Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic, Global Peace and Imperatives of our Future by Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.
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27752.jpg What will be our future like beyond the compelling horizon of COVID-19 Pandemic and its aftermath? Are ‘We, the People and Humanity’ going to be learning for global unity and consciousness of One Humanity to cope with immense problems arising from unpredictable socio-economic, medical, humanitarian and political imagination terrified by the dreadful threats of unknown future? Any rational answers Click here to read Full Article

Why sudden increase in terrorism in Pakistan? by Asif Haroon Raja
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After the Islamic revolution in Iran in March 1979, the next big event which took place was the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet forces in December 1979. In anticipation to the Great Bear taking the next step in search of warm waters, Pakistan’s President Gen ZiaulHaq considered it prudent to support the Afghan resistance movement and to fight the war on Afghan soil rather than waiting to f Click here to read Full Article
Pakistan Democratic Movement by Asif Haroon Raja
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Pakistan located at the crossroad of South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia, and being a Muslim country, a nuclear power, and blessed with best armed forces, is an eyesore for the three strategic partners USA, Israel and India since it is seen as a bottleneck in the way of their global ambitions. It is owing to these concerns that hidden hands have fomented insurgencies in Pakistan former FATA and Click here to read Full Article
America and Turbulent Democracy Look for Change by Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.
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America and its politics find itself at the tyranny of reason of which it appears to be unconscious either by design or by choice. The living thought of American political harmony does not seem to exhibit an ideal scenario of democracy as acclaimed by its political proponents. The perplexit Click here to read Full Article
Indian terrorism exposed India’s misdoings in historical perspective by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 13/Jan/2021 Views:294 Replies:0 
The security situation of Pakistan has remained turbulent right from its inception due to meddlesome role of India. India has waged wars and employed indirect strategy to destabilize Pakistan. Reason behind India’s unending hostility is its belief in mythical Mahabharata and its desire to become the unchallenged power of South Asia. Pakistan’s refusal to accept India’s hegemony has kept the two ar Click here to read Full Article
Pakistan’s Missed Opportunities by Asif Haroon Raja
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The historic plan of June 3, 1947 stipulated partition of the Indian subcontinent into two dominions on the principles of self-determination for contagious Muslim majority states for Pakistan and non-Muslims for India. The 562 princely states were free to accede either to Pakistan or India giving due credence to communal demographic milieus. Princely State Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) with 80% Muslim ma Click here to read Full Article
Race to White House Trumpismevaporated in thin air by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 10/Nov/2020 Views:456 Replies:0 
Donald J. Trump of the opposition Republican Party won the presidential race against the ruling Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton in November 2016 who had three million more votes than Trump, but lost in the Electoral College having 538 decisive votes, in which Trump secured 306 electoral votes. Electoral College is confined to few right leaning States where till recent whites have been i Click here to read Full Article

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~Senegal~ Dr. Sajid Khakwani
غافل،زمانہ قیامت کی چال چل گیا ۔ سمیع اللہ ملک
محمد قطب مرحوم،عالم اسلام کاایک روشن ستارہ۔ڈاکٹرساجدخاکوانی
دعوت ۔ پروفیسر محمد عبداللہ بھٹی
اسلامی عبادات میں نیت و خلوص کی اہمیت ۔ علامہ پیر محمد تبسم
دعا کی فضیلت ۔ علامہ پیر محمد تبسم
فضیلت ماہ شعبان و شب برّات ۔ علامہ پیر محمد تبسم
مرشد کی صحبت ۔ پروفیسر محمد عبداللہ بھٹی
امریکہ طالبان جنگ بندی معاہدہ اور مکافات عمل ۔ میر افسر امان
انسدادکرپشن آپریشن کیخلاف جماعتوں کا محاذ۔غلام مرتضیٰ

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