offering a plane to his mother to facilitate Musharraf’s meeting was a good omen. Similar CBM (confidence building measures) should be floated. His name on ECL and post prosecution strategy to separate him from govt must be politically gauged. I was of the view that too cozy trade with china may be an eye soar to some and here Govt’s foreign aides has a job to do to get some points in those quarters,  not having UK high commissioner and less attention to Europe post GSP plus status may be counterproductive. Pakistan we must trade as per its choosing but winning laurels to please everybody must be a policy to keep east and west both happy.

Access to lay public will be an issue for any leadership and modern times are offering these leaders to offer change and opportunity and do not leave their parties at the whims of civil administration “baboos” but involve political coordinators” workers”. I think its ripe time that leaders look after their party officials, members of provincial national assemblies and senate and office bearers to take the message of civil dispensation to the grass root level to avoid civilian autocracy perception and or charge. If top leadership remain on top of their roofs the party will lose touch with leadership and in return apathy will disconnect the masses. The whole democratic set up runs on the nexus of Leadership, coordinators, party, masses. That nexus is the key and that must remain intact in all parties if the civilian system to survive in reality.


A word of wise to Prime Minister please continue with his patience and calmly continue his administration even if protestors are sitting for a month as capturing space in red zone/state building lawns illegally will not make them premier but outlawed. PM can deal with the director of the film and less attention on extras but way out should be through dialogue and a solution to complete 5 years term. Diverting media attention is very easy in Pakistan and its time the Prime Minister must play on front foot and deal with the issues of Pakistan. Javed Hashmi has startled the game plan but there are many hired guns and many cronies available to discharge on a theory. Attention must be to complete agenda and tenure and best is to forget and move on and that will win laurels. In Pakistan busy bees remain active and the premier’s job is to avoid stampede and direct confrontation. We never could probe ‘Kargil’ so let’s move towards ‘truth and reconciliation’ mode the best way forward for a fresh start. The perception created in last few weeks is that there is a difference between the doors of GHQ & the doors of the Parliament & joint session of parliament must clarify to the nation how law enforcement will protect them both doors equally. That's my question to our armed forces too who are deployed under Art.245 of the Constitution 1973 so as to our leaders why there is a difference. I think one man one vote must survive as a principle and before next polls the system can be made better bt the parliament. For Khan only one comment, carry on but without dreaming short cuts then all your speeches will have a space and an audience in the Parliament because a birds of a feather flock together. Let’s hope and pray Pakistan can win democracy as a prize out of this contest as we have so far dented the losses in millions to our economic flight.

Barrister Amjad Malik is a Solicitor Advocate of the Supreme Court of England and is a Chair of the Association of Pakistani lawyers and was named ‘young human rights lawyer of the year 2000’ by Liberty , Justice & Law Society Gazette in UK. 


Thursday, 04 September 2014


Brief profile:

Amjad Malik

Human Rights Lawyer

Barrister Amjad Malik is a member of Lincolns Inn and practices as a Solicitor–Advocate of the Supreme Court of England and Wales from his Rochdale Office, and he is a life member of Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan, a specialist in immigration, Human Rights and Constitutional Law. He has been a member of Law Society’s Immigration Law Committee for nearly 10 years(2003-2013). He was awarded ‘Young Human Rights Lawyer Award’ for the year 2000 by Liberty, Justice and Law Society Gazette. He petitioned in Supreme Court on the dismissal of Chief Justice of Pakistan and acted for Nawaz Sharif as his lawyer when he travelled to Pakistan on 10 Set 2007. Author of two books, a commentator of current affairs in Indo-Pak and UK affairs and is a current Chair of ‘Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK). In 2009 SCBA President (Ali Ahmed Kurd) whilst officially visiting UK acknowledged his role from UK in lawyers struggle for rule of law and justice in Pakistan. He was declared The Times (London) lawyer of the week in June 2010 for winning Pakistani students case pro bono. Barrister Amjad Malik was hosted by the Oxford University Pakistan Society during Pakistan Young Leaders Conference at the Oxford Union in January 2010, and 2012. In 2012, He is the first Asian President of the Rochdale Law Association a 100 years old society in Rochdale working for lawyers benefit and Mr. Malik represents UK at International Bar Association’s YLC( young Lawyers Committee) . 

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